Who are Germany's top bloggers?

The 10 most relevant bloggers in Germany were chosen: Berufebilder.de is there.

The blogger relevance index has just announced the 10 most relevant female bloggers in Germany: In addition to great, outstanding women, there is also Berufebilder.de with it. We feel honored and are happy about the important signal for the female blogosphere and the HR blogger scene.

Press Comments: Awards & Reader Opinions - Top 10 Blogger & Business Publisher of the Year
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Berufebilder.de is one of the 10 most important blogs

We are pleased that our publishing blog is one of the 10 most important blogs by women in Germany. Personally, I was particularly pleased to receive this award - for three reasons:

  1. On the one hand, there are definitely great, inspiring women in this ranking who do their job with a lot of passion and also act as role models for me personally. Therefore, I find this signal important and also correct for other bloggers and women: to raise their voice, to say their opinion is worthwhile.
  2. On the other hand, I think it is important and good that next to me also Wiwo editor Claudia Tödtmann with her management coverage on 1 is represented and thus shows: women write about a wide and wide range of topics, including the economy, politics, management and motorsport - and not just about the otherwise as shallow and typically feminine ridiculed topics such as fashion, lifestyle and travel, which are on a closer look just not so shallow but sometimes also very political and socially critical.
  3. Finally, I am pleased that the blog, which, like no other, combines the topics of careers and personnel, life support and better living, has received appropriate recognition. This shows that readers appreciate a broad range with a thematic central theme.

Identified by the dpa subsidiary as important multipliers

What is that anyway Blogger Relevance Index. It was created for the first time in September 2015 by the Hamburg communications consultancy Faktenkontor. Currently around 1.600 blogs are regularly and systematically examined.

These blogs were previously identified by news aktuell, a subsidiary of the news agency dpa, as important multipliers.

Which blogs are being investigated?

The blogs are examined across sectors and topics. The universe studied includes classic bloggers, journalists and corporate blogs. According to well-defined criteria, it is possible to compare these blogs with each other, but also to search specifically for the most important classic bloggers.

The Blogger Relevance Index was developed over several months and is a professional tool for communicators to get an overview of the most important blogs on the web. The index will continue to develop in the coming months. Help us with your constructive criticism and report blogs to us that you think should definitely be included in the Blogger Relevance Index!

Video Note: If you don't see a video here, you have to activate the option “Watch videos” at the end of the page under “Privacy and Cookies”!

The method in detail: This was the rating

The Blogger Relevance Index reviews included five metrics:

  1. Visibility on the Internet: using the Sistrix index. The Sistrix index flows with it 20 percent: in the Blogger relevancy index.
  2. Number of links, that refer to the blog. This is also measured via Sistrix. This indicator serves as an indication of how third parties feel that the blog posts are so relevant that they link to them. This value makes 20 percent: of the blogger relevancy index.
  3. Social media networking: the blog was about the Page Performance Index for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus from Fanpage Karma determined and goes with 20 percent: in the index.
  4. The activity of the blog: is measured by the number of blog posts in the last three months. In order to determine this index number, the website of the blog was visited. The activity of the blog flows with 20 percent: in the index.
  5. Number of comments, on the blog posts of the last three months, which were also recorded when visiting the website, which is an indicator of the interaction with the readers. The intensity of interaction goes with it 20 percent: in the index.

Why a Blogger Relevance Index?

The aim of the Blogger Relevance Index is to bring more transparency to the blogosphere. The makers of Faktenkontor noticed that nobody really knows which bloggers are the most important for a particular topic.

And that many blogs are rated more on gut instinct - something that I experience more and more in everyday life with companies. I therefore welcome this measure to create transparency all the more.

Conclusion and further information

In any case, I say - also on behalf of all my authors and those who helped to build this blog and stood by me with words and deeds - many thanks!

The overview of the most relevant bloggers in Germany, by the way here.

Business Blogger of the Year at the Global Business Awards

We were awarded the Global Business Award as Business Publisher of the Year Germany 2023 by Corporate Vision magazine.

Press Comments: Awards & Reader Opinions - Top 10 Blogger & Business Publisher of the Year
Press Comments: Awards & Reader Opinions - Top 10 Blogger & Business Publisher of the Year

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® is top recruiting blog 2017: Honored by HR Monkeys

Recruiting (or recruiting) is an extremely extensive topic that many blogs deal with. Nice, therefore, that is now honored with an award. Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® can now also call itself “Top Recruiting Blog 2017”. We're glad!

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

Orientation in the jungle of HR information

Human resources and recruiting are a wide and confusing field. A lot of information that would actually be relevant for companies is often lost in the flood of information on the Internet - which is a shame both for companies and for the very committed and open-minded HR blogging scene.

It is therefore to be welcomed that the HR-Monkeys team has set out to search to provide its readers with high-quality information. And found what it was looking for, not just on Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®.

Select the best blog posts from all HR blogs

The editors at HR-Monkeys have carried out a thorough selection process for the best blog articles on the subject of recruiting, which is quite extensive in Germany, among all German HR blogs. And there are quite a few of them now.

The aim of the campaign was to recognize the commitment of the various blog operators by identifying and awarding the best articles.

Suggestions for personnel in companies

The hope here: Maybe the reading staff and recruiter yes one or the other suggestion that you can successfully implement in your company.

As the HR Monkeys write, they found some highly informative blogs and posts to bring to their readers. The selected articles all deal with recruitment and have been evaluated according to strict criteria.

3 selection criteria

The articles were judged by the jury according to the following three selection criteria:

  1. Content (including topics such as creativity and personality)
  2. Up-to-dateness (How regularly are contributions published? A high frequency is not the only decisive factor, it also depends on the content)
  3. Design (how much effort does the blogger make with the look and feel of the page?)

This post has been awarded

As part of this campaign, the HR Monkey team also came across the blog article “Convince with recruiting e-mails developers: 7 tips for the right address”By Stefan Schwarzgruber, who is responsible for the business development of Stack Overflow.

This entry was then recognized by the HR Monkey jury as one of the best HR entries. Thank you very much, also on behalf of the author, for this award!

Google top rankings

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® had multiple top 1 rankings and was also featured several times in Google snippets.

Press Comments: Awards & Reader Opinions - Top 10 Blogger & Business Publisher of the Year
Press Comments: Awards & Reader Opinions - Top 10 Blogger & Business Publisher of the Year

We are a member of the German Association of Journalists

Press Comments: Awards & Reader Opinions - Top 10 Blogger & Business Publisher of the Year

Long-term partnership with Zukunft Personal, the largest HR trade fair in Europe

The publisher Best of HR – Berufebilder.de​® is the media partner of Zukunft Personal, the largest HR trade fair in Europe with its two offshoots Zukunft Personal Nord and Zukunft Personal Süd. As a media partner, we receive extensive services such as displaying our magazines on site and digital distribution to exhibitors and visitors as well as featuring our logo on the Zukunft Personal website and featuring in the Zukunft Personal media.

Press Comments: Awards & Reader Opinions - Top 10 Blogger & Business Publisher of the Year
Press Comments: Awards & Reader Opinions - Top 10 Blogger & Business Publisher of the Year

Communication with SOS Children's Villages

We participate communicatively in the campaigns of the SOS Children's Villages.

Press Comments: Awards & Reader Opinions - Top 10 Blogger & Business Publisher of the Year

Success measurement of content marketing: Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® as Best Practice in Medianet

The Austrian marketing magazine Medianet published a post last Friday by our author Anne Schüller, the Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® named as a successful best practice example for measuring the success of content marketing strategies.

11.000 reader in 3 days

Last year our contribution stimulated New Leadership in Global Businesses: Bye Employee Talks! by Roswitha A. van der Markt in the net to strong discussions: Within 3 days it was called over 11.000 times.

It turned out that the subject of employee appraisals evidently stirs hearts. Incidentally, here I have explained in detail the reasons for the great interest in the content of the article along with the statistical evidence below.

Success recipe: content marketing in connection with social media

And there is also a second reason for this: content marketing can be a very successful tool, especially if the corresponding contribution is also divided into absolutely appropriate networks.

In this case, Xing News was the key point of interest, which led to a high increase in the general interest in our contribution. Followed Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® meanwhile a Xing news site itself.

content marketing messung_anne-Schueller

Contribution in the current issue of Medianet

Anne Schüller has now taken up this topic again for her article published on Friday in the print edition of Medianet. Your basic thesis is:

Instead of attacking advertisers with advertisements, you should use inbound marketing and lead management.

In her article, she deals with the decoy principle of content marketing: It is about useful or entertaining content, for example in the form of eBooks or magazine contributions targeted for lead generation.

Successes of content marketing

Anne Schüller mentions the above mentioned contribution as an example Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®, This is how you write:

Useful things can take the form of knowledge such as checklists, user tips, free eBooks and so on. Such content is often disseminated in the professional environment. So reported the career blog Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® Middle 2015 that a post from top level coach Roswitha van der Markt on employee conversations in the first three days alone had 11.000 page views. In this way, one wins targeted new customers in the favored target groups. Prerequisite is that - with justified exceptions - the documents offered are free for the user.

Please do not expect too much!

In the further course of her contribution, Schüller analyzes the importance of trust and a reliable source for the success of a successful placement. Your conclusion would be mine:

Despite all the euphoria, many online measurements are theoretical constructs and measure the true happenings only incomplete. Because a customer's journey through the content world of a provider can only be partially understood.

Handelsblatt ranking of the top German tax advisors: Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®Author Reinhard Schinkel is one of the best!

We are pleased that our author, the Berlin tax consultant Reinhard Schinkel, from the Handelsblatt to the top tax consultants Germany. More about the ranking.

How were the data collected?

The study was carried out from September to December 2015 by the Social Science Institute Schad (SWI) on behalf of the Handelsblatt.

In order to test the response of the tax consultants to inquiries from interested parties, 5700 consultants received approx eMail a request with a request for an appointment. The request was made concealed in the name of a real company with commercial register entry. Only about 1250 law firms have ever responded. Apparently, Germany's tax adviser is doing very well overall.

The evaluation criteria

The test was later discovered and all around 5700 consultants received an invitation to take part in the online survey. A total of 1500 tax consultants took part in the study, 27 percent of them small companies and 51 percent medium-sized companies.

This was divided into two sections: In the first step, relevant firm information (eg number of employees, subject areas) was requested. In the second part, the participants answered a questionnaire tailored to the counseling profile of their law firm.

The following criteria were evaluated:

  • Answering the eMail-Inquiry. For a quick answer, there were already the first points, maximum 100. But a rejection of the request, for example due to capacity bottlenecks, was rated positively - after all, it is desirable from the customer's point of view desirable for further planning.
  • The basic knowledge was tested with questions about general skills and problem awareness. There were other 100 points.
  • The valuation also had a positive effect when professional consultants or lawyers were employed. For this, there was a maximum of 100 points.
  • The selection of specialist questions was based on the specializations (areas and branches of industry) indicated by the law firms. There were a maximum of 400 points.
Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®-Author Reinhard Schinkel is one of the best tax consultants

Since many tax consultants are now specialized, consultants have also been tested separately in five areas:

  • Nursing Services / Doctors
  • Media / internet
  • Retail
  • Business start
  • International tax law
  • Untenehmensnachfolge
  • Inheritance / donation
  • freelancer
  • Private Clients
  • Allrounder

Our author Reinhard Schinkel belongs with his law firm Buhrmeister and Schinkel in Berlin Köpenick to the top tax consultants in the field of business start-up. Here is the overview.

We congratulate!


Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® is looking forward to many years, enthusiastic readers!

Positive feedback is far less common than criticism, so we are all the more delighted when long-standing readers express their enthusiasm for Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® pronounce. It just remains touched to say “thank you”!

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

A thank you from enthusiastic readers

Dr. Margrit Bielmeier is Senior Expert Talent Acquisition, Recruiting, Employer Branding at MB HR-CONSULTING and has shared her enthusiasm for my work through LinkedIn. She wrote me:

Dear Ms. Janson, we are already XING and your great Best of HR Berufebilder blog has been with me for years. It would therefore be great if we would link directly here as well. I look forward to your confirmation. Kind regards Margrit Bielmeier

The most beautiful form of confirmation

I am happy when my work has helped other people with important information for many years.

Such a personal praise is the most beautiful form of confirmation for my work. Of course I asked if I can publish this, I may.

It only remains for me, touched to say thanks!

New reader record on Best of HR - Berufebilder.d: Author Anne Schüller is happy about 14.000 readers

The contribution Fear of digital transformation and wrong beliefs developed by Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®-Author Anne Schüller treats innovation killers - and has reached readers in just a few days via 14.000.

Anne Schueller Screen

Our author Anne M. Schüller is rightly happy about the large number of readers - and has an explanation ready at hand. At Facebook she writes:

Thank you, Simone Janson. The outstanding response is, of course, also due to your large, active and interested community.

Of course the popularity of Anne Schüller's own activity in the net is also due!

We are happy about this quote!

Press & Information Office of the Federal Government: Praise for our newsletter

Last week, I got a very nice contact request at Xing: The Press and Information Office of the Federal Government thanked our newsletter.

I was very happy about this request, it shows that our work is also read in government offices and thus perceived:

"Hello Ms. Janson, thank you for your great newsletter", said the request, which I was very happy about.

presse-information amt federal government

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® is one of the 5 exciting career sites: “Best of HR” on Jobspotting

Jobspotting's Career Journal ranks among the 5 exciting career sites - alongside Xing Travel or Unicum Career.

jobspotting journal feature

Search for jobs again

Jobspotting is an innovative HR startup from Berlin that wants to change the way we look for jobs - with job offers that match a previously created profile.

The idea of ​​rethinking the topic of job search definitely sounds very exciting. But that's not all: Jobspotting also publishes a career journal - Journal by Jobspotting - in which it reports on the latest news from the HR industry.

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® is among the 5 exciting career pages on the net

In his contribution 5 exciting career pages on the net Journal by Jobspotting also provides Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® and our Industry benchmark Best of HR before:

In addition, their news benchmark Best of HR not only provides an overview of numerous HR media and blogs on the Internet. Interested parties, especially HR or content marketers, can make use of the tool and find out which HR topics are currently trending and which posts are among the most shared content on social media.

Thanks for this feature!

Discussion about the topic "employee talk": 11.000 reader in 3 days

Blog contributions are also a constant source of discussion, which goes far beyond the blog. This is not least shown by the contribution of New Leadership in Global Businesses: Bye Employee Talks! by Roswitha A. van der Markt: Within 3 days it was retrieved over 11.000 times. An overview for discussion.

google analytics screen

Appraisal interviews in Best Practice

The subject of employee appraisals seems to stir hearts, especially when the article talks about best practice examples from large, well-known companies such as Accenture, Adobe, Google or Microsoft.

At least, I realized two days ago, when I suddenly looked at the picture in Google Analytics: A real storm on the website took place, via 100 readers at the same time on an article. What happened?

Salt in open wounds

The contribution of Roswitha A. van der Markt was apparently shared in a relevant Xing group, because from there came the most readers. And there was salt in open wounds.

Because the discussion shows what great interest, but also what uncertainties the change of corporate culture and especially the unpleasant employee review leaves.

Employee talk as a sign of transparency?

For let us be honest: an open, innovative company culture is gladly preached and expected, it is considered hip and modern, if one has it. The employee interview, conducted under a four-eye view, is regarded as an instance of transparency and stands for a trusting relationship.

But in reality, the individual often leaves them insecure.

Staff discussion: Unbelievable on all sides

On the one hand, the personnel or employers who somehow have to conduct an employee appraisal, for many simply an unpleasant task. With praise in Germany, one finally struggles hard, but with too open criticism too. And you do not want to hurt anyone or even demotivate good workers.

On the other hand, the workers are already nodding because of the power gap, even if they think something else in their minds.

Most preferably abolish

I am pretty sure that many would prefer to abolish this unpleasant, but they somehow drag along with it. And that is precisely why this topic is gaining so much attention.

This is how our reader Bernhard Labusch writes:

For this to work, the employees must be familiar.

And Beate Remus notes:

Fine, the much-unpopular annual meeting passes. As a management tool, it has obviously done a good job only for those executives who, in any case, maintain regular communication with employees and are in genuine contact with them. Bye also to performance measurement and control? In the age of corporate apps and Co., I consider that a theoretical approach. And with such a one, the annual talks were once praised even in the leadership everyday.

The principle of mutual feedback

Roswitha A. van der Markt effect in their comments pointed out that the direction of performance evaluation is now changing:
Accenture and Microsoft, for example, have been introducing intensive mutual feedback between managers and employees for a long time in practice, not theoretically - and not, as usual, from the manager through the employee, but a partnership-based discussion in both directions ... The principle of “performance measurement ”Has thus changed in the direction of serving leadership. Yes it is measured, but differently, e.g. how values ​​were implemented in the company ...
And what does it look like in your company?

Top article - how we reached 6000 readers: Management & Motivation

Last Friday is on us Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® succeeded, of which probably many bloggers - and by the way - I dream. One of our blog posts went through the ceiling and reached readers via 5300 in one day. The analysis should show how this works.

top post

Google Analytics with 5300 readers / day

  • Last Friday the 14.11. 2014 achieved the contribution here 5.306 unique page views.
  • Nearly 60 percent came from the desktop and over a third from the mobile phone, only a small portion (7,4%) from the tablet.
  • The majority of the calls came from North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria, but also a participant from Australia was present.

Social media analysis - movement in the business network

You can get the feedback on the article on social media here watch live.

The numbers currently show 35 likes and shares in Facebook, 17 retweets in Twitter, 7 +1 in Google Plus and a total of 10 shares in the business network LinkedIn.

Guided tours are provided for discussion

Leadership topics always generate a lot of interest - that may be one of the reasons why the post went so well and was also discussed in the blog exceptionally detailed and at a very high level.

The exceptionally well-founded discussion also shows that there seems to be a great need to discuss topics such as motivation through managers.

Well networked community, interested in leadership

But it also shows not least the very good networking of our community, which is interested in leadership issues, this passes on and discussed with each other.

I see this as the main reason for the great success: The dissemination of the article among the readers and in social networks. Apparently, this text had hit exactly the nerve or the problem of the community.

Busy target group

It is also clear to me that almost 40 percent of the accesses came from mobile devices, of which the majority of smartphones. This shows that the mobile optimization of the page (keyword responsive design) as well as the speed play an increasingly important role.

Less and less readers of our busy target group seem to have the time to consume such texts at rest on the computer.

Consistent focus on personnel and leadership issues

This is exactly what this interest arouses so much interest, may not have been foreseen. More and more, however, we are on the right track with our focus on staff and management.

Obviously, this fairly demanding target group finds itself in the texts of our field-proven expert again and discusses the topics also with great commitment.

We see ourselves confirmed and continue like this! Thank you.

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® one of the best learning platforms: Ultimate website for learning

Everyone is talking about eLearning. We are therefore delighted that Springest, one of the largest international training platforms with over 35.000 seminar offers, has added us to its list of "Ultimate Learning Sites".

Springest_The ultimate list of websites for learning

The best educational websites in Germany

The continuing education provider Springest has made the search for the best educational websites in Germany and is among others Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® have found something.

Together with sites like hesseschrader.com or staufenbiel.de, we were included in the “Career and Application” section as the “Ultimate Website for Learning”.

Springest has created the infographic shown above to introduce its users to websites that focus on education and learning.

About Springest

Springest is active in Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain and has a total of approximately 300.000 visitors per month. Currently, the company employs 28 employees in the heart of Amsterdam.

In search of further education, Dutch Springest founder Ruben Timmermann discovered 2008 that there was a missing web page on which to seek and compare training - and soon founded it himself.

Praise for our Xing group

The moderation team did a really great job. Thank you for your work and for the good contributions.

Günter Willems, managing director of the seminar exchange
Press Comments: Awards & Reader Opinions - Top 10 Blogger & Business Publisher of the Year

We are read by the top companies: Microsoft, Daimler, IBM, Bertelsmann & more

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® reaches a maximum of 8.000 readers a day, including top companies such as Daimler, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Würth or Careerloft (Bertelsmann) read us regularly thanks to subscriptions via newsletter or social media.

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®
Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®
Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®
Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

What is recruiting success? 8 HR bloggers answer

Press work is and will remain an important topic. Therefore, we are happy when media such as recruitment success here or the FAZ approach us with interview and statemant wishes. This time topic: What is actually recruiting success? 

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

What is recruiting success? 8 HR bloggers in an interview

The website Recruiting.com has interviewed eight well-known HR bloggers - including Simone Janson. It was about the following topics:

  • What exactly is recruiting success?
  • What can one understand by that?
  • And what are the factors that create recruitment success?

The matching has to be right

As different as the opinions of the eight interviewed HR bloggers on specialist topics relating to recruiting, employer branding, job hunting and the application process are - on the subject of recruitment success surprisingly great unity prevailed:

Recruitment success occurs when the matching is right, so the applicant fits as well as possible to the company. It's a shame that many companies still do not manage that.

Here is my statement:

Applicants must fit in with corporate culture and tasks

Recruiting success for me means that companies find employees who fit in exactly with the corporate culture and their tasks and thus not only perform their work with corresponding motivation, but also act as brand ambassadors for their employer.

3 success factors in the recruiting process

  1. Employer Branding:  Companies that have an attractive employer brand are attracting attractive candidates, especially in times of valuation platforms such as Kununu and Glassdoor. In doing so, it helps companies to transparently tell stories from the company, eg those of the employees.
  2. selection procedure:  In the recruiting process, a good selection process is crucial, helping employers to hire the right people.
  3. Employee retention:  An important, often underestimated aspect of recruiting success is employee retention. Because satisfied employees are not only loyal and do their job better - they also tell the best stories in the sense of the employer brand.


Many thanks to Rekrutierungserfolg.de for the beautiful, successful contribution!

And here is the link to Recruitment Success.de: https://www.rekrutierungserfolg.de/blog/2018/17/was-ist-eigentlich-rekrutierungserfolg-8-hr-blogger-antworten/

HRPraxis & PRAXIUM recommend Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®: Broad topic choice with a lot of substance

From PRAXIMUM Fachverlag is Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® recently been awarded as Link of the Week - for its broad substance choice.


About practice

As a specialist publisher for human resource management and leadership specialist information, PRAXIUM has set itself the goal of “refining” the “good” information for its readers and customers in a particularly useful and profitable way.

PRAXIUM is a publisher that focuses consistently and clearly on its focus on human resource management and leadership and leadership in its assortment design and orientation.

Non-academic theory models, and strategic visions, but practical information that focuses on the needs of practitioners, should be the focus of attention, and help to achieve efficiency, target achievement and optimization in personal and company HR and management work.

This is an important success factor, which continuously ensures competence and target group know-how on the part of the publisher and makes us a trusted and reliable specialist information partner and target group expert with a clear profile for readers and booksellers on the market side.

What we were particularly looking forward to: PRAXIMUM recently recommended us to our blog hrpraxis.ch as a link of the week. The emphasis was on the breadth of our selection of topics with simultaneous substance. This reads like this:

“There are not many HR blogs where the choice and range of topics as well as the substance, level and novelty value of the articles are convincing. Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® is definitely one. We think: A compulsory blog for HR professionals who want to be well informed and up to date. ”

Thank you!

Cooperated for some time Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® with the English newsletter provider nourish, who has now dedicated a feature to us.


Our newsletter provider comes from Leeds

One or the other readers will have noticed: At the beginning of the year we have changed the newsletter provider and now ship via the provider nourish based in Leeds, England.

Their service was at first somewhat habituationy, a detailed test, but it shows over time that the use in the long run is much simpler than eg in the very complex offer of the competitor Mailchimp.

Plus service and PR communication

A further plus is the service and excellent PR communication. A detailed test of the offer will follow.

So I said the same when the very dedicated Mariana Young from nourish customer care asked me to answer her a few interview questions.

Significantly more subscribers

It was mainly about how Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® nourish for marketing and which traffic increases are made by nourish.

In fact, the number of subscribers has almost doubled in a few weeks.

Targeted public relations work

Exciting, I also find the idea of ​​a company to introduce its customers to all other customers in this way. Good and targeted PR work.

HR news benchmark in the review by Crosswater Systems: order in the din of communication

Gerhard Kenk made a very good contribution to Crosswater Systems on the ubiquitous HR roar, mentioning our news service Best of HR as a useful tool for quick overview of HR messages.


HR mercilessly reinforced

In his post !Scream softer, I can't hear you, Kenk criticizes the constant din of HR posts and their circular distribution across the web.

So even the most insignificant contribution in social media will be partially automated via social media tools like Hootsuite, Retweets and even per eMail mercilessly from his authors eMail strengthened.

Well lubricated communication circuit

Kenk describes the original concept of discussion on social media channels as a well-lubricated communication cycle in which content is boiled up and distributed as required within one's own peer group.

Now, according to Kenk, we are able to remedy this problem Industry benchmark service Best of HR, which not only bundles information, but also links to social media feedback.

Bundle the communication flood

Kenk writes:

Simone Janson, blogger and operator of the popular blog Berufebilder, has set herself the task of bundling this flood of communication, making its distribution on social media more transparent and thus providing assistance in the fight against the digital flood.

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® in the magazine HR-Performance: HR bloggers as pioneers

HR Performance is the trade journal for HR software, HR information and communication solutions. In her current issue she introduces HR-Blogger.

HR-P 5_2015_Blogger

Keep up to date with HR blogs

Blogs are a great way to stay up-to-date, as HR Performance magazine has recognized and features a variety of HR blogs in its latest issue - including one Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®.

The digital media as an addition to traditional print media is important. Often trends are already beginning at an early stage. Thanks to the commentary, it is clear what people are doing and what controversial points are there.

Which topics are taken up?

In addition, it reveals which topics are often taken up and which particularly motivate bloggers and readers - not least in our HR benchmark service Best of HR.

That is why the current edition 5 / 2015 of the magazine HR Performance also presents various blogs, among them Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® with a current article on the subject of "skill shortage".

Online is print ahead

The reasons for this are in HR performance:
Blog posts offer a view of a topic from a certain point of view. This opportunity to make your opinion quickly and easily accessible to a broad readership is what makes the Internet and especially blogging so special. Thanks to the comment and share functions, readers can quickly show how they feel about the topic - “online” is often superior to “print” on this point. Whether you write a comment on a topic directly or share it, you worry about how you feel about the topic.

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® at myself: interview & favorite blog

For the February issue of the magazine myself, my colleague Melanie Heym interviewed me about job trends. We were also featured as a favorite blog.


Current job trends under the magnifying glass

From the entire conversation, in which editor Melanie Heym informed about current jobtrends on- and offline, is left at the end point 4:

This section is about the current holiday arrangements of Richard Branson's Virgin company.

More flexibility = more responsibility

In addition, I have found that more flexibility also basically means more responsibility for the individual - and in case of doubt can even lead to self-exploitation.

The section can be found on page 38 in the journal. Here is the full article in the full text.


What is the myself favorite blog?

The editorial staff of the women's magazine myself also chooses your favorite blog every month: this time for the May issue of the magazine Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® Caught.

Every month, the myself editorial department reappears. But not just exciting fashion, nourishing cosmetics and elegant furniture are the objects of desire, even bloggers regularly write in the hearts of the editors. Here, the myself editorial presents their new favorite blog every month

What says myself Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®?

The myself editorial team describes my blog on its website and in the May 2014 issue of the magazine, published today:

Simone Janson writes in her blog about current job topics - from skills shortages to wage differentials. She is supported by 100 (!) Other experts, e.g. B. Business consultants and coaches.

Nice action, thanks for the feature and the interview!

Berufebilder is a partner in the world's largest survey for young professionals: What does the perfect employer look like?

In the framework of the YP-Survey 13, Universum interviews in cooperation with Wirtschaftswoche and Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® In 2013 again around 6.000 young professionals on career status, preferred employers and motivation to change jobs - but also on the perception of your former university. After the survey, all participants have direct access to one of WetFeet's most read career guides - “Negotiating your salary and perks” (worth € 12). And can win more.

Univerum`s Survey - Germany - Methodology and Background_PS

Terms of participation and winnings

The participation lasts about 20 minutes. The positive: If you participate in the Universum YP-Survey 13, you can prepare yourself for the next step in your career and win something:

What can you win?

Among all participants, Universum is giving away four Individual Applicant Coaching worth 500 €, which will be carried out by Saphir Germany.

If you also share your link with your networks after the survey, you can win one of two hotel vouchers worth 250 Euro and a benchmark with the career status of your network!

How to participate in the survey?

To the survey and the prices go here:

The survey is up to 18. October 2013 open, the evaluation will be until November 2013, the results will be on Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® and published in the Wirtschaftswoche.

Privacy and technology

All data remain anonymous and are treated according to data protection regulations. Answers are evaluated only in aggregated form.

For questions or technical problems with the questionnaire, please send a message directly careerbenchmarkde@wetfeet.com

The methodology

Universum Communications has more than 25 years of experience in research and consulting in employer branding.

Young professionals with up to 10 years of professional experience are interviewed annually on the following points:

  • Who are your preferred employers?
  • What would motivate you to change jobs?
  • How do you see your former university?

The survey in detail

For this purpose, the participants are asked a series of questions, which will take about 20 minutes to answer. In detail, this looks like this:

  • The participants choose the employers who basically consider them from a list that represents the most relevant employers in the country.
  • From the list of employers considered, the participants choose their employer, which is up to 5 ideal.
  • Participants are given a framework of attributes by which they assess the employer's tract.
  • Participants are asked what they consider important when choosing employers and what dimensions they associate with their ideal employers.
  • The brand awareness of the participants is compared to your recruiting competitors as well as the preferences of the participants in order to optimize the evaluation of your employer branding activities.

Inclusion in one of the most renowned media databases: Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® in the Zimpel

The ZIMPEL is one of the best known and most prestigious media directories in Germany, so to speak DAS reference book for media contacts, and belongs to a subsidiary of dpa. We are looking forward to our listing in the directory.

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

The publisher Dieter Zimpel has been your reliable partner in the communications sector for over 40 years. Founded by Dieter Zimpel in Munich, the publisher now belongs to news aktuell, a subsidiary of the German Press Agency (dpa).

The PR and media database with over 90.000 contacts is the reference book for press and media contacts. numerous Sponsors and cooperation partners have already made use of this discoverability.

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®
Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

ikosom & the Social Media Week Berlin in the Wirtschaftswoche: Death & Mourning in Social Media

Death, a topic that is often taboo in our society. The topic is very topical, especially in the age of social media: What happens to our virtual identity after our demise? Jörg Eisfeld-Reschke, founder of the Institute for Communication in Social Media, will give a talk this afternoon at the Social Media Week and moderate a podium discussion.

This topic has now been taken up by Meike Lorenzen in the Wirtschaftswoche, which also made an interview with Jörg Eisfeld-Reschke. He has been intensively involved with the numerous possibilities to use the Internet beyond death:

“Almost everyone today lives a virtual life on the Internet. With eMails, blog entries, films, music, photos, crowdfunding or social networks - we leave our mark on the World Wide Web in different ways. This raises the question of what should happen to the digital legacy after our demise. Because one thing is certain: The Internet has not only massively influenced people's lives, but also death. ”

Discuss on the podium tonight:

  • Jörg Eisfeld-Reschke (moderator), founder ikosom.de
  • Steve Haack, journalist golem.de
  • Oliver Schmid, Founder Gedenkseiten.de
  • Prof. Dr. Marlis Prinzing, MHMK Macromedia
  • NN, Archbishopric Berlin

Coach from the ProSieben Glücksreport from October Author Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®: Richard de Hoop & the power of music

On Saturday, September 10, 2011, 20.15:XNUMX p.m., ProSieben asked the question: “How will I be happy?”. Answers include Richard de Hoop. In the happiness report, the keynote speaker and coach shows five previously unhappy protagonists what they can do to become happier in the long term. It will open in October Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® present his theses in a column on music and motivation.

Music as inspiration for teambuilding

For Richard de Hoop, happiness means one thing above all: the music. And that should be learnable. For example, through music, for de Hoop the greatest source of motivation: music is his passion, he has made it the central message and the “means of transport” of his motivational messages.

Richard de Hoop has been working as a keynote speaker for teambuilding, motivation and leadership in his home country, the Netherlands, since 1995. He has more than 100 performances per year in Holland and Europe.

He uses music as a metaphor and source of inspiration for companies and their teams in order to address the topics and goals that are current within a company and to make all employees more aware.

The more diverse the instruments, the more successful the team

With the help of the music, he motivates the people to achieve the goals as a team and to develop real enthusiasm and joy for the joint work. To this end, he compares the characters of people with eight musical instruments to show their range and different character traits.

The more different “instruments” are represented in a team, the more diverse it can act. The company orchestra, i.e. the company, can only function successfully and sustainably as a whole if all instruments interact harmoniously and support each other.

Column on Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

Find out in his column Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® from October onwards, how harmonious company orchestras are composed, what exactly the role of the conductors, ie the executives, is and how, above all, you determine which instrument you are!

Profession picture author Roland Jäger beautiful Anne Will

I just got a message that I was very happy: Roland Jäger, management consultant and coach as well as author of the series "Series: Disguised as a boss - executives on a cozy course" will be a guest on Sunday evening at 21.45 p.m. with Anne Will on ARD. The title of the talk show on December 5th will be “Stress, pressure, bullying – when the boss becomes the enemy”.

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

Why is?

And that's exactly what the program is all about: More and more employees feel under pressure in the job too - that's the result of current studies. According to a study by the BKK Federal Association, the mental illness of employees has increased significantly in recent years. One reason: work overload. In a global comparative study, German executives, in turn, rank one of the worst places in terms of their social skills.

Conclusion: In Germany, leadership still means being tough on the matter - and tough on the employees. How much responsibility do the bosses have for the overloading of many employees and how much do the employees themselves? And where is the line between bullying and the necessary pressure to perform?

For this purpose, Anne Will will host:

  • Dirk Rossmann, entrepreneur
  • Friedrich Schorlemmer, theologian and publicist
  • Helmut Naujoks, employer's lawyer
  • Henrike Greven, ver.di district manager
  • Roland Jäger, Executive coach

Roland Jäger

I was very happy about that, for one, because I was Roland Jäger, with whom I talked very well and in detail at the last book fair, is a really sympathetic person. On the other hand, above all, because I find his thesis really important and correct.

I myself had a boss who liked to play the nice boss, but was not able to delegate work reasonably and most often also hoped that unpleasant decisions take care of themselves. And even against business partners, this person still manages to survive dumping prices. Result: A very bad company climate, bad pay and unmotovated employees.

Consistent or selfish?

My fear for the show on Sunday, based on my own talk-round experience (people like to polarize on TV), is that Jäger, with his uncomfortable thesis, will be pushed a little into the role of someone who wants to turn bosses into hard-hearted egomaniacs, as he is sometimes accused of in other media.

But this is not the point: bosses should be much more consistent and responsible, but do not try to make everything right.

So I'm very excited about the show and will certainly comment on Twitter!

occupations picturesBlogger in portrait: Interview with me on Karrierebibel.de

On Career Bibel is just freshly an interview with me as a blogger of Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® appeared. In this, I tell you why I started blogging, which are my goals and which other blogs and books have particularly inspired me. Thanks to Jochen Mai for this nice idea!

Article about my website in the German Book Trade Journal: “Well structured!”

In the current Börsenblatt des Deutschen Buchhandels, published on August 20, 2009, there is an article on page 45 about successful websites in the field of careers. In addition to Jochen Mai's career bible, my page will also be berufebilder.de specifically mentioned, there is a screenshot and I am quoted. I am trying to get a copy of the article online.

Interview about my blog in the SME blog

The operators of the start-up and SME blog were so excited about my blog and my page that they spontaneously did an interview with my blog with me.

It was all about how I started blogging, what content interests my readers and what goals I am pursuing with blogging.

The result is, as I have my very interesting interview, that you can read on start up and SMEs.