If you want to generate higher profits or expand your market share, you “only” have to do it customers conquer. But in practice avoid it Seller like this seemingly unpleasant work. Often because they lack the right tools.

customer acquisition

No excuses

New customer acquisition often sounds in the same breath as pandering or obtrusiveness. The unpleasant resonates for many sellers. Most of the time, unconscious automatisms creep in that make this urgently needed activity put off:

Office aufräu financing, extensive research in Internet and other trivia. “The main thing is not to acquire” seems to be the motto here. Nothing comes from nothing - also when acquiring new customers. If you just rely on your luck to land a hit here, you're left behind.

What is needed is individual communication

The books on the subject (advertising)

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Some salespeople expect potential customers at first Contact order immediately and enthusiastically. If they are rejected here and there one after the other, they are for surethat they simply don't like acquiring new customers. You forget that one  No of the customer can have many reasons:

  1. Contact was made at an unfavorable time.
  2. or the seller has not clearly communicated the benefit offered to the customer.
  3. A common foul on sellers is the fact that they open the conversation so interchangeably that the buyer's prejudice sirens ring out: "If he starts like this, then I know the mesh a lot - I don't need that!"

Short, crisp, honest

“Is this really getting me anywhere?” Every customer asks himself the first time the provider makes contact as to whether he can help him Set safer to reach. In this context, salespeople are all too happy to interpret the silence of a desired customer as interested listening.

Many customers are just being polite and don't want to interrupt. When a salesperson starts at Adam and Eve, most customers turn off and verlieren the interest. The maxim of successful salespeople is: "Just because I respect you, I get straight to the point" and "Let's open eye level and openly clarify with each other whether we fit together”.

Credible all along

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Spam messages promise great profits and great amenities for lukewarm or ridicule. Everyone suspects: There is something wrong and we ignore these mails confidently.

Therefore, written offers must be both credible and convincing - the same applies to everyone, of course Employees of the offering Company, the home page and company brochures, among other things, cheaply cobbled together websites that cause more customer confusion than Information care, often do not match the high value of an offer. Customers only buy from credible suppliers - and rightly so!

Make it easy for the customer

Why should customers have extensive, confusing offers and brochures? studieren and access unnecessarily complicated information? Therefore, the motto applies to sellers and customers say yes to the offer light close.

In Communication should be effortless and trustworthy for the potential customer at all levels. Bridges are then automatically built more quickly, so that interested parties become new customers more easily and regular customers more quickly.

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