Especially when things get hectic at work, it is important to have the right nutrients. Deliver smart meal breaks Energy and promote concentration. But which nutritional strategies stimulate them Performance at?

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Survey: Only one in three is still eating lunch

Especially when it gets hectic in the job, it depends on the supply of the right nutrients. Clever eating breaks provide energy and promote concentration. But which nutritional strategies boost the performance?

Usually the meal plan looks like this: For breakfast there's croissants or buttered pretzels, because you have to fast in the Office . In Outlook they then pile up eMail-Requests that Meeting is just around the corner and the travel booking still has to be done.

Sweets instead of healthy food?

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So you grab again to cookies and chocolate bars from the drawer or sweeps the lunch completely. According to an Allensbach survey from the year 2009, only one in three employees takes time for lunch.

Or you can eat currywurst with fries and in the afternoon a Danish pastry from the nearby bakery awaits. Everyday life for many office workers. Eating healthy is just hard.

Good food is good for efficiency

The diet of many workers looks so one-sided. It is often eaten, which tastes good and quickly enough. A problematic tendency: Because the nutrient selection decides on performance and health especially in commercial occupations where physical effort is required.

Whole grain products, fruit, vegetables and yoghurt are the top power foods. A morning muesli with fresh fruit, for example, supplies the body with complex carbohydrates that reduce blood sugarspiegel keep constant in the mornings.

Vitamins for the power curve

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This stabilizes the performance curve and helps to avoid stress-related food cravings. Also the antiStress-Mineral magnesium or the nerve vitamins B1 and B6 are found in whole grains and vegetables - and also a wealth of other performance-enhancing vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins A, C and E, for example, protect the immune system. Because sitting in air-conditioned offices and the lack of sunlight gnaw away at the immune system in the long run. One consequence of such malnutrition can be seen on the scales: Every fifth employee drags too many pounds with him.

Risk of being overweight

Being overweight restricts flexibility during physically demanding activities and puts a strain on you Combination with the heavy work bones and joints in addition.

In addition, it increases Risks, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes or back pain. “The consequences are sick days and rising labor costs for Company"Says, for example, the Munich nutritionist and biologist Barbara Gassert.

Pay attention to calories - depending on your profession!

Dieting is for People with physically demanding jobs, however, the wrong one Solution. After all, their energy consumption lies clear higher than that of office workers. Anyone who works as a bricklayer, roofer or painter consumes more than 3000 kilocalories a day. This corresponds to the energy requirement of a competitive athlete.

For office workers, however, the challenge is to get full in the easiest way possible. Since desk work - depending on Age and weight – per
If only around one hundred calories are consumed per hour, the energy balance is quickly exceeded. If this happens permanently, pounds quickly build up.

Hold figure and Schnitzelkoma

A lunch meal with lots of vegetables, salad and valuable protein: from fish, poultry or tofu. These low-fat protein sources saturate low in calories.

At the same time, they don't lead to the dreaded schnitzel coma – that is, the slump in performance after going to the canteen that occurs as a result of the body's digestive work. Tip: Who after lunch a few steps running around the office building boosts calorie burning and circulation in equal measure.

Employer: Danger recognized, not yet banned!

Companies have that too Problem Long recognized - even if less out of concern for their employees than out of concern for human capital: "You can only perform well at work if you have the right nutrition," says Harriet Aans, Managing Director of Secretary Plus Germany.

And Marcus Schulz, Managing Director of the temp agency Unique Personalservice and USG People Germany, explains: “These are vital employees Capital of the companies. Therefore, the nutrition of the employees is also in the interest of the company.” Nevertheless, for cost reasons, many canteens still offer the same unhealthy food as always.

Helping people help themselves

Missing the opportunity to have lunch in the company restaurant healthy to feed them, some initiative is required. Salads with legumes, vegetarian quiche or wraps with raw vegetables and turkey can be easily prepared at home and result in a wholesome meal.

In any case, it is important to take time for lunch. Who at lunch eMailHe reads or talks on the phone, mindlessly consuming more calories than planned. In addition, the recreational effect that comes with the enjoyment of an appetizing meal is missing.

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