There is a big problem with virtual collaboration: we are and remain social beings. “How does it work? Guide in such an open Structure, if I don't see my people?" ask superiors. “How should one mean Performance perceive?" the employees want to know. There are answers for that.

Online management

Cultural quantum leaps in corporate culture

For many companies in Germany, cultural quantum leaps have to be made here. Leadership itself becomes virtual Welt not easier - and is not obsolete in a culture of trust. It's not about laissez-faire, nor about loss of control. Rather, in a culture of trust, “human understanding” on the one hand and personal responsibility on the other become the key to good leadership and work in the digital world.

Leadership becomes serving leadership that provides employees with support and encouragement, a framework of values, a framework and thus the necessary Orientation offers that we People need as social beings in order to be noticed and Esteem to experience.

Borders must disappear

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This is especially necessary when internal and external as well as local and global borders disappear and we have to adjust to a completely fluid working environment, a constantly changing organization that is oriented towards projects and processes. Because creates a partnership Communication Mutual trust at eye level, an appreciative feedback culture, clarity about work styles, diversity, goals and growth potential.

When used wisely, collaboration tools not only help to moderate virtual team meetings, Set coordinate, integrate and share results Problems to solve but to get over Online-Forums, chat rooms, project wikis and social media to get to know and exchange ideas personally. Ultimately, however, it is about the "art of leadership", really good leadership and communication at eye level.

Virtual Leadership - the king's discipline of employee leadership

The entire management process becomes more complex and varied. You work with the best in their field worldwide. These experts are “knowledge workers”: “Knowledge workers act autonomously and manage themselves, they define theirs Tasks self." (Peter F. Drucker). Therefore, leading virtual teams is one of the supreme disciplines of employee management.

The manager's role is changing Status– and position of instruction towards one "Primus inter Pares" as a project manager or process owner who, because of his personal standing, has no problem getting involved in the next Projects again casually in a Team incorporate. The manager serves as the team Training, enabler, mentor, moderator who promotes self-responsibility of the members and efficient Cooperation moderated.

"Wordpress respects its employees as adults." (Scott Berkun)

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critical Success factor is the selection the “right” employee. Employees who like to work in unstructured environments, who are good at dealing with ambiguity and continuous instability, and above all who are able to organize themselves.

"Adult" employees know for themselves how to motivate themselves, get their tasks under control, priorities set and when or where they can perform best. In the virtual team, everyone must be able to manage themselves well, set goals and deadlines, and find their own work rhythm.

Trust is the basic prerequisite

people with high self-Discipline and self-organization therefore have it easier in open structures. They act like independent entrepreneurs and take responsibility for themselves and for the company. Her teammates and manager can rely on her. With which Methods the agreed results are achieved is up to each individual. “Being able to let go” instead of control.

Trust in the willingness to perform and the result orientation of employees and colleagues is the basic prerequisite for virtual work to be successful.

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