Anyone who travels frequently can sing a song about it: business and private trips are becoming more frequent clear easier if you pack the right clothes. But what do you need to look out for – ideally when you buy one?

Save time packing by choosing the right clothes: 10 tips for business trips

Modern business travel: A logistical challenge

One of my last business trips was to complete a 125 KM long hiking trail in Lechweg for several days. What sounded relaxing turned out to be true fast as a logistical challenge: Even the journey to Lech am Arlberg was lengthy and, due to frequent changes, could only be managed with light luggage.

In addition, during the multi-day hike, the luggage had to be handed in at nine every morning. In addition, meetings and meals with representatives of the tourism regions were planned in between. I had to put all the necessary clothing in my small suitcase and backpack.

It is best to be well prepared for every situation

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Admittedly, the challenges of visiting a trade fair are completely different, for example it's about spending several days as wrinkle-free and well-styled as possible.

As a rule, however, you do not need outdoor clothes for this. However, the past few years have shown me that pretty much anything can happen to you on the road, so that the following applies to me on every trip: It's best to be well prepared. All the more so that modern business trips can quickly include outdoor elements these days. Just think Teambuilding-Meetings.

8 tips for the perfect equipment on business trips

And this multitude of possibly different situations means for me in plain language: )thinking about the right materials and packing them when shopping. Here are 10 specific tips to keep in mind:

1. Teddy bear or fashion victim?

If you are not traveling in the height of summer, you not only need clothing that is both flattering and appropriately warm – because the weather can change too quickly in this country or it can get very cold on trains and planes. However, the onion look is also recommended if it does get warm.

So I spent a long time looking for a matching cardigan or underjacket. One that is warm, but still light, breathable and the cut is so flattering that you don't have to hide it.

Fleece jackets may be practical, their material makes you look like a teddy bear. But there are also outerwear made of microfleece material that meet all usability requirements, are light and yet heat-insulating with breathability at the same time. And a waist on the side makes many a piece attractive for fashion enthusiasts, where other Flecce jackets often look like a potato sack act.

2. Quick drying and anti-pilling

In addition, the ideal piece of clothing has a full-length, sturdy zip at the front, so you can wear it as a jacket, vest or sweater - practical! However, it is definitely suitable for business, for example as an easy-to-wear mid-layer in winter or as a stand-alone jacket in milder temperatures and even light rain.

The material of my Choice is microfleece. Microfleece is made from 100 percent polyester. It is therefore relatively light and convinces above all by the fact that it dries quickly, which is a decisive advantage on trips lasting several days. By the way, silk and polyester are just as good for drying. The anti-pilling equipment also prevents lintEducation .

3. Attention smell

Only the breathability of the polyester typically leaves something to be desired: sweat marks form comparatively quickly in sensitive areas under the arms. So who at Business- Appointments wanting to smell good should switch to other materials.

Above all, there are significant differences to cheaper materials in terms of care, cut and perspiration.

4. Beware of garments with pockets

Garments with pockets are extremely practical: you can stow all sorts of useful items, from mobile phones to lipsticks, in side zip pockets hands warm when it's really cold.

Additional pockets for valuables, eg inside, help to protect them from stolen goods. Skirts and trousers are also more practical with pockets.

5. Scarf

A good scarf is a practical all-purpose weapon when you are out and about, i.e. the Swiss army knife for every situation: it acts as a piece of jewelry at business events, can cover up stains, or as a headgear or scarf to protect against harsh weather, cold drafts, strong sunlight and unpleasant cold spots . If in doubt, you can even sit on it, cover it with it or use it as a skirt.

6. Light rain protection

One feature you wouldn't expect to find in many business garments is water repellent material. In fact, perfect jackets should also offer light rain protection. Such business clothing items without an outer jacket are relatively unsuitable only in heavy rain.

That's why I almost always carry a light rain cape with me that fits in any handbag, but is much more space-saving and lighter than any umbrella.

Due to its low entry hurdle, hiking is the appropriate sporting balance for meetings of all kinds. No wonder that it is an issue even at personnel marketing conferences. The only requirement: comfortable, stable shoes. You can find it here in the test.

7. The right shoes

Good and comfortable shoes are extremely important in every situation. Unfortunately, most go for chic rather than a healthy fit. And unfortunately, optics are a lot, but not everything: they show themselves in practical tests weaknesses of chic shoes: The narrow cut means that the shoes are almost constricted all day long. Here is stretching work to do, what the Problem if you want to wear the shoes for a business assignment.

What still works to some extent when sitting down becomes a problem when you're wandering around all day - or in nature. By the way, anyone who combines hiking and business faces several challenges. LinkedIn - Founder Konstantin Guericke can sing a song about it: he also needs showers or at least public toilets for his traveling meetings, for example, where his business partners can freshen up before they go to the next meeting.

8. Run quietly

The material is also important for shoes: textile and leather uppers, for example, are breathable, but the former is not particularly dirt- or water-repellent.

The outsole with an optimal cushioning PU midsole should give the shoes support. Here, depending on the surface, it depends on the material: plastic soles have the unpleasant property of squeaking a little, especially on plastic floors.

If the shoe should not only look good, but also be used for a walk or on easy hiking trails, you should also choose a grip that is not a problem on surfaces with damp leaves or loose stones.

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