How to become successfully? Crises in particular show us again and again where we have to change something fundamentally in order to do something differently. And everybody Change acts like a domino effect.

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The biggest domino effect in the world

On November 13, 2009, Domino Day, Weijers Domino Productions in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, organized the biggest domino effect of the Welt, by placing more than 4.491.863 dominoes in an impressive construction. A single domino piece, which was then set in motion, sent a wave through the ingenious structure, which caused all the pieces to fall over one after the other and released more than 94.000 kilojoules Energy released. This is equivalent to the energy required for a medium-sized man to do 545 push-ups.

Each domino represents a small amount of potential energy; the more stones you put up, the greater the total potential energy. If you set up enough dominoes, you can set a chain reaction of impressive power in motion with a small movement of the hand - as Weijers Domino Production proved. When one thing - the right one - gets set in motion, it can set off a real chain reaction. And that's not all.

Like little things move big

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In 1983, Lorne Whitehead wrote in the American Journal of Physics magazine that he found that the energy released by a domino effect can move not only many things, but also big things. This is how he described how a single domino can cause another domino that is one and a half times as large to fall over. Do you recognize the effects? In this way you can not only bring down other things, but also increasingly larger things. In 2001, a physicist at the San Francisco Exploratorium reproduced Whitehead's experiment by making eight dominoes from plywood, each 50 percent larger than the previous stone. The first stone was only five centimeters and the last one was almost 90 times larger.

On July 7, 1991, the earth moved for 112 minutes. She didn't really do that, but it felt that way. I was watching the very successful comedy City Slickers and the audience's laughter boomed through the whole cinema. This comedy, considered one of the funniest films of all time, also contained unexpected bits of wisdom and knowledge. In a memorable scene, Curly, the daredevil cowboy played by the late Jack Palance, and Mitch (Billy Cristal), the Midlife Crisis metropolis, leave the group to catch lost cattle. The two of them argued for most of the film, but when they ride side by side, they finally find a connection through a conversation about life in general and in particular. Suddenly Curly stops his horse and turns to Mitch in the saddle.

Das Geheimnis des Lebens

Curly: Do you know the secret of life? Mitch: No, what is it? Curly: That. [He holds up a finger.] Mitch: Your finger? Curly: One thing. Just one thing. That's what you focus on and everything else means sh… shit. Mitch: Great, but what's that "one thing"? Curly: That's what you need to find out.

A fictional character tells us the secret of success. Whether the screenwriters were aware of this or accidentally stumbled upon it, they had written the absolute truth. Focusing on ONE thing is the best way to be Objective to reach. I only understood that much later. I had succeeded, but it wasn't until I hit an invisible wall that I began to see the connection between my goals and the Methods to recognize with which I tried to achieve my goals. In less than a decade we had a successful one Companys built up with national and international expansion efforts, but suddenly nothing more worked. Despite all the intense efforts and hard work, my life was one turmoil and it felt like everything was crumbling around me. I was well on my way to failure.

How coaching changes life

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In the end I looked for help and found it in the form of a coach. I explained my situation to him and we talked about the personal and professional challenges I was facing. We reviewed my goals and my ideas about my future life. After my Training had made a comprehensive picture of all the problems, he searched for them Solutions and did extensive research. When we sat down again, he had my org chart—essentially an overview of the entire company—pinned to the wall. Our discussion started with a simple question: »Background you know what you need to do to change your situation?” I had no idea.

He said there was only one thing I had to do. He had identified 14 positions that needed filling, and he believed that with the right people in those key roles, my company, work, and life would be radical positive experience a turn. I was shocked and said I thought it would take far more than that. He replied, 'No. Jesus needed 14 apostles, you need XNUMX.” That was a transformative moment. It was never in my mind Sinn that you can change so much with so little. It became apparent that I thought I was focused, but I wasn't focused enough. Fourteen suitable Candidates Finding it was clearly the most important thing I could do. Based on this conversation, I met a serious one decision. I fired myself. I resigned as CEO and put my full focus on finding those 14 people.

On the growth path with perfect matches

This time the earth really moved. Within three years we went on a sustainable growth course; over the course of a decade we grew by an average of 40 percent annually. We developed from a regional provider to an international competitor. We achieved extraordinary results and stayed on course for success. Something else also happened as part of this sustainable turnaround: the phrase “the ONE thing” made its mark. After finding 14 competent people, I worked with each of our top managers on their respective Career– and business goals.

Out of habit, I finished ours Coaching-Phone calls with a recap of things we look forward to doing until our next Conversation had agreed. While many completed most of the tasks discussed, they did not necessarily complete the most important ones, and this was reflected in the results. Frustration set in as a result. In an effort to help them succeed, I shortened my list: if you could only do three things this week... if you could only do these two things this week...

Reduction to the essentials

Finally, out of sheer desperation, I reduced my expectations to the bare minimum and asked, "What ONE thing can you get done this week that, if completed, will make all other tasks easier or even redundant?" And then something really amazing happened. The results suddenly improved many times over. After this experience, I looked back at my successes and failures and discovered an interesting one Pattern. Whenever I've had great success, I've focused on one thing; and whenever I've had mixed successes, my focus hasn't been consistent either. Then a light went on for me.

If all People given the same number of hours per day, why do some seem to get so much more done than others? How do they do it, that they create more, achieve more, more to earn and have more? When time is the currency of Performance is, why do some manage to achieve more in their time than others? The answer is that they focus on the essentials. you reduce. If you want the absolute best chance of succeeding in whatever you do, you should always use the same approach: Strip your work down to the essentials. Cut down means ignoring all the things you could do and doing what you should be doing instead. It means recognizing that not all things are equally important and identifying the things that have top priority.

The connection of activities and goals

In this way, you create a closer connection between your activities and your goals. This is the realization that extraordinary results are directly determined by how much you can center your focus. In order to get the most out of your work time and life in general, you need to focus on what really matters. Most people believe the opposite. They think big wins are time consuming and complicated. As a result, her calendar and to-do lists are so overloaded that she overwhelms herself feel. Success eludes them, and in the end they give up on half measures satisfied. They don't realize that great success comes when we do a few things excellently, and they get bogged down so that they don't get anything right in the end. Over time, they lower their expectations, say goodbye to their dreams, and allow their lives to become smaller and more limited. This is the wrong type of reduction.

You only have a limited amount of time and energy, so if you get bogged down, you can't really focus on anything. You want to achieve as much as possible, but instead you tend to achieve less. You need to do fewer things more effectively instead of doing more things half-heartedly. The Problem The thing about getting bogged down is that even if you manage to dance at a thousand weddings at the same time, it produces a lot of unwanted side effects: missed deadlines, disappointing results, high stress levels, long work days, lack of sleep, poor diet, no exercise, and not enough time to spend Family and friends - all in the name of a goal that is easier to achieve than you imagine. Cutting it down to the essentials is a simple way to get great results, and it works. It works always, everywhere and in all areas. Why? Because it has only one purpose - to get you to the essentials focus. When you focus your concentration to the maximum, you are pursuing one thing. And that's what it's all about.

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