Women There is often a lack of awareness of one's own abilities - and accordingly they have Anxietyto delegate work. It hurts her Career. 3 examples show how it can be done better.

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What does the former head of state say about reconciling work and family life?

So when I interviewed the former Icelandic head of state Vigdis Finnbogadóttir some time ago, my first question was about the compatibility of Job and Family.

Because Finnbogadóttir is something of a pioneer in this respect: in 1980 she was the first woman in the world to be democratically elected to office - and she was a single parent Mother.

Seek help instead of political demands

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The answer was somewhat unsatisfactory: no political demands, no financing proposals for childcare, Ms. Finnbogadóttir simply said: "I was looking for help." And: “Women have to be more confident!”

Both are connected. Only those who have confidence in themselves can ask others for help at all. Frequently, women fear that they are lacking in self-confidence, and help-seeking is interpreted as a weakness.

Negative associations

Or they are afraid Tasks transferred to others who then do not do the job as well. Or vice versa: You want to show that you can't do without them. Quite a few women collapse for such reasons from an almost superhuman workload.

And more: In her book “Lust opens" criticize the authors Andrea Och and Katharina Daniels that women all too often make their own decisions Power are unaware and might even often negative associate.

Plea for more self-confidence in women

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The fact that power is also positive and, for example, means more personal freedom is a way of thinking, which is slow in the mind.

Vigdis Finnbogadóttir confirms this: they first had to persuade her to be elected president - an office she held for 16 years.

Power can also be positive

More power, however, does not mean that women always get through. Much more is also good contacts and networks important.

"Women have to cooperate," emphasizes Vigdis Finnbogadóttir clear. Her own daughter is now a mother herself, she then says.

Stay more often

And shares raising children with the husband. “The little one is in daycare, both have a full-time job; if one has to work longer, the other steps in. "
You can see it that calmly!

Speaking of serenity: I spoke to the in Dublin Sales-Director of Google Ireland on her workflow- The result is some exciting statements on the subject Time management.

How do you do it all?

"No time for nothing, how are you supposed to do it all" - that's the way many people who turn in the everyday hamster wheel think. What is often forgotten: what we do is always the result of our own conscious actions decision. This even applies to our stress level: Because we decide, how much work we let others burden us with and when we “No" say.

In Dublin, I recently interviewed the Sales Director of Google Ireland - one Companys, which for maximum efficiency and Performance is known. Anyone who thinks that Google employees are basically short-sleeping workaholics with 16-hour days is wrong.

Whoever switches off works better

Fionnuala Meehan has been left out. Every day after 8 hours around 16 or 17 clock at the end of the day: Dinner with her husband and the three children belong to their fixed daily rituals. She rarely takes her home with her, but at most she still makes phone calls from home. And she seldom sleeps less than seven hours a night.

In a management position in this company, how do you manage not to be under pressure XNUMX/XNUMX? Meehan has a simple explanation: she prioritized and made choices. “My colleagues accept that because I communicate it to them just as clearly. Because I can only relax when I switch off Office fully focused on the work,” Meehan says.

Leisure without colleagues

Shutting down, that means work-free weekends, regular holidays and a free time that she deliberately does not spend with colleagues. Only then, says Meehan, can it also meet the high demands that the company places on them. As is so often the case, less is more - especially in time management:

To keep rotating the hamster wheel hectically in the city, we should just pause more often and ask ourselves: What is it Objective? Is this task really that urgent and important? Do we have to do them now? Or can we give them to someone else? Quiet reflection and goal-oriented decision-making leave so many Stress become superfluous.

With passion and enthusiasm

I also interviewed Krystel Blondeau in Paris. As General Manager of Europe's largest hotel cooperation, Logis, she looks after 2600 hotels - and six children. How does she do it What impressed me about Krystel Blondeau is the passion and enthusiasm with which she does her job. And that is exactly what she gives women as a tip on the way: Just be enthusiastic about what you do, do what you like to do, do not constantly question yourself, just do it.

This is the only way you can probably cope with a corresponding daily routine: get up at six, take the children to school, at nine she is at work, sometimes she reads beforehand Emails. Sometimes she is in the office for up to twelve hours, and her second day at home begins in the evening. She doesn't go to bed before midnight. To compensate, she does yoga or goes to the gym, sometimes she works at home.

The children are a matter of course in everyday life

Ask After their daily routine, they are astonished: In France, the quota of 40 percent women on the executive boards has long been decided by 2017, and kindergarten lasts until seven in the evening. It's a different culture in which the children are much more taken for granted in the normal Everyday life are integrated.

This can also be seen in the fact that Blondeau communicates constantly with her children even at work: "I don't want to spend a day without my children, but it is also important that they were together with their peers in kindergarten, for example," says she.

Way with perfectionism

"The needs of the children come first, a perfectly tidy apartment is not so important.” There is no question that her husband, who also works full-time, helps around the house. In general, according to the manager, there is support at home and from her Team extremely important in the job. “Women always have to be twice as good,” she regrets.

Probably this Energy Krystel Blondeau's secret of success: The palpable passion for everything she does. “I always gave my all because I loved what I did,” she explains. “By that I have Respect and decision-making leeway gained. "

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