Employer branding is in many HR- Agendas first. Unfortunately, it is too often assigned to personnel marketing or the “Recruiting-Communication”Equated. Holistic employer branding Concept includes and wants much more.

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Carefully plan the branding

like in Marketing Brand maintenance or branding is just one element of many more marketing activities, namely one Brand to maintain, to develop, to provide them with a profile and to communicate optimally, this is similar to employer branding.

The Crux also in Employer Branding is: A brand build-up is planned carefully.

The six steps to the perfect employer brand

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Employer brands should be designed, developed and developed holistically and systematically. This is usually done in the following four steps and phases:

  1. Firstly, an objective is formulated as to the importance of employer branding for whom and what is the use of it and which are the core statements, followed by an inventory.
  2. HR managers define a profile of the company, which makes its strengths, peculiarities and uniqueness as an employer and makes the brand appear interesting.
  3. A so-called employer value proposition is formulated from this. It states who wants to work in this company and why, and what makes it attractive for various target groups, including applicants in the labor market.
  4. In the next step, the existing image and the lived reality will be analyzed internally and externally. The inclusion of employees is particularly important. Externally, feedback is provided by candidates, employer portals and social media.
  5. This is followed by a communication and action plan that puts the profile into words, with the strengths and concrete messages, the media and communication media and target groups addressed.
  6. Then a budget is created, which determines individual steps and responsibilities and the success control of the individual steps.

Employer brands do not come with glossy brochures

It is always essential that the statements and messages authentic and are covered by reality, otherwise branding will build up fast farcical and even counterproductive. And like any successful brand, the employer brand must reach the heart and brain of its target groups and convince them at the same time.

Even employer brands are not created with high-gloss brochures and grandiose websites, but with lived values, credible communication and the daily realities felt and perceived by employees and the outside world. Outsourcing talks are, incidentally, well suited to uncover weaknesses in your employer branding.

What does an employer branding say?

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A professionally developed employer branding not only improves the employer image, but also the actual quality of the employer, so that the competitiveness of a company Company as an employer overall and sustained is increased.

Because of this, it unfolds positive Effects not only in the area of ​​personnel recruitment, but affects the Success many areas of the company. Well thought-out and comprehensively designed and communicated employer branding activities take into account and respond to many key issues Ask of applicants, interested parties and employees, from the point of view of the target groups:

Only branding is successful branding

Employer branding can only be successful with truthfulness and honesty, since the brand of a company always represents a value proposition which, if not adhered to, is not only regarded as broken but also as counterproductive.

A concrete example: If models with superlatives from the EB brochure are presented in a video on the career website, this does not seem credible. But do this a group of apprentices, maybe with slip of the tongue and a pinch Criticism, act such portraits are authentic and believable.

Incidentally, information from exit interviews is particularly interesting because it comes from employees who are leaving Honestly and they report on what they have learned from practical experience.

Internal and external employees are important

It is also important to be aware that internal, existing Employees must be included as well as external ones Candidate and the labor market as a whole. In the case of employee target groups, a differentiation is made according to Age, gender, length of service, management levels that represent the company structure, often useful.

Existing employees are a kind of "brand ambassadors" who, on the one hand, carry the brand to the outside, colleagues and Family tell about the company, but on the other hand, with an employer branding with a positive charisma, also bond more closely to the company feel and identify with the values ​​conveyed by the branding.

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