body language is important, most people undeniably know that, but many successful people also pay attention People in positions of power do not care. This can have unpleasant consequences.

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Putin as a lazy from the last bank?

rhetoric- and presentation expert Michael Moesslang has for best of HR -® has already analyzed the body language of various politicians. He also drew my attention to this message: US President Barack Obama calls Russian President Vladimir Putin a bored school child - and is aiming with it clear on their body language.

It sounds funny at first glance: As Alan Posener writes in WELT, Obama interrupted his remarks at a press conference "to remark that the Russian head of state sometimes lolls around like a bored schoolchild in the last bench". Of course, there is more at stake here: Above all, the Snowden affair, but also other political differences. How Putin aimed at this insult responded is not yet known.

Offense at the highest level

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And also whether it was politically wise from Obama, Putin so obvious to dissen or a dictator to be minimized. This must be discussed and judged by others. I am concerned about a different aspect:

The importance of body language also at the highest political level. the Criticism Obama's shows that body language often reveals more about us than we would like. Because Putin likes to mark the strong man, but shows his with this body language weakness.

Body language has an impact on our status

According to impact expert Dr. Cornelia Topf, also author on Best of HR –®, our body language actually has an impact on our Status in professional life. More than most believe. Already alone like one in one Meeting sits can seriously scratch the image. And she advises Improvement of the effect:

“Take a close look at successful people: the fatal thing is that many people have theirs Effect is not even aware. They often wonder where their totally inaccurate image came from in the first place.”

Pay attention to breathing, stability and posture

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The expert therefore advises paying attention to breathing, stability and posture and training them. And Topf gives a sovereignty tip to be aware of your own weaknesses and to improve them in a targeted manner in order to become more self-confident act: Feel the fear and do it anyway!

What I noticed: A shoe is also turned out the other way around. When I pay attention to my body tension and me self confident move, I can get better ones too Feedback – and automatically feel better and more self-confident.

If Putin had listened to our experts ...

Ms. In your sovereignty contribution, Topf also writes: That you should be grateful for any feedback you get in this regard. I doubt whether the Russian president is so grateful to the American one.

One thing is certain: if Mr. Putin had listened to our experts, then he would have been spared this insult! ;-) (Attention, irony!)

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