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Job profile! Feel Good Manager: 14 typical tasks apart from cuddling and fun

Feel Good Manager is still a relatively new one job profile - and one that has a reputation for being just fun and for the cuddle factor Company to be good. An overview of 14 typical tasks.

feel good

Why a Feel Good Manager?

Feel good management is on everyone's lips, but unfortunately often mocked as a good mood and cuddle course. The topic is definitely more sustainable.

Because the world of work is in a big change. In the future, unlike in the Industrial Age, you will be paid for your thinking. Creativity is increasingly becoming the key resource of the future. And work has to be fun to be good. This is where a Feel Good Manager helps.

Link between organization, employees and executives

Like best of HR -® author Anne Schüller so aptly describes, he acts as a link between the organization, employees and executives and is responsible for topics related to corporate culture and the well-being of people. In addition a quote:

He takes care of the physical, mental and emotional fitness of the company, so that their performance remains at its peak. This function is cross-functional, not bound to a department. And it has both strategic and operational components. This is why she is much more than just a little coworker.

The topic further thought

It is exciting that Anne Schüller has thought the subject a good deal further and sees the Feel Good Manager as a decisive position for the future of the company.

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It is therefore clear that the wire must be true to the management. Because who is on the road as an atmospheric representative of employees, inevitably reveals grievances.

14 Typical tasks of a Feel Good Manager

But what does the daily routine of a Feel Good Manager look like? Which typical tasks does he have to devote himself to practically every day? An overview.

  1. 1x weekly free, often self-prepared lunch for all.
  2. 1x monthly: Meet and Greet -> the focus is on the fun factor. Nice afterwork for everyone who feels like it
  3. 2x annual employee party (Christmas party and summer party)
  4. Organization of various events: eg football, various teamevents such as Lasertec / Paintball, Teambuilding measures
  5. Organization of regular yoga classes for colleagues
  6. Close co-operation with the Techniker Krankenkasse regarding workshops and company health management
  7. Weekly German classes for non-German-speaking colleagues
  8. Organization of the large selection of drinks in the office for all colleagues
  9. “All hands” meeting: weekly meeting with the board of directors, in which news, sales figures, etc. are reported.
  10. (100%): 120%: 150%: 100%: 3%: daily lunch, 120%: Weekend trip to Mallorca for all colleagues ,
  11. Various employee surveys
  12. Set up a table tennis table in the lobby
  13. Organization of "Starcards": The names of individual employees end up in the lottery pot due to certain outstanding achievements. The winner is drawn every quarter. Possible profits: Wellness-Weekend, 3-course menu, etc.
  14. Organization of AndroidFIT: Sports offer for employees after work

More than fun manager

A Feel Good Manager is so much more than just a fun manager. Because as well Monika Krauss-Wildegger in an interview states:

Companies that only emphasize these aspects often do not want any further structural changes at all. Because that's what really matters: Feel Good is a lived corporate culture, drives topics and projects that are important to the colleagues.

Labor Feel Good Manager

In this sense, the Feel Good Manager is and remains a tremendously exciting job profile! But what is really behind the trend job Feel Good Manager and how to make a career entry? An analysis.

An analysis by the Joblift Job Exchange, which has examined job advertisements, has found that the job market for Feel Good Manager promises secure employment: 93% of job advertisements are full-time, 82% permanent jobs.


Feel-good managers are sought especially in startups

In which companies are Feel Good Managers above all sought? The analysis also shows that only 18% of the advertisements are aimed at working students or interns.

Among the 33 companies looking for feel-good managers last year were 16 startups, six advertising and digital agencies, and four software and technology manufacturers. Only one big company was looking for a Feel Good Manager.

Organizing team events is the most common task

Furthermore, it can be stated that Feel Good Manager is not only responsible for teambuilding and a positive climate within the company. Instead, they often take on more responsibilities, including:

  • Organization of events (17 nominations)
  • Scheduling and travel bookings (13 entries)
  • Reception support (13 mentions)
  • Measures to increase the well-being of employees (13 mentions)
  • On- and Offboarding (12 mentions)
  • Purchase of office materials (12 mentions)

Surprisingly, administrative, commercial or assisting activities appear in around half of the job advertisements. The role of the Feel Good Manager does not always have the direct improvement of general wellbeing Objective.

Well-being managers are often all-rounder

Especially in young companies, Feel Good Managers often take on tasks that affect different areas of the company.

This could also explain why large companies are less likely to search for Feel Good Managers: they occupy their tasks with various specialist personnel. In smaller companies, however, the feel-good manager sometimes acts as an all-rounder.

What conditions should you meet?

The analysis also shows that soft skills like an organization salary are more likely to emerge in the profile than a certain degree. So what are the prerequisites to fulfill this all-rounder position?

As regards the level of education and the desired work experience, little information is provided. Personal qualities, on the other hand, seem to play an essential role:

  • Organization stall (21 mentions)
  • Communication skills (15 mentions)
  • Contact friendliness (15 mentions)
  • Commercial training (14 mentions)
  • Economics studies (12 mentions)
  • Sympathetic and positive being (12 mentions)

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