Deceleration and pure stress relief on the Moselle: At almost any time, vineyards and picturesque side valleys, which you can enjoy on an ideally sunny hike, inspire you.

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Between urbanity and nature

For me, the Rhine-Moselle-Eifel region combines urbanity and nature like no other. Urban and rural life are very close together here. Metropolises such as Cologne and Frankfurt are not far away, and at the same time nature is breathtaking. And I personally prefer to do sports when the landscape is harmonious.

In this respect, these are also the ideal conditions to go out again after work or to hike for just half a day at the weekend if you don't have the whole day. And even if you live a little further away, like in Cologne, you can be there thanks to the well-developed local transport system fast Yes.

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Dream paths on the Rhine and Moselle

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Not least because hiking tourism on the Mosel is booming, new, exciting hiking trails are constantly being reported. No wonder, the Mosel is for me one of the most beautiful, most varied regions of Germany with vineyards, picturesque side valleys, rocky precipices and panoramic high plateau.

A network of 26 dream trails, circular hiking trails in day trip format and 10 short dream trails lead through dense forest and volcanic landscapes, over high plateaus and steep vineyard slopes, past medieval castles and fortresses and present spectacular views of the Rhine and Moselle valleys.

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Hiking by app

The Traumpfade app also contributes to the selection good service for the right tour: All tours are described very well, in detail with junctions, inclines and sights along the way. There is also detailed information about which means of public transport you can use to get to the starting point, and the destinations are chosen so that you can get back from there by train or bus - not a matter of course with many comparable leisure guides.

Practical: Each tour will be graded by difficulty level and the target audience will be identified. Also a few pictures - and most importantly - maps do not look, in addition there is the GPS data of each tour for download, or you can make the tour also online with maps, pictures and description available - practically, so you have its GPS Location also if you are offline on the way.

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Hiking for teams and individuals with pleasure component

The region also does a lot for its good reputation. There is, for example, the Moselsteig hiking event every year on the first weekend in November. Regional, knowledgeable hiking guides, mostly trained cultural and wine ambassadors for the Moselle or nature adventure guides, will bring you closer to the charms of the Moselsteig and its partner paths - the side jumps and dream paths - particularly intensely.

So I was very pleased that the Rhein-Mosel-Eifel-Touristik-Touristik region had a number of new, smaller quality hiking trails certified: the so-called dream paths, offshoots of the often very demanding dream paths. These smaller rounds are scenically just as exciting, but with distances between approx. 3 and 7 KM so short that you can also see them from the Office coming, can go again quickly - and of course there is also a practical app with tips for the best tours.

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The specially designed hikes in half-day or day format offer a variety of programs, depending on your individual taste and hiking condition. Always in focus: wine & enjoyment. Culinary stations are an integral part of all tours. The spectrum ranges from rustic picnics to nice restaurants and visits to top winemakers and is suitable for teams and groups as well as individuals.

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Hiking on the Löfer Rabenlaypfad

For example, there is one of my absolute favorite hiking trails, the Löfer Rabenlaypfad.

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Uphill on the Alzbach

My tour starts at Löf train station with the access to the Traumpfädchen, which is practically signposted from here. The access path goes steadily uphill here, past a game reserve, to the edge of the forest. Here, at the refuge in the Alzbachtal, the Löfer Rabenlaypfad begins. Practical: for drivers, the parking lot at the sports field is only 350 m away. The access route is marked.

And then it goes quite steeply uphill, always along the Alzbach along. In spite of the good description in the app and the very extensive signage: I almost missed the turn-off at one point, which of course is due to the fact that you do not constantly look at your mobile while walking and check your location via GP5. The brand new signage on site leaves nothing to be desired.

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Dream path meets Moselsteig

The Moselsteig Trail joins them for a short time, but they separate at a water reservoir ways again. It continues picturesquely, under fallen trees, where a wooden staircase helps to overcome a particularly steep section. Personally, I like short, steep ascents better than paths that meander slowly and comfortably upwards. And so I'm almost a little disappointed that the edge of the forest is already in sight. And then you've actually already made it, what does that mean to you? positive gives feeling, being focused Objective to have achieved. That motivates a lot.

The Traumpädchen logos point to the left. You can recognize the new quality hiking trail, which was just inaugurated this weekend, not only by the new signs, but also by the optimally placed benches, which are in the shade and at strategically sensible points - for example directly after the Ascent or to enjoy the view. Because it's actually fantastic up here, and I especially enjoy the play of clouds over the harvested fields, while you can only guess at the Moselle valley. At least you can see the Ehrenberg now.

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Surefootedness required

After crossing a road you approach a forest area, here you meet the dream path "Hatzenporter Laysteig" for the first time. Both paths follow the edge of the forest on the left, but separate again just before the edge of the slope. The dream path turns right clear down the valley, sure-footedness and sturdy shoes are recommended useful prove

Finally, you will find a path in the middle of the dense forest. Quaint atmosphere comes when walking around a deeply cut side valley, past it goes to a particularly picturesque hut, the light falls diffuse through the trees, an unforgettable sight for me. And I have to think of LinkedIn co-founder Konstantin Guericke, who tells us in an interview how he uses extraordinary waypoints as a souvenir. This point on the hike is perfect for that.

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Best of HR –®

Always along the beautiful view

For a short distance unite at a signpost Traumpfädchen, Traumpfad and Moselsteig. Before I continue the tour on the Traumpfädchen, I take a break at a nearby Winzerhütte, which can serve as a shelter in the rain. And now you can finally enjoy the fantastic Moselle panorama.

After the promising break, follow the path through the steep slope slope. There is also the possibility to go through the vineyards or on the dream path Hatzenport Laysteig directly to Hatzenport to the station, if you want to shorten the tour. This is not recommended, but already predicts the Rabenlay! On the way there again surefootedness is required, but to breathe and enjoy the beautiful Mosel valley views are some benches ready.

After some ups and downs, I finally arrive at the Rabenlay with benches and a hut, the view is really great. After I have managed to tear myself away from the beautiful view, I follow the path gently uphill through lush hedges.

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Intelligent guidance

As the dream path turns left, the Traumpfädchen Löfer Rabenlaypfad and the Moselsteig turn right with a view of the Ehrenburg to the nearby K41 and cross it. Shortly thereafter, the route descends to the right into the forest. After crossing it and clearly descending, the Moselsteig leaves the Traumpfädchen, which follows the edge of the meadows. Now and then I can take a look at Thurant Castle on the other side of the Moselle, then the path dives into the forest again at a festival meadow, before I reach the starting point of the hike again.

Overall, I really liked the varied and intelligent route, although the tours can be varied in many ways to suit my taste. It is possible to concentrate on just one tour or to simply change the hiking trail on the way. And because of the very good signage, you can hardly get lost and you can also rest on a bench at any time if you run out of stamina Concept “Part-time hiking next to or after work” is the dream girl to recommend. And you can hike on them for inspiration.

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Affair Moselschanze

The Moselsteig-Seitensprung Moselschanze is also a difficult route with 17 km and a total of 700 meters of altitude to be mastered. However, the route, which is actually designed as a circular route from Traben-Trabach via Bernkastel Kues and back, can be ideally shortened and simplified. For example, by walking the route in the opposite direction, like me - only from Traben-Trarbach to Bernkastel Kues. But one after anonther:

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Relaxed journey through the vineyards

Already the journey from Bullay to Traben-Trarbach through the wide valley of the Mittelmosel with its vineyards is a dream. Now I start my walk at the train station of the picturesque Art Nouveau town Traben-Trarbach.

First, I have to walk about 2 KM to the starting point of the hike on the road Wolfer way on the other side of the Moselle. Then it's a narrow cobblestone path up the vineyards to the vineyard Taubenhaus, a great shady resting place for those days, with a picturesque view down to the right bank of the Moselle on the border of the twin town Traben Trabach.

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Meditative distant view at the edge of the forest

The infidelity traverses the campers Bach later. A piece of the way runs without much difference in height through the slope. Continuing in the forest, it goes steadily uphill over a rocky ridge, interrupted by level passages.

Unfortunately, the vegetation leaves only a few places a small view of the valley. After a long turn, it gets steep again in the forest. Only at the edge of the forest can you with a great view over the Moselle valley to far into the Eifel a meditative rest.

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Hiking and historical exploration on the Graacher Schanze

The ascent to the Graacher Schanzen leads over the exciting Schanzenweg, which runs in large parts on the wall of the jump, through the forest and over a motorway bridge to the viewpoint Traver Kupp, which becomes quite steep at the end. Over a green bridge the B50 is crossed again, a surprising experience for me.

The Graacher Schanzen, namesake of the way, is a defense system. She became the end of the 18. Built in the 15th century. Here the Prussian army entrenched itself against French revolutionary armies.

The System from ditches and ramparts is still clearly recognizable today. At 434 m, this is the high point of the Moselsteig side jump, although I find the view from the Graacher Schanze far less impressive than from the subsequent Maria Zills refuge.

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Climb to the panoramic view of Maria Zill

And this is precisely where my path leads me: Although you can also descend directly from the Graacher Schanze over the Moselsteig, past the Graacher Schäferei, to Bernkastel-Kues or via the Mosel-Cammino, the Way of St. James on the Mosel, to Traben-Trarbach to return.

But I choose the way along the paved road and then through the forest up to the refuge Maria Zills. The slope here offers a much more magnificent panoramic view of my terms from Bernkastel on Wehlen to Zeltingen-Rachtig and Monasteries Machern.

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Descent via Moselsteig and through the vineyards

The side jump and the Moselsteig trail are now on light downhill to the Horstenkreuz junction. Here, after a detour to the Horstenkreuz vantage point, I turn right to reach Bernkastel Kues through the forest and vineyards. Here I finally take the bus to Wittlich. From there you could also get back to Traben-Trarbach.

The actual infidelity would continue now, namely the Bischofsmütze, a built up of quartz rock formation with a beautiful view of the Kautenbachtal, and through the Knallenfelstal, past the Moseltherme, where swimming in the thermal water in the open air is possible in winter, back to Traben -Trarbach, where you would arrive near the Protestant church again.

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Equipment & condition

Overall, the following applies: The Moselle region offers some hiking trails, some of which are challenging, which often lead over narrow vineyard and rocky paths. Sturdy shoes and surefootedness are required. In the detailed descriptions of the respective hikes you will also find information on the level of difficulty of the respective tour.

All dream paths and dream trails have one catch: In order to enjoy the phenomenal view, you unfortunately have to climb a few hundred meters in altitude first. One Alternatives here is, for example, the use of the Boppard-Mühlental chairlift, which overcomes 915 meters in altitude over a length of 232 meters. From the top you not only have a great view of the largest loop of the Rhine or the Vierseenblick, but you can also hike down in the direction of Spey or Brey, where you inevitably come across the Rheingoldbogen dream path.

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