As we do to others act, what impression we leave, whether we are considered competent or dubious, and also whether we can assert ourselves or often have to lose out - all of this is determined by the body language conveyed. How can we control this?

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The importance of nonverbal communication

The importance of non-verbal Communication for the personal impression is undisputedly proven. And yet: Many people waste their time before important lectures or conversations with creating the “right” words instead of before Spiegel to fine-tune the individual appearance.

Do you feel im Job to be overheard and overlooked? Can your good ideas often not enforce? The Executive shows the cold shoulder and the colleagues do not perceive you. Why is it? Arguments and expertise lack very few.

With the body on a cuddly course

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Rather, it depends on how you say what you say: the body language is not assertive enough, or worse, contradicts verbal communication. While the mouth Criticism pronounces, gestures such as playing with watches, jewellery, clothes, pens or hair promise the opposite.

Too often we say with our body: "I am the love, kind and kind, who can do nothing to anyone." We all know it from the vernacular: "A gesture says more than 1000 words."

If looks could kill

Everyone knows the saying "If looks could kill". Although looks are the most influential element of body language, few are aware of their specificity Effect consciously. Take a look at this Behavior developed by Womenwhen a colleague tells a vulgar, xenophobic or even misogynist joke.

Most look despite indignation and inward Resistance embarrassed to go somewhere else. The result: the colleagues feel confirmed or discover new areas of attack: "Oh look, the little one is uncomfortable!"

Men with imperator eyes, women as mice

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If we compare the effect of men 's and women' s looks, then the serious difference is apparent. Men usually act with the imperator's view: direct eye contact, possibly even a critical, serious face, and thus radiate dominance, offensive or even aggressiveness.

In contrast, many women's looks are uncertain, fleeting and masked by a "nice" smile. She ordnen with (not) a glance below. Where are you looking in Conversation with customers, colleagues, the supervisor or in the Meeting?

The awareness of one's own effect

This is the first step to a more effective one Appear: develop an awareness of your own impact.

The next step is to spy on, correct and train. Check out the Business successful People take a closer look and learn from them. They look completely different Welt. But even these are not with that Success promising look was born. They, too, have had to train themselves to use instruments such as the “warning look” in precarious situations.

The Spiegel as an ally

You can be a great ally Spiegel be. He shows you exactly how you look. Before that, practice your own warning look until it sits. Make yourself im Everyday life consciously:

Well, when do you start your next aerobics class?

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