It can always happen: this Team works at the load limit. And suddenly someone loses his nerve and freaks out. how to deal with it Overlooked and tolerated? Or that Problem tackle actively?


What to do when employees freak out?

I sat perplexed in the meeting room and stared in disbelief at one of my most diligent Employees on: wildly gesticulating and with crimson Head he scolded loudly about our new one Projects... The deadlines would be too tight, the sales targets too high and the budget cuts would be a bottomless cheek.

He had become really furious - and his colleagues couldn't calm him down either. And me? I had just been promoted to manager and overlooked the pressure on my team.

Do not close on others

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Boy Executives are usually highly ambitious, want to change things and make a difference. They approach their task with corresponding motivation – and often assume that the team shares their enthusiasm.

emotions but so can enthusiasm fast turn negative and become counterproductive - for example, if employees find the requirements too high or bureaucratic hurdles seem insurmountable.

Tips for dealing with uncontrolled emotional outbursts

Even if everyone in the team is working on the stress limit, an outburst or choleric attack is never to be tolerated at any time. Here it is up to the management to intervene immediately:

  1. If your employee does not respond to soothing words, you will become clearer! Make it clear to him to leave the room; Her message is: "I set the tone in our team and I do not tolerate such behavior!" But also signal willingness to talk “Now you go to the café opposite and have a coffee, I'll be there in about 30 minutes. Then we'll talk in peace. ”
  2. Also a good alternative: give him the day off. For most of the time the misconduct is embarrassed by the person concerned, and he shows insight; but he has to settle down for the time - in the office hardly possible.
  3. If your employees are not looking for the conversation on their own, suggest a discussion in a relaxed environment: a walk around the block, a small snack in the bistro next door. Important: choose a place where he feels comfortable, because the topic remains explosive.
  4. Carefully research in conversation whether other team members are similarly dissatisfied. If this is true, be sure to address the topic as a team, show understanding, and seek a solution together. If, on the other hand, your employee overreacts because of personal problems, the matter naturally only remains between the two of you.

It does not have to come so far

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In the professional Everyday life Admittedly, such extreme outbursts of anger are rather rare – the following help preventively Measures

  1. As simple as it sounds, greet your employees personally and take the time for a little chat "by the way".
  2. Inquire regularly about the mood in the team: either in the monthly meeting or with a small anonymous survey.
  3. Motivate your employees to keep an overview of their current tasks, projects and time, and discuss them, for example, in the personnel discussion. It is important to be open and accessible at all times - so your employees will also have problems with you before they get over their heads.

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