A right to vacation to further your education – it sounds almost too good to be true. But in almost all federal states, working people can take a break from their Workplace take to attend one Further education participate. You should know this:

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Educational leave is legally anchored

Every employee should continue their education, because every further education increases career opportunities inside or outside the company. LanguageCourses are of particular interest. Many Germans have some catching up to do here.

Entrepreneurs know how important that is Further Training their employees is so their Company grows. However, many employees do not seem to be interested. Many fear they would get in trouble with the Executive get one if you Performance claim for which that Company pays.

As a matter of principle, according to the Federal Ministry of Education, every employee is entitled to the education leave if he lives in one of the 14 federal states where these regulations exist. Saxony and Bavaria remain up-to-date (as of May 2016).

The foreign language skills of the Germans

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English is the most popular foreign language in Germany. Little wonder, because the world language is already taught in elementary school and is desired in some companies. But the English knowledge of the Germans is not outstanding, as a survey by IfD Allensbach shows. In self-assessment, more than one in three (37,32 per cent) says they have little or no knowledge. Only 9,51 percent own own data very good and 22,41 percent pretty good knowledge.

In a European comparison, Germany is according to the Federal Agency for Civic Education above the EU - 25 average. Two thirds of the population speak at least one foreign language at entertainment level. As soon as several languages ​​are added, the German level falls below the European average. At least two foreign languages ​​speak only one in four Germans (27 percent) and at least three only eight percent. In Estonia and Finland, one in four speaks at least three foreign languages, in Belgium every second.

Improve language skills during a trip

English is indeed the language of the world, but the repertoire of workers should include several languages ​​if possible. Also languages ​​like Spanish, French, but also Japanese and Chinese are of great advantage. Exotic languages, which are rarely spoken in Europe, give an employer an immense advantage when it comes to career advancement.

It is well known that there is no better place to learn a language than where it is spoken every day. This is the reason why language trips have been gaining in popularity for years - and not just among the younger generation. Professionals also have the opportunity to take part in a language trip and new ones ways to learn to communicate.

Find the best tour operator

The first thing employees need to do is find a tour operator that Expertise and has experience. One checklist for selection do we have provided here, A selection criterion that has not yet been named there: Awards: The ESL-Sprachreisen provider was named Europe's best language tour operator four times, most recently 2015, at the ST Awards and organizes regularly information days in German cities, where they can be informed more precisely about language travel and the related formalities.

The travel destinations depend on which language is to be learned. Anyone who already speaks English and would like to improve their knowledge can go to Great Britain, the USA, Malta, Canada or South Africa travel. Professionals learn French in France, Switzerland or Belgium. It is generally worth attending a general language course that focuses on Business lays. In the professional world, special designations are used again and again, which employees must master. It is important for professionals to know these terms in order to be able to follow and participate in a conversation in a foreign language.

You never stop learning

More and more workers are using the educational leave. Although it is an important further training of the employee, it should not however remain. The (professional) life is a continuous education, which must be kept up to date with new information. Even if employees are unable to finance their training every time by their employer, it is profitable to develop themselves personally.

Taking part in language trips is always a good way to improve your communication skills and learn about the culture at the same time. The latter is important when it comes to using People to talk to people from other countries, to understand their way of thinking and to work together on projects. The Economy is increasingly converging into a global entity, so that simply knowing your native language is no longer enough. The more languages ​​workers speak, the better prepared they are for the job market.

Personal further education can also take place during leisure time by means of books or onlineCourses. The latter are very popular because they are partly offered free of charge. Some languageCourses are also available for download. These can save employees on their smartphone and listen to them on the way to work. Linguistic further education is therefore possible at any time.

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