Jobs and job offers are often vague and meaningless - this is because discrimination on legal grounds should be prevented at all costs. what can Candidate do.

Application transparency & General Equal Treatment Act (AGG): The madness of prescribed anti-discrimination

How the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) makes applying difficult

Application processes are becoming more and more inscrutable, job advertisements are often worded vaguely and somehow everyone feels addressed by it. It doesn't sound very effective, but in most cases it is wanted.

Although the employer has very precise ideas in private about the personalities he would like to fill the position with. Or to put it another way: Those who have jobs to offer are increasingly keeping their mouths shut and not telling why they want to recruit whom for which jobs.

How the AGG prohibits personnel from speaking

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This is exactly where the rub lies: Because the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) does not even allow HR professionals to Employees-Try to exclude certain groups or genders - whether they fit the job or not. Result: Applicants never find out why they were actually rejected.

The General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) - is the expression of a trend towards prescribed equal treatment and hysterical anti-discrimination will, which blossoms absurdly in the application process.

The absurd flowers of the decreed anti-discrimination

Because in the past many HR rejected Candidates gladly given a useful tip along the way – à la “Are are simply still closed jung for this position. Please try again in five years.”

Today, many HR managers prefer to keep their mouths shut - because of the AGG. And the rejected applicant is no smarter than before. The reference to the reason for a rejection for the next job interview could have been of great help to him. The HR manager says quite frankly: “The AGG harms applicants. Because we can't honestly with them Feedback give."

Applicants - thanks to AGG also not smarter than before

Candidates have to struggle through endless procedures, even though the advertised position has long since been filled internally. And they sit across from petrified smiling faces that claim that "everyone has the same opportunities with us" and don't come up with the reasons why you don't get any further in the application. Although that would be a help, as the following example shows.

Unfriendly refusals or no reactions at all, strange job interviews undecided employers: Annette Gerlach knows them all from her own experience, the curious situations at work Job Search. At her best, the business administration graduate and personnel officer wrote eight to ten applications a week throughout Germany.

Curious experiences

And remembers successes. For example, that job interview that only lasted 27 minutes. At that point, she wasn't very convinced of the course of the conversation: "The HR manager has them Ask just clocked through and I talked the whole time,” reports Gerlach. “At first you ask yourself why you actually drove 565 kilometers!”

Then the positive When the feedback came, the applicant was surprised: she was one step further in the application process. She concludes that one always has to wait and see what comes next. “Because HR professionals assess Conversation often better than oneself!”

Always wondering

Annette Gerlach has been surprised often enough. Once she worked for four days as a rehearsal for a municipality, for a job as a job coach: "But nobody could tell me whether the job was available at all."

In the end, the human resources specialist withdrew her application. The position was advertised again in early September. Another interview was held in a DB lounge: "As an applicant, you have to deal with the background noise," she reports. And a few days ago Gerlach received documents back - from a two-year-old application.

Do not take it personally

But the business economist tries not to take the negative experiences personally: “Personnel are only People – and often only small cogs in it Company, ”Gerlach knows from her experience from the other side of the desk. Often they simply have too little time to properly process the large number of applications. Or too little influence on the company's employment policy.

Nevertheless, she admits that many colleagues are rather withdrawn or not at all towards the applicants Esteem show - for example, by using a fictitious profile in Online-networks search for candidates. "Through this feel Applicants are not taken seriously as a person and demotivated,” warns Gerlach. Ultimately, this leads to companies being rated negatively on relevant websites.

Open dialogue between staff and applicants

Annette Gerlach is therefore open to the dialogue between applicants and HR staff: she tweets and blogs about her application experience at. Since 2005 she has been in charge of the group “Arbeitslos na und !? Do not make yourself smaller than you are ”on the Xing online network.

She has already found a job through Xing. The companies had a mixed reaction to their online activities: "The more conservative colleagues warn me not to be too open," reports Gerlach. Many others, however, found her Engagement absolutely great. "And those are probably the companies that suit me."

Know the rules of the game and don't throw in the towel straight away

The example shows: Applicants need to know the background in order to be better prepared for a job interview. It is not that important how you apply correctly. And great ones too Checklists according to the motto "You have to do it that way, then you'll get the job" don't bring that much.

More importantly, the "Why?" to know, namely the rules of the game behind the conversations, which the HR personnel are often not even aware of.

But what is particularly important: Applicants should not look the same in your personality and not immediately in your Expertise doubt when they get rejections. Don't attend umpteen applicant seminars, don't go to therapy. Anyway: Letting out a good round of trouble after a cancellation, continue apply, keep looking for ways into the job. And this is how it's done:

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