In einer Article series on Best of HR –® The missing German start-up culture was pointed out. The main reason: Unlike in the USA, entrepreneurship is not firmly anchored in teaching and research in Germany. There have long been training courses for other professions, so why not for them entrepreneur?


A start-up training is urgently needed

Every year, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor investigates the founding conditions in 42 countries worldwide and always comes back to the same conclusion: the founding culture in Germany is rather, say, modest.

Especially criticize the experts interviewed by GEM the state's excessive regulatory mania, the poor foundation-related Vocational Training and finally the negative social attitude towards founding.

Germany leaves important initiative to private provider

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46,5 percent of the 18 to 64-year-olds surveyed would give up the step into self-employment altogether – out Anxiety, it could go wrong.

Apart from the very young, the differences to countries like England, the Netherlands, Australia or, above all, the USA, where 79 percent could not be stopped by fears of reasons, are huge.

USA: Strong culture of independence

In contrast to Germany, there is a distinct culture of independence overseas: Entrepreneurship has long since established itself there as an independent economic science Discipline established and is practiced across the board in teaching and research.

Thus, Americans are already learning very early on what it means to be entrepreneurial and self-responsible with their own resources. This also includes continuing a defeat.

Germany: No training for start-ups

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In Germany, on the other hand, economics education has so far been less geared towards entrepreneurship and more towards management tasks in hierarchically structured large corporations, as Reinhard Schulte stated in 2006 in the “Journal for Social Sciences and Their Didactics”.

A gradual one change comes from a private source of all things Hand. A large communications group and an internationally active training provider have jointly launched an initiative: This should Boy Making entrepreneurs fit for the internet economy.

What is the offer?

In this case, the group is Deutsche Telekom, the educational institution is called General Assembly and comes from the area Technology, design and corporate management. Her focus is on founders and Startups based in New York and London as well as an extensive Online-Offer. The Company offers monthly 30 through 50 courses.

The prices are comparatively moderate: An hour and a half course can be booked on the US website from 30 US dollars, but there are also four-hour courses for 150 US dollars.

Practical skills for success in the internet economy

TheCourses and workshops are held by successful practitioners. Objective there is an open space for the exchange between founders - with a network effect. The form of mediation is, the mode of communication in tech and Creative-According to the scene, held rather loosely.

In addition to this incubator effect, courses are also offered that enable the participants to Background and the practical skills for the Success to mediate in the Internet economy.

StartUp Kaderschmiede or Founder Training for everyone?

The fact is: A targeted training or Further Training for start-ups who like the subject Finance but also includes leadership, is urgently needed. Mainly because large parts of the start-up scene are extremely unstructured. The university training courses that have existed to date are far too theoretical and expensive, and therefore tend to discourage the majority of founders.

Even though some private universities such as WHU Koblenz in Germany have long since developed into squad-makers for the German up-and-coming innovator scene. However, such a start-up training with the appropriate network due to the hefty tuition fees and withheld only the financial elite.

Future vision or interest initiative?

The Idea, to offer an inexpensive start-up training, is forward-looking. Because this could be a good one Alternatives for all those who maybe just want to start small. That would also be a proven method if you want to promote a start-up culture across the board in Germany.

What I'm just wondering: why does this important initiative have to come from private companies, where I suspect a certain intention behind it? Why are there no corresponding government offers? And why is the important topic, training and further education aimed at founders, on which IT– and tech scene limited?

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