If you Fun in what you do, it will boost you and your productivity and by extension yours Success improve tremendously. Intrinsic motivation is crucial – it also helps us negative Resilience to cope with experiences and crises.

Intrinsic motivation & resilience: 10 tips for more success & fun in life

The magical formula for success in work and life

I always thought there was some magic formula for success that had something to do with numbers and numbers and numbers, but the truth is, it's not about numbers. It's about having fun what we do and having fun in life. And that explicitly also applies to working hours, because working hours are lifetime.

It is light, only on if successful Money think, but it doesn't have to be that way. You can unlock success through having more fun. It is for some though People It takes a great leap of faith to think this way, for many are the ideals of ours meritocracy strongly arrested. The simple fact is that we are much more positive about a situation when we enjoy working in it.

Intrinsic motivation - doing things on your own initiative

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All of this has to do with intrinsic motivation: when we are stuck with routine tasks or have to be at work, we are often tormented by work. However, if we do something while it feels like we're on an adventure trip or a fun party, we're working overtime.

We humans like to do things of our own accord: we like to play, we like to learn and we like to eat. Even when we do something for others, it's mostly because of a certain intrinsic motivation: us feel feel good when we do it and feel bad when we don't.

Resilience in crisis management

Intrinsic motivation is the process of doing something for its own sake, rather than looking for an external reward, such as recognition or motivation from others. The Term derives from the Latin word “intrinsecus”, which means something like “inside”, and is usually explained with the desire for inner fulfillment.

However, intrinsic motivation also helps us to deal with crises and failure. We all probably have some of those moments when things were going well at work, but then something just didn't work out. who accordingly intrinsic motiviet will treat such experiences as rare occurrences and not think about them further. Maybe it was a bad day or you just met someone you just didn't want to meet and just wasn't having a good time with.

However, if you are not intrinsically motivated, then you perceive such small and large negative experiences as much more serious and stressful or even start imagining the worst things and catastrophizing them. We've all done that. But what's the point? It is much better to grab the bull by the horns and approach crises positively.

A crazy example of positive problem solving

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A few years ago I experienced an impressive example of how this can work in Ireland: the country was in the middle of an economic crisis and unemployment was high. And while in Germany it felt like everyone was whining, the Irish approach the subject quite differently: Freely based on the moto "Economy is 50 percent Psychology” a huge party was simply thrown to get the economy going again. And in the form of a world record for the longest Riverdance line.

As absurd as that sounds, it was: 1650 people dance Irish Step on a suspension bridge for 5 minutes to get into the Guinness Book of Records. I have to admit that beforehand I thought with typical German skepticism: “What a lunatic Idea.” Rationally it is. needs the Welt such a record? But emotionally, the event totally swept me away: This enthusiasm among the participating dancers, the spectators and the organizers. The groovy rhythms. The precariously swaying bridge. What I would never have believed before: It was an experience.

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Business is 50 percent psychology

And it worked, the event was a resounding economic success. Because Irish Step is an important economic factor and export hit due to the popularity of the Riverdance show. The economy is 50 percent psychology, said the former Chancellor Ludwig Erhard. This slogan has never described itself as impressively as at this event, which also attracted numerous tourists:

ok, that SALE benefited from the fact that Ireland still has close ties to Irish emigrants, especially those in the United States. The USA is therefore also the most important market for Irish tourism. In this context, the Gathering was also a visit to the land of their ancestors for many Irish-Americans. There are also a handful of Irish Hollywood greats who also banged the drum: from ex-James Bond Pierce Brosnan to Liam Neeson and three-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis.

For all these reasons, such an event is probably only possible in Ireland: In Germany, historically, there is no positive identification with home. Schuhplattler is simply a lot less traveling with you than Irish Step. And we also have to do without Hollywood stars as ambassadors, apart from Christoph Walz, who is actually Austrian, and various actors behind the camera (Zimmer, Emmerich, Ballhaus) who are just not that sexy.

Enjoy your work

What the campaign also impressively showed: dealing with crises in a positive way is possible and even possible useful, because in this way difficult situations can be averted. What helps are creativity and Humourto the subject Crisis to meet in this way. If it doesn't exist, all that's left is whining. But why is that? And if we don't enjoy what we're doing, why not just do something else?

Enjoy working is a blog about working and the things that make us happy when we work. It's also about living a fulfilling life. It's about making money to earn, but also because none Anxiety to ask for help, not to give up work just because it gets difficult, and not to be afraid to enjoy our work. The author works in one Office , where she has a lot of work to do. The work isn't always fun and sometimes very tiring, but it's worth it. Also, it's great if your work in Internet you can see. In her blog she writes about her work and why she likes it so much.

But all of this only works with the right view of things: A Objective is a dream to come true, a rule is a temporary limitation that can be adjusted, self-confidence is self-determination, and failure is a learning opportunity and getting back up means getting on with life. In short, to have the best life, you must Regulate break, develop confidence, strive for success, fall and get back up and always remember to be productive.

Intrinsic motivation: 10 tips for more success Fun and self-confidence

How do you specifically achieve more joy, fun, even intrinsic motivation? Here are 10 for more fun, for more success, for more "I" in life:

  1. I only follow rules as long as they make sense to me.
  2. I go my way, even if there is a danger that it ends up in the undergrowth. Because every single failure takes valuable experience for the rest of your life.
  3. I cease to direct myself according to what others expect of me.
  4. I take my enthusiasm and my elan as a compass, which shows me what tasks fit me and make me happy.
  5. I trust first of all to myself.
  6. I get used to the hasty "Yes, but ...". Instead, I wonder what fear and worry is really behind my objection and how I can counteract it.
  7. I'm awake about claims and objections that slow me down.
  8. I am separated from annoying friendships, which I have only maintained out of compassion.
  9. I record my successes in a success storybook. So I get used to concentrating on my strengths. This gives me security.
  10. I allow myself to regard envy as a compliment and as a proof that I have done my thing well.

Conclusion: having fun is one of the most important things in life

In summary, fun is about more than just activities for their own sake. Fun comes from pursuing our interests. You only have to look around to see that people who are intrinsically motivated are at school, at Job, do better in their relationships and in just about every other aspect of life. While learning to be intrinsically motivated isn't easy, it's definitely worth the effort. In fact, I would argue that this is one of the most important things you can learn in life.

If you don't want to be constantly frustrated and tired, prefer to look ahead rather than back, then you should heed it. Because that's exactly what intrinsic motivation means: It's about what awareness to give what interests us and to follow our curiosity. I've found that I'm happiest when I'm doing what I'm intrinsically motivated to do. And I think that's something that we all shouldn't forget.

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