For the Future Experts expect that every second German will live below the poverty line. What helps against this is suitable pension financing, so that financial freedom does not remain a dream.

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The pension: Heiner Geißler believes in miracles

There will be a two-tier society: wealthy privateers and poor retirees. What can you do? Let me tell you a story about this:

Shortly after this text first appeared, Sandra Maischberger invited me to her show. I should talk to Heiner Geissler about that pension argue. He believes in retirement - I don't. I asked Heiner Geissler: "How is that supposed to work? Where are all the facts? clear show: the pension is shrinking. Anyone who earns 1.700 euros net today will have to make do with 600 euros. According to today's purchasing power.« Heiner Geißler actually said something like: »If all three to five times as much to earn, then it will work.« So he believes in miracles.

I replied, "If I'm wrong, everyone will be better off later than I think. If you are wrong, then millions of Germans will Age impoverish.” Basically, we've had them until now Choice: We could strive for financial freedom ourselves or we could rely on the security of the state pension. Today we no longer have that choice. The security that we know will no longer exist in the future. The changes will be dramatic!

There will no longer be an old-age pension

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Retirement pensions as we know them will no longer exist in the future. If you earn 1.700 euros net today, based on today's purchasing power, your pension will be less than 600 euros. The state pension is like a giant Ponzi scheme that is now collapsing. You cannot expect more than a minimum basic pension in the future. You may be surprised by what you are now reading: This development has not only negative Pages. Because that Concept The state pension was one of the greatest mistakes of the modern age. What was sold to the population as a blessing was actually a curse.

This concept has made millions People became careless and fell victim to a great temptation: believing in the security that the state would offer, people gave up their dreams and their freedom. They have forgotten how to take care of themselves and have become financially dependent.

The chance for independence

In fact, I think the development of the state pension system is a great opportunity. Each individual is finally clearly responsible. There can be no doubt now: you assets and your livelihood are now your private affair. You must manage your financial security yourself because no one will do it for you. Make yourself independent of the state pension. Without own Money in a few years it will hardly be possible to lead a decent life.

"In 2032 every second pensioner will only receive a pension equal to Hartz IV," says a pension expert Professor Meinhard Miegel. And Walter Riester said: "No pension system, however good, can cope with the fact that fewer and fewer contributions pay more and more pensioners for an ever longer pension."

How much is my pension really?

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Many people do not like it when the finger is raised in warning. I do not like it too. I'm way too positive to Anxiety to have before horror scenarios. Do you feel the same way? And yet we must not simply ignore all dangers. At least some caution is wise. Do you agree with me? Good! Because we can avoid many mistakes; when we see them clearly. But what if we are not suspicious? What if years later it turns out they were mistakes? When the connections only become clear and the consequences obvious after decades? Maybe then we'll see: I've fallen into a trap. I should have known, and deep down I knew it too...

We are experiencing a historical turning point: never before have so many people in one generation been in danger fast into the bitter poverty to slip off And never before has it been so urgent to build wealth yourself. In fact, only a few changes are necessary. You don't have to change your lifestyle that much. But speed is of the essence: you have to make some conscious choices and put a number of systems in place. Many will live below the poverty line for a few decades in old age because they don't want to see the dangers that lie ahead; including many who today do not even suspect it.

They have no suspicions and trust the promises of our state. This blind trust will turn out to be a huge mistake. The result of this mistake is poverty. Others prepare; so they will be able to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities. The most important prerequisite for this: You give the Idea that others have to take care of them. They take their financial fate into their own hands Hand.

The shrinking pension

The pension is shrinking. And it shrinks much faster than official agencies admit. Today, every third pension is already below the level of social assistance. This is the bad news. Now the very bad thing: In the long term, the pension will drop to an unimaginably low level: future pensioners will have to make do with a pension of approximately 40 percent of their average gross earnings. Many will have less than 600 euros available - based on today's purchasing power.

Please read this sentence again. Most people who are under 50 today will have to make do with a state pension below 40 percent of their usual income. If you are well aware of this, you do not have to read the first part of this book. However, reading it will most likely reinforce your resolve not to rely on anyone financially.

The pension is secure?

Because you know: »My pension is not for sure." If we even use the word "certain" in relation to the pension, it is to say: "The pension will definitely be very, very small. That's why I have to take care of my old age myself.«

But if you say, “Well, now he's exaggerating. You shouldn't look at it all in such a dark way ... «- then I recommend that you read the first part of this book as well. Inform yourself; Form your own opinion. You will see that I am not exaggerating. I am only pointing out a real danger that each of us can avert by doing the right things in a timely manner. In the future we will no longer be able to rely on the help of the solidarity community. Because they will lack the means.

Those who are with 50 today experience something unsatisfactory: For decades they have supported others with their contributions throughout their working lives; and when he is old there is hardly any money left for him. We cannot hope for pity. Because the following generations may say: "Blame yourself! You finally decided to have fewer children. ”


In fact, you can only expect a little extra income from the state pension. A mini pension below 600 Euro is extremely little. It means living below the poverty line. That is why experts today largely agree: About half of all future retirees will probably live in old age poverty starting at 2025. Old-age poverty means that these people only receive a pension equal to or less than the social assistance rate. The pension expert Professor Bernd Raffelhüschen says: "In 30 years, we will at most reach a gross pension level of 38 to 40 percent." However, inflation is not yet taken into account. According to today's purchasing power, most pensioners will have to make do with a state pension of less than 600 euros.

Does that sound completely exaggerated and implausible to you? I can understand that well. But look at how much you would get if you retired TODAY. For example, suppose you turned 66 today and worked 44 years. Let's say you last earned $ 2.500. Then you have around 35 pension points. For each point there is 29 euros - that results in a pension of 1.015 euros. Health and long-term care insurance are deducted from this. So you have 900 euros net today. If you have paid your rent now, there is not much left for a good life.

That applies TODAY. In 15 to 20 years, these 900 euros will have shrunk further. Firstly through further cuts in pensions and secondly through inflation. In our example, this is around 600 euros. Maybe you are asking now: How can this be? You probably already know that our pension is in bad shape. However, very few know exactly how bad it looks and why it is. We take a quick look at the reasons. But first take a trip to Florida with me ...

Conditions like in Florida

Have you ever been to Florida? If we walked through some residential areas of Miami together, we would see an unusual sight: the people on the streets are mostly old. Most are well over 65 years old. Picture this: Almost everyone we meet on the street is 65, 70 or older. At first we probably don't even notice it. There are houses, gardens and cars like everywhere on the World. Suddenly feel You: Something is different here.

And then you finally discover what is so unusual: there are no playing children, no happy ones Lachen, no young people taking dynamic steps to work; it's strangely quiet. People move slower; they are old. In fact, many streets in the Miami suburbs resemble a large nursing home. You experience a similar scenario in restaurants and shops: the people who serve you are jung. But most of the people eating and shopping there are old.

In the center it is not quite so noticeable, but in the residential areas the age structure seems almost depressing. On my last visit there I spontaneously thought: I definitely don't want to live here. Then I got to the bottom of it: I counted for an hour how many of 100 people were clearly retired. The situation surprised me: there were two younger people with 14 older. I thought it was a coincidence. So I counted again in another part of the city. The situation was similar. And that was not only the case in Miami, but also on the other side of Florida, for example in Fort Myers.

The young and the old live separately

There are places in Florida where students meet to celebrate: Fort Lauderdale, Key West. Families with children go to the amusement parks in Orlando. But many normal residential areas on the coast are populated by pensioners.

Why am I telling you this in such detail? Because it will be the same here in Germany - in a few years. Seen in this way, the trip to Miami is a journey into the near German future for us. But you don't even have to go to Florida to experience such a scenario. Something similar is already happening in Bad Neuenahr and many other health resorts. An above-average number of old people live in these health resorts; most young people don't really feel comfortable there. They go there for work, but they prefer to live in areas with other young people. In a relatively few years, every second citizen in our country will be over 60 years old. Of course, this has an impact on many areas of our lives. Futurologists and writers have vividly described how ours Everyday life then could look like. If you want to get an impression, I particularly recommend Frank Schirrmacher's book The Methuselah Conspiracy.

In one aspect, however, the comparison between today's Florida and Germany from 2025 lags; because there will be a major difference: there are many luxury retirees living in Florida. The elderly with money gathered there to spend their retirement under the sun. Money doesn't matter to most of them. You have tremendous purchasing power; and because they have a lot of time, they buy and consume a lot. Very much. There will be similar areas in Germany, probably especially in Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg, where we are experiencing population growth. But in large parts of Germany it will be completely different: they will go away and decay. Bitter poverty will prevail in them. Overall, experts expect that every second German will live below the poverty line. There will be wealthy private individuals and poor pensioners.

The scissors widen

This headline haunts the gazettes: The scissors between arm and Rich gets bigger and bigger. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Florida conditions contribute significantly to this. The aging of large parts of our country will create a two-class society that we can hardly imagine today. Whenever a System changes, there are a lot of losers, but also a lot of winners. This brings us to an important point: I'm not concerned with scaremongering. I don't want to spread doomsday mood. On the contrary: Especially when major changes take place and a lot is in transition, great opportunities arise.

We have to prepare for that. But we shouldn't be ignorant of the dangers either. If you haven't suspected state pension so far, this book will help you avoid one of the biggest mistakes of your life. This brings us to the crucial question.

The starting point has changed significantly. True, everything seems to be as usual. And yet we can see the harbingers of change observe all around us. The mood in Germany has already changed. It is already being shaped by demographic change. We can see the leaves moving - but the storm is yet to come. With »The Road to Financial Freedom«, I wanted to appeal to people who have a desire for a life of prosperity, whose desire for joy outweighs their fear and comfort. I wanted to show them the path that my coaches had shown me. In the meantime, many have taken this path, but many have not. A third group half-heartedly began to do something. But not consistently enough. I have Contact us to all three groups. I wanted to know why the second group didn't change anything and the third group hardly anything.

Money alone does not make you happy - neither does poverty?

The answers were almost always similar: "It was not so important to me", "Money does not make me happy", "I am also so well", "I lack the last drive". The answer of those who hardly do anything is: »Later! It's not the right time for that at the moment. ”I am also writing this book for the two groups who are doing too little or nothing for their financial future. I want to make it very clear that the situation in Germany will change noticeably soon; You will have to take money seriously in the future.

That is new. So far, you've been able to lead such a comfortable life. In the future, however, there is a threat of bitter poverty. Money is not everything, but happiness is difficult without a minimum of money. That is why in the future it will not be the case that someone can say: "I am doing so well too." I refuse to believe that a life below social welfare level can easily be lived with dignity. Perhaps the prospect of joy and pleasure in prosperity is not sufficient Motivation for her. Then I hope the fear of impending poverty will lead you to action. My hope is that the first part of this book will provide the final impetus for action. Now. Not at some point. Immediately, because time is of the essence ...

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