emotions, Moods, moods, whims have spent a long time as unpleasant ghosts in the dingy corner of the temple of reason, although they are omnipresent and fundamental to the existence of People are. For a long time, the view held that feelings in Business have nothing to look for.

be emotional

Never forget that feelings are in the game!

I would like to start this text with a very fitting quote from Dale Carnegie. This is: "When dealing with people, we must never forget that we are not dealing with logical beings, but with beings full of feelings, prejudices, pride and vanity."

The illusion of the easily computable human being

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The ability to be unrestrictedly rational Behavior still today many consider it desirable, as it pretends that human beings are relative light predictable.

Unrestricted rational behavior is the main feature of the Homo oeconomicus, which was presented to generations of economics students as an ideal.

Homo oeconomicus - just a product of economic theory?

Its decisions can be represented as maximizing a utility function.

He therefore represents an exclusively "economically" thinking person who is the basis of the analyzes of classic and neoclassical economic theory.

Deciding is not rational!

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However, brain research has shown that decisions are never made rationally.

Last but not least, they are at a breathtaking pace in the center of scientific and economic awareness shifted.

Gray in gray and pink

And we can all observe it in ourselves: when the mood is gloomy, for example, it works Welt "grey in grey". When we are in love, we wear rose-tinted glasses.

We perceive objective facts differently depending on our emotional state, they "feel” accordingly different. Then the same is no longer the same.

Deeply human

Neither good nor bad, neither reprehensible nor counterproductive, but deeply human. However, it makes many situations more complex, they are harder to capture and control.

some can no longer be understood ("Why is he getting so upset because of a trifle?") and certainly not at all (violent outburst of anger or tears).

Marketing: Customers choose the emotional quality

Marketing– and sales experts have long been taking advantage of this. customers choose more and more Shops, business partners, products, Seller or consultants based on their emotional quality.

feel-good factors, Trust, security, pleasure in buying and using have increased enormously Significance won. The Customer wants and needs to have (not only, but also) a good feeling when graduating.

If I had heard on the belly!

How often do you hear after wrong decisions. “I would have listened to my intuition. I immediately had a bad feeling. ”

We Germans, world champions of effectiveness, efficiency, engineering and virtues, have to do that Discipline, punctuality and diligence obviously only learn very slowly and laboriously:

Emotional is not unsuitable

That emotionality does not mean objectivity. That the dilemma: “rational or emotional” doesn't exist at all. "Both and" is correct here. Both are always at the same time, albeit in different proportions.

Then, on a distant day, our negotiating partners, with no more unsuccessful than us, like Scandinavians or Chinese, will no longer experience cold, unpleasant, and small-time unsuitable contemporaries.

The overwhelming impulse of emotions is frightening

"If I am attacked, I have to defend myself" - this statement is a model for our view of how we deal with emotions: an almost compulsory automatic process, resulting in inevitable reactions.

It is the overwhelming, often destructive, but also positively driving impulse that frightens us about some emotions and makes them appear as the antithesis of reason. And that actually works fast unprofessional. If a person regularly shows more than just lukewarm emotions, they are quickly pigeonholed into a box from which it is difficult to escape.

Feeling as a career-out?

“Oh Huber, she reacts like many Women stop as fast as a mimosa.” Or: “Yes, yes, Schulze, with his sympathy. He makes an elephant out of every mosquito."

Thus, the demonstration of feelings is quickly used as a legitimation in order not to deal seriously with its concern or as a tactical instrument for maneuvering it into isolation.

Feel better under control?

That is why we often do better to hide emotions, if not very emphatically.

Who does not take his feelings under Control one quickly assumes that he doesn't have anything else under control either: being Time management, its budget, its employees….

Use emotions consciously

Despite all this, emotions play such an enormously important role in our lives, in our decisions, for our behavior that we should pay more attention to them in business.

Dealing with emotions consciously rather than being overwhelmed by them or manipulate to let them go or to oust them. Acknowledge, appreciate, display and use emotions appropriately. This is the Objective!

Emotions to communicate them?

First of all, this involves experiencing and describing emotions at all. Some people are already having a hard time doing this. You may feel something, but you can not describe what exactly that is.

Result: In order to communicate the emotion, it must be lived out. It is roared, cried, (in the wrong place) laughed loudly ...

Describe instead of snooping

And that usually acts brusque, shocking, uncontrolled. Not the emotion as such, but the way it is expressed.

Better to perceive and describe what is happening there. Feelings are fractions of a second faster than thoughts. Heart and brain are thus active almost simultaneously.

What happens in the brain?

When emotions form, that coordinates Brain two things:

  1. fast, automatic, impulsive processes
  2. slow, but open, reflexive processes

In the normal case, human emotions do not simply mean the rule of automatic impulses, but a combination of pre-determined affective tendencies and thoughtful-sensitive openness.

Emotions as suggestions to the mind

Everyday emotions do not force people, they make suggestions. So, let your mind take a little time to realize what is going on and describe it. Then you can say quite relaxed:

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