There are many courses of study that a school leaver might not be directly aware of if you ask around about study options after leaving school. Marketing is definitely one of them.

What should i study? Training for a job profile! marketing

Stand-alone or as a focus?

The first question that arises when you are interested in a corresponding course is the study variant. Namely, there are two ways to do marketing studieren. On the one hand, marketing is offered as a focus in almost every business administration degree, and on the other hand, independent courses have also emerged in recent years (albeit mainly at private universities).

The benefit of Wahl A business administration degree is that you can usually choose another focus and thus be more interdisciplinary, i.e. “broader”. At the same time, this also means that graduates of an independent marketing degree naturally have more knowledge in the field of marketing, since their entire degree was aimed at this area.

Each prospective student should decide individually which choice to make decide, by personally looking at the universities in question and providing study advice. There is no general rule here product.

Course Contents

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Marketing today is much more than just advertising your products and services to the man or the person Ms. bring to. Rather, marketing has also become a “Concept the holistic, market-oriented company management to satisfy the needs and expectations of customers and other stakeholders” (Wikipedia). Company align their decisions based on marketing-specific core issues in order to continue to grow and face new challenges.

As a result, the students will not only get content from the areas of advertising and Communication mediated, but also economic Reset. The course contents include:

The course content varies, of course, from university to college, depending on the focus. In principle, however, you will encounter these subjects during your studies.

Prospects after graduation

There is a wide range for graduates of a marketing degree selection of possible careers. Graduates from the university where I worked as a study advisor, for example, work for an event and marketing agency in Shanghai, in marketing for Pro7Sat1, for Google, for social communities or are self-employed. In general, for example, career prospects open up...

It depends mainly on how the respective student has already set his priorities during his studies and in which areas he gained practical experience, eg with the help of student jobs.

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