The Choice the right job is difficult. Many are unsure these days and therefore start with general studies after school so that they don't have to commit themselves from the start.


Study or education? Theory vs. practice

However, it is often forgotten that between Uni and Working world there is an enormous discrepancy. Who Fun during your studies does not necessarily have to enjoy your first job as much.

In any case, there is less and less a clear assignment between Job and study. Who Psychology Nowadays you don't always become a psychologist and those who study physics don't necessarily become a physicist.

The right career choice: Recognizing career opportunities early on

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Even worse: Many do not enjoy their studies at all and hope that things will get better afterwards. For example, if you're struggling with studying dentistry, you'd better have one beforehand Vocational Training made me a dental assistant so that I didn't find out during my studies that working with patients was not my thing.

Anyone can only be advised to deal with career prospects at an early stage. This works, for example excellent at a fair, Here you can Company get to know and maybe already something in the Everyday life sniff in.

3 Career Advice Tips

We'll make it even easier for you and in this post, introduce you to 3's diverse professions that you often do not even think about. In addition, we give a final tip at the end, which could provide more variety in your professional life.

1. Driving school teacher

Almost everyone had one at some point, but hardly anyone thought of becoming one: The Rede is from the driving school teacher. It's one of those classic jobs where you (supposedly) have no chance of advancement. But the job is more varied and offers more prospects than you might think.

Which conditions are there?

To become a Driving Instructor, you must be at least 21 years old, have a Class B driving license, and have 3 years of driving experience.

You also need a completed vocational training or a comparable qualification (Abitur or Fachhochschulreife).

How long does the training take and how much does it cost?

The training to become a driving school instructor lasts at least (but rarely clear more) than 12 months. You have to come along Costs Calculate from 7.500 euros.

How attractive is the job?

The starting salary for driving school instructors is around 2.600 euros gross per month. With increasing professional experience, your salary to around 3.300 euros.

As a driving instructor you are not only in the car, but also teach the theory. So the job is not boring. In smaller driving schools, of course, you do not have many opportunities for advancement. However, you have the opportunity to become self-employed with your own driving school. In addition, you can work independently or part-time as a driving instructor and then have time for another job. The safe foothold stays with you though.

2. Augenoptikerin

Every second person in Germany needs glasses. So, being an optometrist is a secure job, especially since you don't exactly have a lot of competition in the job market. As an optician, you increase the comfort of your life customers, are active in crafts and also a style consultant.

Which conditions are there?

If you want to do an apprenticeship as an optician, you must be able to show at least a secondary school leaving certificate. It's also helpful if you don't have any Anxiety before customer contact. You should also be reasonably skilful with your hands.

How long does the training take and how much does it cost?

Training to become an optician usually takes 3 years and costs nothing, but is remunerated as normal. You can expect about 400 to 500 Euro in the first year of apprenticeship. In the third year of apprenticeship, it is usually already over 600 Euro.

How attractive is the job?

The starting salary for opticians is around 1.700 Euro gross. However there is Good chances of advancement for larger companies. In the medium term, a position as a branch manager may be in prospect. Others try their hand at being franchisees and make their own Shop .

So the chances of earning are not that bad. In addition, you have a job that is guaranteed never to be boring, because the Tasks are so different: advising customers, testing eyesight, repairing glasses, arranging purchases, etc.

3. Forwarding and logistics merchant / clerk

By ship, plane, train or truck are certainly on the move at this moment goods that you will buy tomorrow. Whether online or in the supermarket next door. Anyone who has completed an apprenticeship as a freight forwarder and logistics service provider has a secure job and can then enter almost every area.

Which conditions are there?

Officially, most companies do not require a high school diploma. Nevertheless, there are often high school graduates in the vocational school classes. But don't let that deter you. In principle, you can also find a job with a good secondary school leaving certificate, especially as trainees themselves do so in such an attractive one Industry are always desperately sought.

How long does the training take and how much does it cost?

The training itself usually takes 3 years and is fully remunerated. In the first year you already earn around 600 Euro, in 3. Year of apprenticeship is often at the 900 Euro.

You only have to pay if you take advantage of the numerous further training measures (e.g. specialist, business administrator or a course of study that builds on the training) that exist in the industry. Here you can often benefit from the so-called ascent BAföG. This becomes independent of one's own Income granted and is therefore particularly interesting.

How attractive is the job?

The work as a merchant for forwarding and logistics services is very varied, but also quite stressful. You have to be able to work under time pressure. Those who do their job well and remain cool even in critical situations Head preserved, absolutely can Career . make

As in most commercial professions, it goes from the simple clerk (starting salary: about 1.900 - 2.200 Euro) on the team leader to the department or even branch manager. But even at the lower level, you earn more from year to year, as you become more and more experienced in your daily work.

What makes the training so versatile is the fact that later on you can not only work in freight forwarders. You not only have the choice between sea freight, air freight or truck traffic. In larger companies, there is often a separate logistics department. Here you can enter as an absolute expert and bring all your expertise. This is often associated with an attractive salary.

You can also easily switch to warehouse management. Conceivable in this context are also hybrid jobs. In other words: Carry out Warehouse Management both in the warehouse and at the desk.

Extra tip: Second pillar with tax-free income

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If you are looking for an interesting job, you do not necessarily have to do this as your main activity. You can earn up to 450 euros per month as so-called minor employment (also known as "Minijob" known) tax-free to earn.

For example, work out 1-2x weekly to balance your sitting office work. Or work on Sundays every now and then to take advantage of the surcharges that are often associated with it.

In this way, you generate additional income, make your professional life more versatile and do not have to commit to an activity.

Tax-free activities through volunteering

By the way: If you work in a teaching manner (eg as a tutor or sports trainer), you can currently again earn 200 Euro tax-free per month. For activities in clubs, you can also get up to 720 Euro a year as a so-called volunteer package. It's worth it!

In addition, the Bundestag is currently debating whether the mini-job amounts in Future not should continue to increase. For you, that would mean you have more Money be able to earn tax-free and thus have even more freedom to shape your professional life the way you want it.

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