When asked about a gap in the Curriculum vitae you should never say "Yes, it was great!" answers. Nevertheless, gaps are not a “no-go” in the Application his. How to put these in a positive light explains Dr. Job.


How to deal with gaps in your CV?

Gaps in the curriculum vitae are not liked by staff, but can occur. Whether it is through the abolition of a study, a period of unemployment, a stay abroad or a longer illness combined with incapacity for work.

But how should we deal with these facts in the CV? whitewash, lügen Or don't even mention it? In and of themselves, gaps in the CV are not Problem, but they should not lead to negative speculation among potential employers. Dr. Job gives four tips for a complete CV.

Four Tips for Applicants: Sell Gaps in CV Positive

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1. Avoid lying

To describe a year-long surfing holiday in Australia as a language school stay could backfire without proof. Personnel managers are experts when it comes to CV checks and recognize untruths immediately. A white lie does not reflect well on the Candidate and makes them doubt its credibility and authenticity.

It is also noticeable when year details are listed instead of exact month details. This is not Solution for hiding gaps. In general, anything longer than two months requires an honest explanation with credible facts. For job starters, on the other hand, gaps of more than six months are more likely to be tolerated, as they usually need longer to start their career or after their career Study take another short break.

2. Erroneous in the choice of study is human

Hardly anyone knows what to expect before studying. The dream job often turns out to be a failure and a change in another direction is the next step. No employer blames their applicant for a reorientation, it can even be viewed positively if you show how you can deal with such a “Crisis” has been dealt with. But will dropping out of courses become the norm, he wonders HRwhether the applicant has the necessary stamina and ambition.

Applicants should therefore definitely fill gaps between two courses with job-related qualifications such as internships. In the case of discontinued courses, activities can be listed to give an insight into what has been learned. Hardly any study is free and professional Reset or someone else's skills Industry can be useful. In the case of retraining in your field of activity, for example through a second degree, it is best to name this together with your previous professional experience in one block. Because as soon as the HR manager senses the appearance of a gap in professional life, he could mistakenly read the second page of the application with its list of Vocational Training disregard.

3. Termination does not have to be a minus point

Many job seekers have Anxietythat being fired from her previous job reflects badly on her. This does not have to be the case if the termination is not your fault. Terminations should be explained neutrally in such cases, for example, the Company went bankrupt or the dismissal was for operational reasons.

Because it shows that you have lost your job through no fault of your own. Likewise, the word unemployed should be converted to jobseeker. Formulations such as “Professional reorientation with the Objective a positioning in the area XY” create an ambitious and motivated impression Recruiter. Show that you are looking for a new job and do not let the suspicion that you are 'unemployed for a good reason' arise!

4. Exploiting times

If there is a longer break with a valid reason, always Honestly to name. If you take a break for health reasons or because you need nursing care within the Family this can definitely be mentioned. But it is important to emphasize that the time-out is over and that you are completely ready for action. If this is not the case, this should also be addressed proactively.

Parental leave should be mentioned as parental leave or starting a family. If you upgrade this with mini-jobs, PC courses or further training, the employer knows that you are still up to date despite the time off. Longer stays abroad do not necessarily only have to be Fun and Halli Galli mean. Learning a foreign language or cultural exchange can have beneficial effects and should be presented positively.

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