The extent to which employees' satisfaction and, ultimately, the company's success can be controlled by the management through personnel management can be determined by analyzing employer assessments.

Company success through leadership

Management style influences employee satisfaction

Already since the first half of the last century, studies have been conducted to examine the relationship between employee satisfaction and the company's success. It was basically unanimous to conclude that there seems to be a direct connection here. Only the intensity of this connection and which factors exert an influence and to what extent, is the science currently not fully agreed.

Salary has sometimes been identified as one of the determining factors, although there are conflicting views as to the extent to which other factors do clear could be more influential. The management style is particularly interesting in this context, not least because it is one of the easiest things to control by management. When it comes to salary levels, there are many Company From a certain point certain limits are set, while the management style is almost everything possible and feasible. After all, it usually costs nothing, it only needs a bit overcoming will of the manager.

Analyzes via employer ratings

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In order to investigate the extent to which employee satisfaction can be controlled efficiently by personnel management so that the desired result can be achieved, further analyzes and measurements can be used. In the Internet portal for employer evaluations jobvoting, for example, such investigations are conducted at regular intervals by means of the inclusion of the site visitors via surveys or evaluations.

For over four years on this ways quarterly the employee satisfaction of employees in German-speaking countries is determined. What influences this employee satisfaction significantly and how it can be controlled by the company management is what the employer evaluations submitted at this point are Employees extremely helpful, because this can be used to establish a relationship between the evaluation of individual factors such as salary and employee management and the overall assessment of the workplace.

The leadership style influences employee satisfaction

Thus, on the basis of this almost ten-year recording of tens of thousands of data records with subsequent analysis, certain factors actually have a significant influence on the overall assessment. This can be impressively demonstrated by calculating the correlation coefficient.

In the correlation, the result is always between -1 (strongly negative relationship) and + 1 (strongly positive relationship). A value around 0 means no connection. When calculating the correlation coefficient between the human resources lead and the overall score, the value of 2006 for the period from 2015 to 0,847 was more than clear. Incidentally, the average rating of managers and their leadership style is very good when using the school grading system with 1, and 6 is inadequate between 3,7 and 3,9 - well in the midfield.

Correlation leadership style satisfaction

Cooperative vs. authoritarian leadership style

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Looking at the next step, what kind of personnel management has a positive effect on the assessment, it can be said that both the family and the cooperative management style have the best cards. On the other hand, the authoritarian style of leadership, which is not quite unexpected, finds only a few adherents among the workers. In a recent survey on job voting, however, 23 percent of respondents indicated that they perceive the leadership style of their superiors as authoritarian.

Only 12 percent state that the personnel management corresponds to a charismatic management style and 13 percent believe that the management is democratically and modernly organized. The majority, at 42 percent, is of the opinion that they are given a lot of freedom to do their work and Tasks even to organize to be able to (laissez-faire). The supervisor does not intervene in what is happening, nor does he help or punish. Basically, this survey suggests that HR management in most German companies is already geared towards creating the best conditions for future business success. However, more than a quarter of the companies still have some catching up to do.

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