An ergonomic one Workplace supports the professional activity and reduces the work-related stress and possible health consequences that can result from it. At an ergonomic workplace Employees work so that they do not tire and the Health is not harmed. But what does ergonomics actually mean and how should the study be set up? 15 tips at a glance.

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Why health at work is important

Employees who perform sedentary activities are exposed to a variety of stress. Ergonomics in the workplace is an important factor to promote and maintain health. Not infrequently unsuitable desks or an inappropriate height as well as incorrectly adjusted office chairs lead to back and neck pain and subsequently to serious health problems, such as chronic neck tension and disc disc incidents.

This can be achieved with the right furniture and the right interior design Office be avoided. Ergonomics has also long since found its way into the home, because many people sit here too People long time on the computer. Ergonomics means providing conditions that enable work tasks to be carried out optimally and without damaging health risks to be able to fulfill.

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Ergonomic workplace - what to look for?

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What conditions should an ergonomic workplace exactly meet? For example, the workplace should be designed with a high-quality desk, an ergonomic office chair and optimal lighting. In terms of ergonomics at work, height adjustability plays a decisive role. It ensures that the desk and chair can be individually adapted to suit individual physical conditions. The working height is ideally at the elbow height at the table.

Above the thighs is about one when sitting Hand wide space up to the lower edge of the table top. One light Tiltable tabletop can promote optimal posture. For good vision it is important that between the Eyes and there is sufficient viewing distance from the screen. With a 17 inch monitor it should be at least 60 cm.

The office chair should also be ergonomic and height adjustable so that it supports the spine optimally and allows the changing movements well. He should have armrests and a flexible back. When the chair is movable in different directions, the seating position can be changed as desired, keeping the spine in motion. This prevents tension, which can lead to disc damage in the worst case. An ergonomic workplace also increases mental performance. Finally, an adjustable computer screen and an ergonomic mouse and keyboard are important.

Ergonomic workplace - 15 tips at a glance

What should you look for when setting up the ideal workplace? How should the chair be? And why are plants important? 15 Tips for an ergonomic workplace at a glance.

  1. Chair: Ergonomic sitting is important. Your chair should therefore lean backwards by at least 30 degrees and allow it to be adjusted while sitting.
  2. Your desk: Your working area should be at least 160 x 80 cm large and low reflection. The table is height-adjustable between 68 and 76 cm and adapts to your body measurements.
  3. Adjustable angle: The desk and chair are at best height and angle adjustable. This ensures a pleasant posture that protects the back while working. An ergonomic workspace also offers as much freedom of movement as possible.
  4. Your screen: The distance between the eye and the monitor should be 60 to 90 cm, with the screen slightly tilted backwards. The visual axis from the eye to the screen should be about 35 degrees down and the top reading line should not be higher than the eye level.
  5. Screen color: The screen background should vary according to the task: You need a red background if you need to be particularly attentive. Blue, on the other hand, helps with creative tasks.
  6. Light: The best lighting in the workplace is a good mix of daylight as well as an indirect and direct lighting. Ideally, this is also adjustable. The light must fall on the side of the work table. In the leisure time, it is advisable to operate a compensatory sport for seated activity.
  7. Noise: When you buy office equipment, you should pay attention to how much noise they make. For office work, the recommended noise level is 55 dB. If the work requires high concentration, 35-45 dB should be applied.
  8. Plants: Put plants in the office: They improve the room climate, because they absorb harmful substances and so the room air improves
  9. Personal things: Add personal things to your workplace, because after all, you should feel comfortable.
  10. Clean up: Nevertheless, clean up your workplace regularly, preferably every day. This is the only way to keep track.
  11. Efficient Arrangement: Be sure to have an efficient placement of all work equipment: You should take no more than three minutes to place an item from your desk into your system.
  12. Every thing in its place: the work materials and tools should be arranged optimally and easily accessible. Cleaning up is greatly facilitated by giving each place its place and stringently maintaining your system of organization.
  13. Planning for movement: Documents that you do not need should be located so far away from the desk that you have to get up and take a few steps at work.
  14. Planning for movement: Documents that you do not need should be located so far away from the desk that you have to get up and take a few steps at work.
  15. You have to feel good! But the most important rule is: you have to feel good at your workplace. And if you can work better in chaos or in a neon green room - so be it.

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