The following also applies to commercial advice (as well as to the employment agency): Adviser is not the same as a consultant. Because not all consultants work with the same Method and therefore not every consultant is optimally suited to everyone customers. This needs to be clarified in advance.

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Private Consultants: What do you do?

There are Alternatives to the employment agency: Namely commercial career counseling services that charge 60-100 euros for an hour of counseling or several hundred euros for a complete service package. The question that now arises is: Are the commercial ones really better than the advice from the employment agency?

The Stiftung Warentest thinks so - but it has also tested only three providers who have clarified the concerns of customers and offered in comparison with the consultations with the employment agencies strikingly good help.

To respond more intensively to wishes

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The private consultants have therefore dealt more intensively with the wishes and interests of the counselor and have shown in detail the available possibilities.

This is the great advantage of commercial advice. Because the private consultants often have fewer clients than the professional advisors of the employment agencies and therefore more time to meet their wishes individually.

Unbiased and neutral advice

In addition, they are usually completely independent and give an overview of the various possibilities without any interest. Moreover, they are not bound by any statistics.

And commercial consultants see themselves as service providers: Since they get most of their customers through word of mouth, everyone is dissatisfied Customer Catastrophe.

The customer should be satisfied

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Many commercial consultants therefore make the greatest effort to really get their customers satisfied by making more and more suggestions for courses of study, training and further education, for example.

With flat rates, this goes on until the customer has the desired training or further education, the desired one study place or has found the dream job - depending on what was previously defined as the counseling goal.

When is a commercial career advice useful?

Knowledge-based or psychological?

Some consultations work rather knowledge-based. This means that they are researching information on the basis of the wishes and interests of you as customers and provide you with various possibilities.

These consultants are then suitable for you if you already have one Idea have what you want to do but still need information or are deciding between several alternatives decide must. If you want very detailed information, an extensive individual consultation is available useful.

On the other hand, if you Problems Having to decide or not knowing what you want to do is one psychological aligned individual consultation necessary. You should ask about this at the selection be in the clear.

Lump sum or hourly rate?

It is usually cheaper here if you book a complete service package, the fee for individual hours can be found here fast in the Money go. On the other hand, if you only need a few food for thought, a few short sessions are sufficient, the complete package is then too expensive.

However, if you want to get just a few tips and suggestions, a group consultation or the participation in a workshop can be useful, as you here from other participants Feedback get.

How do knowledge-based consultants work?

Counselors using knowledge-based approaches should engage in the Industry or are well versed in the area they are advising on (e.g. study advisors in the university landscape).

For example:

Client C. wants one Further Training in the field of Economy make. He has already gotten the first clues from a workshop, but now he wants to go into more detail and get an overview of all the options, as he is unsure whether the offers he has received are conducive to career planning. A complete range of services at a flat rate makes sense for him: A knowledge-based consultant will show him the various options including qualifications and the associated career prospects. However, he will not question psychologically why C. wants to take this path.

How do psychological counselors work?

Other providers focus more on the psychological area and help with the basics Orientation. If you absolutely don't clear is where the journey should go or you are unsure whether the chosen path is the right one for you and you want the advisor to help you with self-reflection, then you are probably better off here than with purely knowledge-based advice.

These advisors support you with suitable techniques such as test procedures or observation tasks in order to become clear about yourself. These consultations are mostly processes that run over a longer period of time, therefore Coaching, in which a development is worked out in individual sessions over weeks, makes sense. Also, in this case it is important that the counselor has an appropriate psychological Vocational Training Has!

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