How can systemic Coaching help her life, yours Everyday life, Their Job get a better grip? And how can it contribute to self-help?


Coaching in the variety of perspectives

In countless conversations with coaches and clients we have exchanged on the many-faceted advantages of the coaching process and the associated coaching attitude. Coaching experiences are usually narrated in anecdotes and personal stories, and the usefulness of this work is then felt in various facets of life.

For this reason, we have sought competent support from clients and coaches, who tell us about their everyday life and their practice. They report very personally about their experiences and their experience.

We want to do justice to the diversity of perspectives and illuminate both sides of the (coaching) coin. Because coaching is instructive, pleasant, exciting, enriching for both parties involved... and much more. Both for the coaching client and for the Training. We experience coaching as a particularly elegant form of communication that offers endless opportunities for successful and sustainable results.

What gives you different opinions

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And: Modern coaching can also be implemented with very simple and uncomplicated means. Excitingly, it doesn't matter whether you work as a professional coach or as a "coaching user" adopt the appropriate inner attitude and use proven methods. Because the crucial relationships apply to every user.

If you look at the Opinions from clients and coaches, you as a coaching user can benefit from this in many ways:

What are the advantages of systemic coaching?

If we now consciously look into the professional environment, the coaching process and the corresponding inner attitude have an enormous positive influence on various levels. Because

Why not give advice

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Hand In hand with the systemic coaching attitude there are also some rules that explain a consistent avoidance of advice. The overview “Rules of the game for a successful coachingConversation”. Since we People are “condemned” to always perceiving everything in such a way that it confirms our previous experiences and assumptions, advice often cannot work.

In some cases, advice can expand our conceivable options for action, but it can also achieve the exact opposite: confirm and strengthen previous thinking. It is precisely here that coaching offers an effective Alternatives, because it deliberately refrains from giving advice.

Rules for a successful coaching session

The solution is developed by the client himself

The ways for Solution and everything that is necessary for this is developed by the coaching client himself. Coaching is not therapy.

Rather, we describe coaching as Methodwho give it to the one who a Problem made it possible to solve this independently and responsibly.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

This implies the very limit and delimitation of coaching to forms of therapy. In contrast to coaching clients, people in a therapy can not (completely) solve their problems on their own and with self-responsibility. Here then gives a therapist a completely different assistance. It's about healing.

We want to expressly differentiate ourselves here, if other voices within the coachingIndustry claim that coaching and therapy are becoming blurred; were virtually the same, and the demarcation is made that way for purely legal reasons clear performed.

We see it differently. Even if boundaries seem to blur, the coachee is not a patient and the coach is not a therapist. And that is the essential Information in this context.

Patient or coaching client?

When is it a patient or when is it a (coaching) client? How do we find out? This seems to be one of the biggest Tasks being in the coaching industry. And every coach will have to ask himself this question again and again:

Many roads lead to Rome

There is a wealth of acknowledged ways and philosophies to help people through psychotherapy in the healing of mental (and physical) suffering and stress.

The colorful field goes from psychoanalytic and deep psychological therapy to hypnotherapy, Gestalt therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, pesso therapy, trauma therapy, and much more. The approaches, approaches and procedures have become so diverse that a detailed description would go beyond the scope here and also would not be appropriate.

Coaching does not treat patients

However, one thing unites these different approaches: They all treat so-called patients. And coaching doesn't support patients. In coaching we do not treat “disorders worth treating” and we do not treat disorders “with disease value”.

We do not treat at all. In systemic constructivist coaching, there are no diagnoses. There are no symptoms - ie symptoms - and no syndromes described. As coaches, we do not think about how the syndrome and the cause and the cause of the disease could lead to a diagnosis.

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