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8 Tips for re-entry into the job: How mothers prepare for the profession

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Everything should be planned, even having children, the baby break and the time afterwards. Just let it approach you? Less and less want that Women. 8 tips on how you can prepare for your return to work before and during your child break.


8 Tips for the return

During pregnancy and childbirth, many women ask themselves: how can the time before and after look like? Are there any grandparents coming in or do you need to find a perfect Mary Poppins? And how can one make the return to the job as easy as possible? 8 tips for optimal re-entry:

  1. Search for a kindergarten: You should start looking for a place in kindergarten by the sixth month of pregnancy at the latest. Before your child is born, plan when and how you want to return to work. Perhaps it is also worthwhile to look for a private carer with other women. For example, you could speak to other expectant mothers at your gynecologist or at the antenatal class. Parents who are both working can claim two thirds of the costs for childcare for tax purposes.
  2. Plan part-time: Would you like to go part-time during parental leave? You are allowed to work a maximum of 30 hours per week during parental leave. You must state this request in writing to your employer, at least seven weeks before the start of this activity. I recommend that you make this wish known during pregnancy. Think about that too CompaniesIt has to be able to plan - and know if and how it can count on you.
  3. Home Office enable: Discuss with your employers the possibility of home office in conjunction with attendance hours or meeting options. Your employer may be willing to equip you technically so that this is not a hurdle. It is easy to work on programs like Teamviewer from home in the Bürserchner. It is very important to seek offensive discussions with the supervisor and make concrete proposals.
  4. Stay informed: Your knowledge of the company must stay up-to-date even when you take a break. You can colleagues meet and exchange ideas with them during training breaks and thus bring yourself up to date. In addition, your superiors perceive this commitment as positive. You show interest in your job and the company.
  5. Analyze and update profile: If you are planning to change companies after your child break, I recommend that you conduct a profile analysis with a career coach before returning to work. What skills are you lacking for your desired jobObjective and how can you acquire them? You can also get tips on how to optimally prepare your application documents. A break or part-time is often the ideal opportunity to saddle up a degree, also in distance learning.
  6. Network expand: What is your network like? If you have and maintain personal contacts, this offers immense information advantages. Go to your practical stations in Curriculum vitae by. Where can you get in touch, who should you meet again or again? What is the network around your children like? Are there parents who work in an industry or company that you find exciting? Dare to approach these people openly and ask them specifically about possibilities. So I found my job in Svenja Hofert's office seven years ago.
  7. Dare to get active online: Don't be afraid of social media. Some people have already found their job by writing their Facebookfriends about the search. I often see job advertisements posted on Facebook are shared, but never appear in Stepstone. You can also share your search with Xing. Try to position yourself as specifically as possible with the help of your Xing profile and to make full use of the categories offered. You can also equip the relatively new “Portfolio” area with your experience and skills. Use keywords and terms that recruiters enter, not empty phrases.
  8. Communicating strengths openly: Be aware of your strengths and stand confidently for your small or extended child pause. If one or more children are cared for, the household is organized and parallel is further educated, stress-resistant and empathic.

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