When the husband stays at home, women can be as successful as men. One example is TV presenter Petra Gerster, whose husband Christian Nürnberger raised their children Livia and son.

Women & career using the example of TV presenter Petra Gerster: When the husband stays at home

The traditional distribution of gender roles has had its day

The traditional distribution of roles, in which the man is the main breadwinner and the woman is responsible for the household and raising children, has long been the prevailing social standard. However, with changing values, the advancement of equality and an increasing understanding of diversity, many couples have chosen alternative life models.

More and more women want to pursue their careers ambitiously and have their own Money to earn. Simultaneously decide Some husbands consciously choose to stay at home and take on family responsibilities. This change not only represents a shift in the individual priorities, but also a cultural change that honors the diversity of life models and career paths.

Moderator Petra Gerster: The husband stays with the children

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A good example of this is TV presenter Petra Gerster, whose husband Christian Nürnberger stayed at home with the child. Crucial for the distribution of roles in her Family It was then that her moderation work on 'Mona Lisa' was just beginning and Gerster could not simply have said that she was staying at home for six months or a year. She also wanted to stay on the ball.

He, on the other hand, was no longer interested in the business and technology newspaper for which he worked as copy editor. He would rather write books. “So he suggested staying with the child and becoming self-employed,” Gerster remembers in an interview. And adds: “I was shocked at first because I became the sole earner.”

Family more important than career

gersters Career choice was done at the last minute. Originally, she wanted to join the diplomatic service and had even had the exam papers sent to her for it. “A foreign correspondent in Russia would have been such a dream,” she says.

But at some point she realized that a family was much more important to her than her career. "But I couldn't imagine finding a man who would move with me every three years."

Healthy culture of debate; You have to pull yourself together

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Petra Gerster believes that marriage has to be done together. “Then it works much better than at the beginning. A good experience."

In their view, people who don't even argue have "nothing more to say". They would have resigned or would fiddle with each other and would no longer have a proper relationship. “In this respect, ours is extremely lively.”

When asked whether the Streit then ending with the goodnight kiss, Gerster replies that unfortunately it fails because of her husband, who can fall asleep even in the biggest argument if it takes too long. “That annoys me so much because it means I’m actually lying awake.” But the next morning everything was forgotten, always. “That also has its good side!”

The career woman and the househusband: challenges

Although the decision While a reversed role distribution is enriching for many couples, it also presents a number of challenges. A crucial question that often arises is social acceptance and the reaction of friends, family and the wider community. Social pressure and traditional expectations can lead to insecurities and possible prejudices that need to be overcome.

In addition, the Balance between professional Commitment and family responsibilities pose a challenge. The woman as the primary breadwinner may have to deal with additional pressures and expectations in her professional career, while the man may have to deal with possible prejudices and stereotypical expectations associated with the role of househusband.

Taking action against cemented role models offers opportunities and enrichment

Another central point concerns the partners' individual self-images and identities. Traditional gender roles are often hardwired into our minds, and challenging these norms requires a deeper understanding of one's values ​​and a klare Communication within the partnership.

Despite the challenges, the decision to break traditional gender roles also offers numerous opportunities and enrichments. Women can fully pursue their career goals without the traditional restrictions, and men have the opportunity to take on more intensive roles in child-rearing and household chores. This not only promotes equality, but also contributes to a more balanced family life.

Flexibility and social acceptance

A significant benefit of this change is the flexibility it creates for families. The decision as to who is the main breadwinner and who takes care of the household is increasingly made by the individual Power and preferences of the partners are determined. This can lead to a more balanced distribution of responsibilities and makes it possible to manage family and career in a way that better suits the family's individual needs and goals.

While many parts of the Society increasingly open to diverse lifestyles, the acceptance of women remains leading position and men as primary carers are often a challenge. Stereotypes and gender expectations can be deeply rooted, and it takes time and conscious effort to break such thought patterns.

10 tips: This is how the new distribution of roles regarding children and career can be successful

But how can the new distribution of roles “woman has a career, husband stays at home with the children” succeed, and what exactly needs to be done to make it work. 10 tips at a glance:

  1. Clear communication: Open and honest communication forms the foundation for every successful partnership. Talk about expectations, concerns and needs to create a shared understanding.
  2. Mutual support: Show mutual support for each other's individual goals and ambitions. The woman in her career and the man as a househusband can strengthen each other through strong partnership support.
  3. Fixed distribution of roles: Establish clear tasks and responsibilities to create a clear distribution of roles. This creates structure and makes it easier to organize the family and household.
  4. Appreciate flexibility: Accept that roles and responsibilities may change based on family needs and job demands. Flexibility is key to successfully managing this role reversal.
  5. Looking for network and support: Seek support from friends, family or communities who share similar lifestyles. Sharing experiences can be supportive and inspiring.
  6. Plan career goals together: Plan career goals together and find ways for both partners to pursue their professional ambitions. This allows for a balanced consideration of both professional developments.
  7. Raising children together: Share the child-rearing duties and be actively involved in the parenting process. Co-parenting promotes a healthy family life.
  8. Don't forget self-care: Make sure that both the career woman and the homemaker man pay attention to their own self-care. Professional success and family commitment require balance and care for one's well-being.
  9. Joint financial planning: As traditional income patterns change, it is important to have clear financial planning. Set financial goals together and plan accordingly.
  10. Celebrate successes together: Recognize the successes of both partners, regardless of whether they are professional or family. Celebrating together strengthens bonds and promotes a positive atmosphere in the family.

The new distribution of roles is dynamic and challenging

One thing is clear: this new distribution of roles is often dynamic and challenging. However, this reversal of traditional role patterns often requires careful attention Planning and open communication to maintain the balance between professional Success and family obligations.

At the same time, cultural change in relation to gender roles requires an inclusive discussion in society. Promoting diversity in career paths and family structures can help reduce prejudice and celebrate the diversity of human experiences.

Make success stories and inspiration visible

Stories of women like Petra Gerster, who have successful careers while their husbands take care of the household, serve as inspiring examples for realizing alternative life models. These success stories show that it is possible to break through traditional gender roles and lead a fulfilling career and a harmonious family life.

It is important for such stories to be visible to encourage other couples to make their own decisions that meet their individual needs and goals. By bringing these stories to the forefront, society can learn to appreciate and accept the diversity of human lives.

Paradigm shift with far-reaching consequences

The fact is: traditional role models are increasingly breaking down. A notable change in this shift is the decision of many women to pursue their career ambitions while their husbands actively choose roles as primary caregiver and homemaker.

This paradigm shift in gender roles has far-reaching implications for families, careers and society in general. In this Article we will explore the challenges, opportunities and social change resulting from women's decisions to prioritize their careers while their husbands take on the traditional role of head of the household

Conclusion: Social change must be lived

Women's decision to pursue careers while husbands stay at home marks remarkable progress toward gender equality. It is a step towards a society that honors the abilities and potential of every individual, regardless of gender and traditional expectations.

While this change brings challenges, it also offers the opportunity for greater freedom, flexibility and fulfillment in both the professional and family spheres. An increasing number of women are pursuing successful careers while their husbands are actively taking on the role of primary household responsibilities. This change must be actively shaped. Let's get to it.

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