Company show responsibility in the refugee crisis: Last week, some corporations launched the “We together” initiative to better integrate refugees through job offers. On best of HR -® reports a medium-sized company why it wants to train refugees.


Help out of gratitude

Home by war or persecution verlieren is a traumatic experience. This is what happened to my parents when they fled Thuringia from the unjust state of the GDR to the West in the mid-50s. My parents, my brothers and I have found a new home in Stuttgart.

We will never forget that. We are still grateful for that today. I also know exactly what it feels like to be a stranger: as an entrepreneur, I don't spend most of my time at home, but on business trips somewhere in the world Welt, so I've been a foreigner for most of my life.


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Just a few years later my parents were able to lay the foundation for our successful company with the invention of the first industrially manufactured connection and control cable ÖLFLEX®. We would never have had this chance in the former GDR.

In the past few decades, we have repeatedly experienced waves of refugees in Germany. When the war in the former Yugoslavia many People robbed them of their homeland, we have already helped many refugees and given them a job at Lapp and thus a new one Future given, and many so-called Russian Germans have made a start with Lapp.

Show responsibility and offer perspectives

Even now, where thousands of refugees are coming to us each month, we want to take social responsibility and help from conviction. We want to offer refugees a future perspective.

it is us for sure everyone aware that the integration of refugees from Syria and Africa will be more difficult for cultural reasons. It is now all the more important to familiarize the refugees with our European values. Learning the German language and the opportunity to work are the key to integration.

Highly motivated refugees

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Last year, our company gave a young refugee from Eritrea an apprenticeship as a mechanical and plant engineer after an additional introductory qualification. I'm very happy to see how committed he is Boy Man learns the German language and how fast he the Tasks in production successfully implements.

He is highly motivated and sees his future here in Germany. Last year, he played with the international team of footballers and volleyball tournaments in the team of cable workers. I think that's great.

Motivation from good experience

This positive Experience has encouraged us to now give nine other recognized refugees the chance to have one Vocational Training to become a machine and plant operator at Lapp. I am deeply convinced that refugees can get to know not only our language but also our culture much faster and better in the company of colleagues.

If we want refugees to fit in well with our Society integrate, then the companies must also take responsibility and give the refugees the opportunity to do an apprenticeship and to work, because work is the key to integration.

Focus on entrepreneurial thinking

Apart from that, we naturally also have an entrepreneurial interest: we also feel the shortage of skilled workers, and in Stuttgart we compete with many large and very well-respected companies for the next generation.

And we have already noted in the past that people who we have given a chance - whether they are refugees or socially disadvantaged youths - were particularly motivated.

No difference in payment

If you do not think very short term, these young people are also entrepreneurial an absolute profit - and this has nothing to do with wage dumping.

No matter where our trainees come from, we do not make any difference in the payment.

How are the refugees selected?

The selection of the qualified refugees will take place in the coming weeks in cooperation with the service centers of the Federal Employment Agency and the German schools. German teachers can make suggestions as to who would be suitable for a one-week internship at the Lapp Group's training center.

The Candidate have to do theoretical and practical test tasks there, but games about them are also planned Teamwork to test, a PC training or the assembly of assemblies. We will then decide which three refugees can take the six-month IHK entry qualification this year.

Qualification of refugees

In the initial qualification, the participants are also to be qualified for the training as machine and system operator. There will be training at Lapp's training center and production. The compulsory materials include, for example, the attendance of the vocational school with remedial teaching in German, community studies, and business and social studies as well as e-learning and team training.

Three months before the end of the IHK entry qualification, it will be decided whether the participants will be able to start normal training from September. 2017 and 2018, three additional refugees have the opportunity to get a training place at Lapp.

How we support refugees

We are aware that the refugees need even more support, especially in everyday problems, than other trainees who have grown up in Germany, or in Central Europe. We at Lapp Kabelwerk have a very dedicated training manager, who takes these additional help with great passion. In this way, Lapp will in any case finance a VVS ticket and, if necessary, also help with the search for accommodation or with authorities.

I sincerely hope that the civil war region will soon be able to be pacified and that the other causes of escape in the countries of origin will also be combated. Some of the refugees will certainly want to stay with us. If they are well integrated, they are also an enrichment for us.

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