Some time ago I lived in the first class of an ICE more or less involuntarily Meeting which once again showed how deep the rifts still are between content marketers on the one hand and old-school salespeople. But how can they be closed?

Google & SEO - the best argument for content marketing: 10 tips for online marketing

Psychotricks branding

Four gentlemen from southern Germany were on their way to the Ruhr area. And while they were constantly supplied with treats by DB employees, the conversation was not very sweet.

The topic was namely: How can the Success the sales department yet clear increase, but if possible without hiring more employees?

The favorite Solution: Motivate the employees in a targeted way so that the individual can do even more Performance brings. One of the gentlemen lectured unctuously for half an hour about new psychological ones Methods from the USA…

Once yawn please!

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As someone who holds a lot of sustainable branding and little of such psychotricks, one would like to say:

To pimp the employees to perform better instead of strengthening the long-term bond between them customers and Companys to promote seems somewhat short-sighted. And yet this train of thought is deeply human and encounters one in the Marketing again and again.

Too spongy for Germany? But please with ROI

But how can you convince potential customers that good content is the best marketing at all, if they do not have the result immediately in black and white as ROI?

I recently spoke to a provider of management seminars about events with a focus on blogging, social media and content marketing. The reaction was slow. One has the impression that this is a rather difficult and vague topic for many in Germany.

Unsuspecting customers and publishers

Discounts for your success (advertising)!

Another one Problem is that that Background um den Sinn and benefits of content marketing are not always present to the extent expected. This applies to publishers as well as to those who want to advertise, who in turn like to pour obtrusive inquiries on the publishers.

I remember a consulting client who, without a precise goal, approached this Projects approached, but then it turned out that when he googled his ego, he wanted to find himself as close to the top as possible. At the same time, his investments should preferably pay off immediately in pennies and hellers. My objection that it was all about being listed at the top for subject-specific keywords and the reference to the personalized web search on Google, which always favors certain results, seemed to cause confusion.

Conversely, one or the other publisher likes to use automated offers, precisely because they appear practical and convenient. In order to then experience one or the other nasty surprise during billing or when trying to expand it again, to the effect that this is not as easy as expected or that one is too dependent on one provider in terms of pricing.

Findability matters

Good links are essential for the success and findability of the website. And finally, it is the findability of one's own site and service that is the ultimate argument for content marketing. Again and again, I experience that a good ranking on Google almost automatically flushes in the orders.

Unfortunately or fortunately, after various Google updates, many of the beloved SEOTricks without consequences or even harmful - but the myth that the main thing is the link persists in the minds of even the providers, as I can see time and again with inquiries. So verlieren Links are becoming increasingly important as the currency of the Internet – even if they will probably not become completely meaningless for the time being. Apparently Google was not forgery-proof enough for the links currency in the long run.

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SEO tricks and their consequences

You should also be careful with bought links: These are popular because they are easy to implement and also offer a lot to website operators Money brings. For example, you can earn a few hundred euros a month with a small to medium-sized blog. However, this income is finite: Unfortunately, unmarked text links harbor numerous legal difficulties on the one hand. And that's not all: Google doesn't like them either and has often announced actions against them. The paradox here: where the legal problems stop, the problems with Google are just beginning!

It can also hit you if you haven't done anything offensive, I've experienced it firsthand: When I came back from vacation, Google simply gave my site a lower page rank. Apparently, a collection of external links in the sidebar was a problem for Google - even if I only put them to websites that I really liked. Apparently, Google rates a collection of multiple links as problematic. Incidentally, this applies all the more if they are not topic-relevant.

The rise of the content

On the other hand, content is becoming increasingly important. And good content. Here are some of my - purely subjective - observations in recent times:

  1. Good content is unique and not already massively available on the internet.
  2. If a text is not unique, it is noticeable in the ranking of the entire page.
  3. It can improve the ranking if pages of poorer quality (eg archive pages) are removed from the Google index.
  4. The more frequently the homepage of the domain is provided with current texts, the better the whole blog runs.
  5. Texts linked from the homepage are better.
  6. The longer a text is, the more quality Google apparently attributes to it.
  7. Also the outline of the text by heading plays an important role for readability, but on for Google. Attention must be paid to the correct hierarchy of the structure element.
  8. Also important is the award with markups - also because these are partially miteinzeigt in the search results.
  9. The speed of a page is an increasingly important ranking factor.
  10. Links can even be harmful under certain circumstances.

SEO is THE argument for content marketing

My conclusion is therefore: Google and SEO are THE argument for content marketing par excellence - of course next to the topic of reputation and branding.

However: To convince ROI fanatics, there is nothing better than excellent content, which at best can attract customers by itself.

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