Communication is an important part of our professional life and everyday life. Accordingly, buzzwords are a crucial indicator for the creativity and current trends in our communication and Society. We have to endure the discrepancies.

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The Word of the Year: Jamaica Off

Buzzwords and trending terms are always easy to spot, just think of powerful hashtags like 'Jamaika-Aus' before '#MeToo' and 'Marriage for All' or 'Alternatives facts'. What on the one hand represents an always exciting selection of new word creations, on the other hand is ultimate proof for communication junkies that “language” is alive.

The fact is: what has been said many times has to deal with somehow. Such buzzwords therefore say more about us, our relationships and the contradictions in our society than many are well aware of.

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Keywords like these allow for the briefest inventory of a current trend, but they also give not so brief trends in society Ask again. But first, let’s take a look at the most commonly used words of the year:

Whether 'Jamaica Aus', '#MeToo' or 'Marriage for All' - they all have something in common, because it's about (our) community. About governing together (or not), about “me too” and the wave of solidarity triggered and finally with “marriage for all” about a microcosm of lived community in the smallest frame.

Think about what makes us different

Maybe that gives us the impetus to think again about what makes us who we are. Incidentally, this is neither new nor revolutionary: Man is a relational being. The question asked very often by People is asked “what do I get out of it” I consciously turn around in conversations “what can you contribute to the community?”. Afterwards there are – try it out – always exciting discussions.

But let's say one more time: we are built on relationships. That doesn't mean that each of us has the same “urge” for relationships. Some live from being with others and only really blossom when they can spend as many people as possible in a community every night until midnight.

The Unword of the Year: Alternative Facts

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Others, on the other hand, find it rather difficult to have others around them all the time, they appreciate it calm and contemplative. However, we are all relational beings as human beings. We need to be supplemented and corrected by others, because too Things to Learn and growth always done through community.

For example the Term 'Alternative Facts'. It was once the bad word of the year. The jury's justification stated: "It is the disguising expression for the attempt to make false claims socially acceptable as a legitimate means of public debate". Is superficial clearto whom we “owe” this.

Invented by Donald Trump

Donald Trump invented the term or really puffed it out in bulk on the Twitter channel. His character presidential Twitter king Welt and by the way American President. In fact, probably the most powerful man on earth is watching television in the morning and twenty minutes later he is tweeting around the world.

Despite a multi-billion dollar CIA, he does not form a well-founded Opinions, but believe what is on TV. And although they hold no public office and are certainly not democratically elected, said TV editors are secretly becoming the most powerful people in the world.

Inconsistencies around the globe

The im Everyday life Spoken communication is always an indicator of what is currently going on in society. The words used in everyday life are the delicate windowpanes of the global condition. Because alternatives and facts go together as well as cows and airplanes. 'Alternative Facts' does so much Sinn like “flying cow”, namely none.

Either something is an alternative or a fact. Both together, however, also express the ongoing contradictions that are currently winding around the globe like a Burglind storm (... although the word “castle” does not fit anything as dynamic as a storm). It starts with the term “WORD of the year”. 'Alternative facts' is the first time that two words have been chosen as an unword. Yes, we either choose a word or a term. But announcing a word and then choosing two is a contradiction. But it goes even further:

Google, Facebook and Co. make national borders superfluous

Globalization is growing. Google, Facebook and Co. make the national borders a minor matter that could cost any geography teacher the job. During the same period, nationalist movements put on fancy cloaks and subtly take over power.

Company make an advertising campaign “Dear Customer, you have never been worth so much to us” and at the same time cut the customer-oriented branch network.

Every society has the buzz words it deserves

Contradictions also exist in other areas. For example, in education: one educational reform is chasing the next, but school performance is getting worse and worse.

It is probably so: Every society has the buzzwords it deserves. But - and that's the good news - every society also has the opportunity to develop itself. I'm looking forward to the next trend terms and what else I hear in the S-Bahn and in discussions ...

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