"Career making" is usually for Executive or to become a leader. What many employees overlook: The specialist career also offers one Alternatives in addition to the "classic" management career.

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Many Company offer rising talents the opportunity to embark on a so-called specialist career. A clever move, because these days, technical experts are needed more than ever. How you succeed in this career successfully to implement in your company and for Employees This article will show you how to make it attractive.

The first question that companies should ask themselves if they want to enable employees to pursue a specialist career: Why do you want to offer a specialist career - and for whom? Do you want to address all employees without management responsibility? Or would you like to use the Fachlaufbahn as a binding instrument for selected top executives? In practice one differentiates here two categories:

On-top and wide models

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In on-top models, companies are introducing specialist careers as a career alternative for a few specialists. The ratio of leadership to expert positions is usually 2: 1. In the case of the width models, on the other hand, the ratio is 1: 8. Companies using the latter model often view the specialist career as an organizational structuring method that encompasses all hierarchical levels. However, experience has shown that this type of specialist career is not designed to be exclusively exclusive and therefore less attractive for employees compared to the management career path. In order to achieve a commitment of specialists, this form must also be attractively designed.

1. Levels Checklist

Sind Objective, type and group of people, you should clarify in the next step what value the individual career stages have. How many and which career levels will the expert career have? The relation to the managerial career is important. A management career usually develops through the group/team leader, the department head and the position of division head up to the managing director. The specialist career starts with the specialist, who as an expert is at a similar hierarchical level as the team leader, and then develops, for example, through the senior expert to Adviser in the management.

Of course, there is no general rule for designing a professional career model. The current and future requirements for specialist personnel, which are ideally derived from the corporate strategy, market developments, technical innovations, labor market conditions, etc., are decisive for the concrete design. It is therefore advisable to define a clear quantity structure. You can refer to the following Ask orientate:

2. Requirement profile and potential detection

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In around 88 percent of German companies, direct superiors nominate candidates for a specialist career. With 70 percent that is HR-Area second calling co-workers. Either way, the question is: How do companies identify the ideal candidates among the nominees? In order to identify the right ones, companies most often set up Assessment Center. The crux of the matter: Only a few technical experts are already at the level that the Organization thats it!

The actual task of bosses and HR development is to identify talented employees and develop them into experts. It is therefore wiser to rely on development centers that record a person's development status as openly and completely as possible. On this basis, you can then use the Candidates talk about support measures, possible career paths and a holistic development plan.

3. Equivalence of the specialist career

As always, subject matter experts tend to shy away from issues such as organizational visibility, compensation, or privileges.

The im Everyday life practiced equivalence of specialist and managerial careers is the second most important Success factor with the introduction of a specialist career, such as a survey of Germans Society for personnel management (DGFP). Only the support of the management is even more important. In order for a specialist career to become a real alternative to a managerial career, you should consider the following aspects:

salary prospects

The attractiveness and acceptance of a specialist career stand and fall with the salary. To be more precise: How much will the remuneration system be adapted to that of the management career. Monetary equality should be ensured. Disclose which career level of the management career corresponds to which level of the specialist career. Of course, there doesn't have to be a one-to-one comparability. Margins are allowed and realistic. "Alibi professional careers" in which the experts are not given the same esteem as the Executives, but tend to create demotivation.

Permeability of career paths

Another criterion for success, so that it works with the introduction of a specialist career: the permeability of both career paths. Is it possible to switch between the two career branches? Not only the development from an expert to a manager, but also the change from a leadership role to an expert role should be possible.

Status, recognition and information management

Equality goes beyond monetary aspects. Equally important are job titles, associated status symbols, reputation, and recognition in the company.

To emphasize the equivalency of career paths and to give the experts the necessary recognition, it requires the active support of senior management. For example, management could communicate the appointment of new specialists at an official event - as with newly appointed executives.

4. Qualification offers and development programs

Investing in employees is most worthwhile if you develop and retain your subject matter experts in the long term. Important attachment tools are, for example, individual qualification and development opportunities. Events that are relevant to both professionals and managers can visit both groups together.

In addition, there should be an exclusive educational offer reserved for subject matter experts. Narrow the focus in programming but not on technical issues. Also offer formats that allow individual experts to work on their personal learning fields.

5. Legal framework

What many underestimate - the paperwork: When introducing a specialist career, you must also take into account legal and administrative framework conditions as well as possible effects on company agreements, contracts, etc.

In addition, involve the staff or works council in the development and implementation process at an early stage. This supports sustainable implementation. In addition, you have more space and time for joint discussion and opinion-forming. This is the only way to create acceptance for the new career path, right from the start Idea until the final introduction.

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