The cliché says: “Women interested in fashion, hairstyle, dieting and relationships. men for salary, Business, Status, Influence." Unfortunately, there is a lot of truth in that. And everyone gets what they are interested in.

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How can companies realize their desire for higher salaries?

Have you thought about a raise? The desire for more salary raises many Ask on. For example, have you applied for a new job with a new employer and your desired salary seems too high? How do you get the best salary? How can you increase your existing salary negotiate? How can your own Income increase significantly?

The best way to a higher salary is to have a salary negotiation that runs smoothly. But while some see salary negotiations as an excuse for greed, others argue that pushing for more salary is simply the right thing to do. Regardless of which side someone is on, there's no denying that Concept Salary negotiation can be intimidating. However, it is important to understand that salary levels are directly proportional to the skills, experience and value that an employee brings to the table.

The right arguments count

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If you want more salary, you have to clear make sure he has something to offer too. In today's highly competitive job market Companys constantly looking for employees with unique skills and talents that give them a competitive advantage.

When a worker finds that their value has increased in the marketplace, it is only reasonable that they take the necessary steps to secure a better package. This article is intended to decipher the desire for more salary and show the right arguments that specialists can use to justify their requests for a salary increase. With the right arguments, employees can confident approach their employers and make their salary demands.

Continuing education is important

Those who want to strategically approach salary negotiations and make financial progress should continue their education!

That means reading specialist literature and acquiring specialist knowledge in a specific area. And they should talk about it! Because in this way you show that you achieve more than others and are competent employees for a Company indispensable.

Break through the glass ceiling

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We often hear and read about the “glass ceiling” from women in particular. That can be emblematic of the significant mental Problems stand that many People with the topic of salary negotiations.

Breaking through this so-called glass ceiling is difficult because there are so many factors that can hold you back, such as a lack of self-confidence or an inability to speak English, for example. And this self-doubt is then transported to the outside world.

Personal development leads to higher salaries

In general, the mental aspect of the desire for more salary should not be underestimated, because those who develop further also become more financially Success have. Are you looking for a way to fulfill your career potential? Are you looking for new ways to achieve your goals?

All of these questions lead to answers. The answers you have been looking for to help you make the right decisions, overcome all obstacles and live your life the way you have always wanted. And when you have found the answer for yourself, you can communicate it convincingly in the salary interview.

10 strategies for more salary

If you want to earn a higher salary or find a better-paying job, don't just think about your qualifications speak. Salary negotiations are a real fight and you need to have the right arguments ready when you approach your superiors about salary negotiations.

1. Understand the company's financial situation

If you're going to ask for a raise, it's important that you understand the company's financial situation. This means that you are informed about the revenue, the profit and the general financial Health of the company should be informed. Knowing these factors will help you make more informed arguments for a raise and give you an idea of ​​what the company can realistically afford. Businesses, like individuals, have limited resources and budget constraints.

So by presenting your request for a raise with a clear picture of the company's financial condition and a detailed explanation of how your contributions have helped support the company, you can convincingly justify why you want more to earn. It is important that you do this Conversation professionally and with a clear understanding of the Perspektive of the company while standing up for yourself and your contributions.

2. Research market prices

Researching market prices is one of the most important steps when negotiating a raise. It is important to know the average salary for your position and your level of experience in your position Industry as well as knowing the salary range for similar positions in the same geographic location.

You may obtain this information through websites, industry surveys and job postings. By gathering and presenting this data, you can show your employer that you understand the value of your work and take it seriously, potentially allowing you to negotiate a higher salary based on market standards. It's important that you approach salary negotiations with a professional attitude and have a solid understanding of the market to make a compelling case for the raise you want.

3. Gather evidence of your achievement and worth

If you're asking for a raise, it's important to have proof of yours Performance and collect your value within the company. Begin by reviewing your job duties and responsibilities and documenting all of them Tasks or projects you have successfully completed that go beyond your job description.

Collect positives Feedback or reviews of customers, clients or colleagues who highlight your skills and contribution to the company. It's also important to demonstrate your impact on the company's bottom line by pointing to notable ones Turnover- or indicate efficiencies that you were responsible for. By collecting this evidence, you can make a compelling case for why you deserve a raise based on your proven performance and value to the company.

4. Keep a success diary

Unfortunately, committed employees are also masters of self-criticism: they look at their weaknesses and overlook their performance. Therefore, they often do not even get into the situation confident to report on their good work. Because you have to Power know well in order to be able to conduct salary negotiations properly.

A kind of diary helps here, in which you can enter your successes and achievements in minute detail over a period of months. You can do that in the salary interview Executive then show precisely when, for example, new Customer won or Costs has lowered.

5. Do good marketing

Marketing – nowadays that means always being there for the customer at all times. Only: whatever is available will fast not interesting. And you quickly give the impression that you “need” it. Canadian singer Bryan Adams, for example, thought the same thing.

He toured Europe a few years ago (by the way without paying) and plays in mini-halls in large cities. The tickets were not for sale, they were raffled off. Sinn the thing: Adams wanted his new album apply.

And: The fact that the maps were difficult to access makes it particularly interesting. A good marketing idea that you can get inspiration from when you want something to count for. So it also applies to the Strategy: If you want to be valid, make yourself rare!

6. Research industry standard salary

Note: Not every employer can allow each individual employee their own (remuneration) policy and often has to use standard tariff values ​​as a basis for their fee agreements.

Is your desired salary appropriate or perhaps too high compared to these tariffs? Research fees customary in the industry and argue them accordingly.

7. Prepare salary negotiations argumentatively

If you want to be successful in negotiating, you should prepare well and make the right arguments. Let's begin with the question of how one should not argue in the content negotiations: Namely not whine.

Because arguments like "The cost of living has risen", "The children cost so much" or "I'll come with the Money just not enough” won’t convince a boss. Also no comparisons with colleagues. And no “Actually, I should have earned a little more salary”. But what to do?

8. Practice presenting your arguments

An effective salary negotiation strategy is to Presentation your arguments in advance to practice. So you are not only well prepared for the actual negotiation, but feel feel more secure and confident during the conversation. Start by listing the top reasons you earn a higher salary, such as: B. Your skills, experience and contributions to the company.

Then practice presenting those reasons clearly, concisely, and persuasively. Consider backing up your arguments with concrete examples and data. Also, prepare responses to any objections or counter-arguments that may arise during the negotiation. By practicing ahead of time, you can increase your chances of success and get the salary you want.

9. Aim for a win-win outcome

In salary negotiations, it is important to strive for a result that benefits both parties. That means one Solution to be found that will benefit both you and your employer. Even if you want to increase your own salary, you should not forget that your employer also has their own goals and budgets that they must take into account. When you negotiate with the Objective As you approach finding a mutually beneficial solution, you are more likely to reach an agreement that satisfies both parties.

As well as showing your value and the contributions you make to the company, be open to discussing alternative forms of compensation or benefits that could benefit both you and your employer. This can lead to a successful negotiation outcome that both parties are comfortable with satisfied and are motivated to continue working together.

10. How to negotiate properly!

If you want more money, you have to quantify this in Euro and per cent and, if necessary, justify how it comes to this sum. Best to name more than you want to have, so that there is room for negotiation.

In addition, you should never accept the first offer, even if you are ecstatic that something is possible at all - there is always something more in it. And never give a range, such as "I imagined from... to... euros". Because then the boss will start at your lowest salary and you have to negotiate at the lower limit!

Conclusion: Salary negotiations are almost always worthwhile

In summary, arguing for a higher salary is not always easy, but it is necessary to ensure fairness and to recognize the value of our contributions to the workforce. If we're prepared, gather evidence, and present a well-reasoned argument, we can convincingly justify why we're making more money.

Remember that salary negotiations go both ways and it is possible to find common ground that benefits both parties. Finally, it's important to remain professional and respectful throughout the process, which can help build trust and an open mind Communication build with our employer. Committing to ourselves in a professional and well-prepared manner can ultimately lead to a more fulfilling and rewarding career.

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