If anyone in Detroit had heard of Tesla Motors at this point, the reaction would likely be hysterical Lachen been. The old maxim applies here: Everyone says it doesn't work. Then someone came and did it.


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The entire automobile Expertise of the company was that the few Employees were real car fans and that one of them did some science projects with a Technology had realized, which was considered ridiculous in the car industry.

In addition, the founding team had no intention of reaching out to Detroit for more information on how to become an automaker. Instead, Tesla wanted that
do what every other Silicon Valley start-up had done before: one
Hire bunch of young, hungry engineers and look around Problems then take care when they occur.

The young wild

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Admittedly, there hasn't been a single example in the Bay Area that this approach would work with something like an automobile, and developing a complex physical product has little to do with programming a software application. In fact, what Tesla did before anyone else was the realization that lithium-ion batteries had gotten really good and were getting better. Along with some effort and Intelligence should that be enough, hoped so Team.

Soon, Tesla had to expand to accommodate his engineer's army and set up a workshop for the car, which had been named Roadster.

With the office of IKEA

Instead, a two-story industrial building was found in San Carlos, 1050 Commercial Street.
At 900 square meters it wasn't big, but it was enough for a research and development workshop to build prototypes. On the right side of the building there were a number of large manufacturing islands and two large roller doors through which cars could drive in and out.

Wright divided the open floor plan into segments - engine, batteries, power electronics, and finishing. The left side of the building served as office space. The previous tenant, a sanitary worker, had given her an idiosyncratic touch: in the largest conference room there was a bar and a sink with a swan's billet as a faucet, the controls for hot and cold water were wings.

On a Sunday evening, Berdichevsky crossed that out Office all in white, the following week the staff took a trip to Ikea to buy desks and went to the Internetto order from Dell Computer.

From the idea to the prototype

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As for tools, Tesla only had a Craftsman case with hammers, nails, and other basic carpentry equipment. Every now and then looked Musk from Los Angeles over. The conditions on site did not worry him much, because SpaceX had initially looked very similar.

The original plan for building a prototype sounded very simple:
Tesla wanted to take the drive train from the AC Propulsion tzero and fit it into the Lotus Elise. Besides, that had Companys bought a wiring diagram for an electric motor, the gear should come from a supplier from the US or Europe, all other necessary parts from Asia.

The batteries as a challenge

Mainly, Tesla engineers had to look after the development of battery pack systems, cable the car and cut and weld metal to bring everything together. Engineers love to screw around metal things and for the Tesla team, the roadster was hardly more than a reconstruction project, which could be realized with two or three mechanics and a few people for the production.

The engineers bought a blue lift and installed it in the building. They also procured a few machines and hand tools, as well as flirters for night work, and began to turn their workshop into a breeding ground for research and development. Electrical engineers studied Lotus's basic software to find out how they connected pedals, mechanical devices, and dashboard displays. The really difficult work, however, took place in the construction of the battery pack.

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