Many look to others for the reason for job dissatisfaction. Being happy in everyday working life begins with everyone. 5 tips on how to do more with the right attitude satisfaction in professional life and create a dream job.

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Job satisfaction - a dream?

happy am Workplace - that's what everyone hopes for. THE one fulfilling, meaningful job. It's all the more frustrating when that's not the case. The fact is: 45% of the German population is unhappy in their job.

The right attitude determines satisfaction

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Because it is not uncommon for one to blame one's own unhappiness on others circumstances or others. 49% are even that Opinionsthat one's job satisfaction is directly related to the relationship with Executive or the Behavior of the boss.

Of course, if you look for one, you will always find someone to blame. But seldom seek or find People the one in himself, although that is the decisive factor.

5 tips for more satisfaction in the dream job

But how can you be happier in the job? 5 tips for more job satisfaction.

1. Deciding correctly for luck and the dream job

To what extent people are lucky in Job feel, has different reasons for each individual. For some it is regular praise from the supervisor, for others it is a particularly exciting or well-completed task, or simply a nice colleague who takes the cake with them Office brings.

But what is the same with every human being is that this sense of happiness - even if it has been achieved - does not remain automatic. Often you even put yourself in the way of stones and missed the luck due to high expectations of himself or his environment. Through repeated conscious decisions, the feeling of happiness can and should always be achieved.

2. Appreciate trifles for more job satisfaction

In the stressful day-to-day work, you often miss small details. But it is precisely these that can contribute greatly to our happiness. Whether a grateful one Customer or the colleague who relieves us of a small task so that we have more time for the important things Projects or have an urgent job.

Our bodies even allow us to smile at happiness. Facial Feedback will this phenomenon in the Psychology called. By a positive Appear and smile you can improve your inner attitude and also have a positive effect on your environment. In addition, it not only benefits physical performance, but also mental potential. For example, the creativity and improved information gathering.

3. Satisfaction through a good relationship with colleagues

Although you can not literally hold on to luck, you should, in a figurative sense, do it. Pictures or small inscriptions of a happy moment in the job or Team are perfect keepsakes. On the one hand, they let us re-live the moment of happiness, and on the other hand, it promotes a good atmosphere in the office when these collected special moments are kept visible - for example as colorful notes / photos in a glass or a box in a prominent place in the office.

So you always have access to it when you want and it also invites others to capture beautiful moments as well. Another great way to create positive vibes in the office is to show genuine interest in co-workers. Whether asking questions or really actively listening without letting your eyes wander to the smartphone - it improves the working atmosphere for everyone clear and thus also your own well-being if you get on well with the colleagues.

4. Happy Im Also In Dream Job By Leisure In Nature

Breaks are important to the Head get free and new Energy to refuel. This increases essentially the personal sense of happiness. Otherwise you overwork yourself fast and the batteries are permanently empty. It is not uncommon for breaks to be spent in the office - after all, there is always a lot to do and besides eating you can quickly have a few more Emaildo it.

To use the lunch break really productively, but would mean: Out to the fresh air! 20 minutes are enough to keep you in a good mood. You come back to work more relaxed, with new energy and creativity. Many make the mistake of moving their long-awaited refueling break to the evening television on the sofa. Counterproductive, because who totally exhausted during the day, usually can not relax even in the evening. Those who take regular breaks throughout the day, who are active and move a bit, are more productive and happier in the long run.

5. This will give you more happiness and satisfaction in your dream job

Anyone who lives in the past does not see what is happening around them. However, many people tend to do just that. Instead of looking forward, they reminisce and find out in hindsight, that they were once happy (he) times.

It is important to be aware of what gives you happiness and joy right now. For 40%, their happiness depends on interpersonal relationships, according to the study “Happy DB: A Corpus of 100.000 Crowdsourced Happy Moments” from 2018. It is therefore important to create a pleasant working atmosphere yourself by ensuring good relationships at the workplace.

Conclusion: How to create happiness and satisfaction in dream job and professional life

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The search for happiness - sometimes it literally jumps out at us and sometimes we have to look for it with a magnifying glass. No matter in what form it reveals itself to us - as a steaming coffee that a colleague puts in front of us, or a successful one Meeting with the boss - the important thing is to pave the way and to welcome it with open arms. Whether we take the chance and are happy or not, both are entirely up to us.

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