Distance learning offers many advantages, but it is not always the first Choice when leaving or Further Training. 5 things you didn't know.

Is the future of education digital? 5 things you didn't know about distance learning

Distance learning is becoming increasingly popular

After school decide many high school graduates opt for regular studies at a face-to-face university. There they learn together with other students, attend lectures and can then exchange information about what they have learned.

However, especially during the pandemic, distance learning became increasingly popular. Finally, there is the possibility of being location-independent and self-determined studieren and parallel to travel, to work or to take care of his Family to take care of, for many particularly attractive.

5 things you didn't know about distance learning

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Quite a few experts therefore believe that distance learning can replace traditional face-to-face universities in the future. We'll show you 5 things you might not know about distance learning.

1. Training and previous academic achievements can be credited

It doesn't matter whether you have a bachelor's degree or Masters in distance learning aspire to - you almost always have the opportunity to have the time you have already invested in your training or previous studies credited to you.

For example, if you have completed training as a nurse, you can have someCourses from your distance learning training in health management credited to you. Or do you already have a bachelor's degree in media design? Use your experience and get valuable points in the Master of Media Communication.

2. You don't always need a high school diploma for distance learning

Contrary to the assumption that you always need a high school diploma or at least a university entrance qualification for a degree, this is refuted by distance learning. Many only decide to study again after a classic apprenticeship or a permanent position.

You can apply for this at most universities Job, have your training or other previous knowledge recognized and thus avoid the hurdle of having to do the Abitur. This also applies to many face-to-faceCourses, but the flexibility of distance learning speaks for itself.

By the way: Many courses at a distance learning university are free of numerus clausus, since the universities are mostly private.

3. Distance learning completely replaces face-to-face study

The misconception that face-to-face studies are worth more than distance learning is often circulating. That's not true. After completing your distance learning course, you will also receive a master's or bachelor's certificate that certifies your skills and Working world is well received. Often you even have an advantage with distance learning, as employers see that you are good and self-employed to organize can, about intrinsic motivation and have stamina.

The course content is also adapted to that of the on-campus universities. In addition to theoretical content, you also have the opportunity to apply it in practice and to continue your education in your area of ​​interest.

4. Distance learning can be financed through educational institutions

Would you like to finance your distance learning but can't afford it? Good news: Distance learning is just as eligible for student loans or can be financed with a student loan, as is face-to-face study.

In addition, you benefit from numerous scholarship opportunities and often flexible installment payments and credit options, so that you can definitely make your dream come true.

5. Distance learning enables exchange

"You're studying distance learning, then you don't have any exchange with other students." This sentence is often used when talking about distance learning or talking about it. But he is wrong. Even in distance learning, you have various options for exchanging ideas with other students.

For example, you can set up Whatsapp groups for exams or in face-to-face workshops People get to know each other, very classically in Facebook groups as well as in social networks ask for an exchange. Since all students spend the majority of their distance learning at home, they are all looking for new contacts and Motivation for the exam phase. Don't hesitate to write to someone.

In addition, during the so-called "unit days" or "presence days" you have the opportunity to meet other students and your Professoren personally and round off your studies with exciting courses or extended content.

Conclusion – many new educational opportunities

Whether after school or in the course of working life - it is never too late to complete a degree and explore new career opportunities, such as the path to the Management to open. Distance learning also gives you greater flexibility than ever before.

We hope that we have cleared up some prejudices about distance learning and that we have shown you new perspectives for this type of study. If you choose this path of study, we wish you a lot on your way Success and a successful and instructive study.

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