The Effect of the nonverbal is larger than most People is aware. And it affects our work practically every day.

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You are what you do: nonverbal behavior

Think about yours Workplace. In which Office is there chaos? Who is always late? Who wastes time unnecessarily on appointments? Who is constantly typing something on their smartphone while others are talking? Who do you never get feedback from? Who is lazy and always making up excuses why he didn't get his job done? Who are the notorious chatterboxes (who, one frustrated and overworked employee once confided in me, are often dubbed “oxygen thieves”)?

I bet you can tell right away who falls into these categories around you. Likewise, this can also be any colleague and Customer, with whom you work – with the exception of the gentlemen themselves. They don’t even notice which negative effect their actions have on their image. You may have certain skills in certain areas, but in today's competitive professional world there are certainly plenty of equally skilled people who however keep their offices tidy, show up to work on time, prepare for appointments, respect their colleagues and are conscientious for you salary work. There is a connection between etiquette and good non-verbal Behavior, as both actively contribute to creating a pleasant atmosphere and paving the way for positive results. Orderliness, punctuality, conscientious work, courtesy and diligence are just a few of the many non-verbal behaviors that leave a lasting impression in a professional environment.

People register behavior and form an opinion

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People register your behavior and form a group based on that Opinions. And in a professional environment, nothing goes unnoticed: what time you show up for work, how many cigarette breaks you take, how much time you spend on the phone talking privately, how often you've been on sick leave, how professional your work is, whether you check in with your... Try to pander to superiors and whether you are a hardworking, frugal Employees are or like to whine. If you think that your fellow human beings don't notice any of this, then you are an incorrigible dreamer. All of your negative behaviors leave a deep, lasting impression that is unfavorable to you and your employer.

Not just within one Organization it is noticeable how you behave, outsiders also notice how you and your colleagues behave. Hospitals and other health centers, for example, are now required to provide patients with a questionnaire (known as the “Inpatient Medical Facility Evaluation Patient Questionnaire”) immediately before they are discharged. From the 21 Ask two-thirds deal with non-verbal forms of communication, such as: Was the doctor attentive? Did the staff consider your questions? Did it respond quickly to your requests? And so forth.

The power of calming with non-verbal signals

Therefore, you should be able to stand out from the crowd by learning the non-verbal behaviors that are calming and that will make you appear in the best possible light. Skilled self-marketing is essential these days; this is especially true since the triumph of the internet. When a few years ago it was the first universityprofessorWhen their students rated them online, hardly anyone took it seriously; But now companies are threatened with significant losses if bloggers comment on the lack of customer friendliness in their posts. Negative reviews can have a negative impact on sales, which is why works so hard to provide good customer service.

Why decide we to it, our Money entrust it to a particular bank when interest rates are the same at all banks? Our selection is of course based on the services offered, but also on influencing factors such as a well-kept building, advertising, common ideas and, last but not least, how we are treated as a customer customers – all factors that are not or only partially conveyed via written or spoken language.

The world on the threshold of the door: the nonverbal signals of our environment

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The most successful Company understand the quiet power of aesthetics and leave nothing to chance, from the design of the foyer to the furniture of the managing director. Amazing 18 variants of white paint can be found on the exterior façade of "Caesar's Palace" in Las Vegas, the entire building is permanently cleaned and repainted in sections. Why? Because only a flawless appearance ensures high visitor numbers; After all, the selection of hotels in Las Vegas is huge.

The appearance of a building not only affects profit but also our behavior. Studies have recently confirmed the so-called Broken Windows Theory, which states that untidy area increases the likelihood of crime and anti-social behavior. After graffiti appeared in an originally tidy neighborhood and the streets were paved with carelessly thrown cigarette butts, the crime rate has been slowly but surely rising. So we should not believe that the outer appearance does not affect our actions and that of our fellow human beings.

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