How do you successfully return to work after parental leave? Working world? Who takes care of the children? These and more Ask parents ask before returning to work. The Monster survey provides insight into the fears and expectations of the parents surveyed.

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Parental leave has become established

The positive First of all, parental leave has become established among Germans. According to the results of a representative survey* by Monster, 71 percent of respondents say:

Parents are welcome back! Despite this finding, more than half of those surveyed fear that they will face initial difficulties when getting started. Only 14 percent see none Problems on her coming back.

This is how the smooth reentry works

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Most parents are plagued by the same uncertainties: Will I get support from my employer? Are there new developments or changes in operations? I come fast back into that work life and the routine in? How will I be perceived by my colleagues after my return?

These doubts are also reflected in the results of the survey. Around 51 percent of respondents complain that they do not have flexible working hours after their return to work. Another 38 percent think that their colleagues fear that they will have to step in with the child as a replacement in case of an emergency and have to work overtime. Overall, the support of the employer is limited, because 43 percent rated the support as too low.

Contact care is important

To make it easier to get started, the Contact to be cared for by colleagues during the time off. For example, by paying a visit with a child, by continuing to take part in company events such as the Christmas party or the regular get-together with colleagues. In addition, a return interview should be held with the employer.

Questions about working hours, changes in the job and different ideas can be compared in order to avoid discrepancies in advance. Another tip to Head free to get started is due to the support of a working social network of friends, Family or relatives to be able to fall back on.

The reality check

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Men are also allowed to take care of their newborns - for 39 percent of those surveyed this applies without restriction and 30 percent think that the father takes care of them sooner than they do Mother should return to work. This also shows a reality check: Although Women as well as men are legally entitled to up to three years of parental leave in many Company only two months off for the fathers.

Most women want to return to work as soon as possible and usually take 12 months parental leave. After the resolution: The shorter, the less harmful for the career. As we know, long breaks can have a negative impact on your career.

Safe income is important

Basically, 76 percent of parents come back to work, so a second Income 35 percent say they enjoy their job and 29 percent long to talk to adults again. The part-time rate for women has doubled since 1991, and the number for men has even quadrupled.

After the break, however, more women than men work part-time and usually work 60 to 80 percent of their previous hours. However, women often feel this because they have less responsibility and are therefore less complex Tasks be assigned after re-entry. In addition, the opportunity as a mother to advance in the job is reduced.

Obstacles to coming back

The parents themselves are responsible for this, say 21 percent of those surveyed, since they put too much pressure on themselves. Around 16 percent cite the manager as the reason and one in ten blames the colleagues who make a smooth return more difficult. Almost a third of those involved say it is difficult to get started after parental leave Combination all problems back.

Finally, one more reason to be happy, because only five percent of parents think that they have family and Job not reconcile - so a clear majority assumes that they will master the start of the new phase of life and reconcile family and job.

Take the survey

*The data used is based on a Online-Survey by YouGov Deutschland GmbH, in which 2.032 people took part between 28.06.2017/30.06.2017/18 and XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX. The results were weighted and are representative of the German population aged XNUMX and over.

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