Authenticity is at the Job Search and application is extremely important – on both sides. If you disguise yourself, you will not find your dream job or dreamEmployees.

Job search Application & authenticity: Be yourself & find the dream job!

The desire to show your best side as an applicant

If you are applying for a job or similar apply, you might want to show your best side. So when you apply for a job, you are apt to show off your best skills and abilities.

Because especially in a very difficult and highly competitive corporate environment, it is extremely important to make a good impression. In the business world, the impression you make of your co-workers is that of co-workers from others Companys or from the public, is critical to improving your chances of success. And the impression because People around us as well as potential bosses and colleagues plays a crucial role in the success we have at work.

Just be authentic when applying?

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So how nice it would be if we could just make a good impression of ourselves with our own unique personality. Because every person brings special Power with, which can also be valuable for employers. And from that we should other people confident convince. Incidentally, this does not mean that you have to show all facets of a personality, much more professional authenticity is required.

But the reality is unfortunately different: If you read the catalog of requirements, you will HR into most Jobs write in is fast tended to beautify his own image a little when applying. This can be a serious mistake. It is better to be yourself, as the following real examples show. Many don't: Bending to catch every straw, bending to catch every straw is a lot more common than you might think.

Keep each door open

There is something like this story: A Candidate just sent an application that was too nice, one that makes HR automatically think “WOW, that’s exactly what I was looking for”. Unfortunately, the applicant in the interview does not keep what his application promises, he is, contrary to what his image suggests, quiet and reserved. He received the application from a copywriter and a designer draw up permit. Result: 15 job interviews without an offer. What do we learn from this for application practice? Please do not outsource applications!

ME is an extreme example of how some applicants think they have to bend over. Very few will hire ghostwriters and designers. Instead, it's often much more subtle: I've just come across a case like this where someone grabs every straw while looking for a job. Turning sometimes in this direction, sometimes in that direction, not knowing exactly which direction you want to take.

If you are wrong, you will not find a dream job!

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Of course, you don't want to spoil yourself in terms of contact with anyone, keep all doors open. However, such an applicant does not receive any klare Opinions and has no fixed position on many things. In this way, potential employers don't even know how to do it light indecisive looking Candidates should be classified and what it stands for. Not to mention that in this way the candidate does not even know for which one Objective he now wants and should get involved.

A major shortcoming on a job market in which you have to score less and less with average and more and more with excellent performance - and the latter is possible above all if the job suits you. Or to put it another way: anyone who pretends will definitely not find their dream job, i.e. the activity that really suits them. Who honest and authentic remains, may fall through many a grid at the beginning. In the long run, however, he is more likely to find something that really suits him.

More courage to please yourself!

Therefore: Be authentic in your application. Only by being real, being honest, being who you are will you find the job that suits you. To be authentic or real means to have integrity. That creates trust. Therefore, your application should simply show the real you.

I just think about it Regine Heidornwho told me in the interview that their customers appreciate precisely this honesty in her: because they always know where they stand. And because that's how trust is created. Because every employment relationship is also a relationship of trust. Anyone who pretends to undermine this trust. In this sense: more Courage to yourself please! Incidentally, this also applies to companies: if you don't show yourself openly, you may find employees in the short term, but you won't be able to keep them in the long term - and after all, that's what matters.

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