Artificial intelligence is fundamentally changing our everyday lives. What impact does this have on software development?

Media, eCommerce, finance, online gaming: This is how AI is changing the developer job market - 2 X 5 points

ChatGPT – A short definition

Artificial intelligence is nothing new for software developers, but the release of ChatGPT changed a lot. Because ChatGPT is an AI model based on machine learning and designed to have human-like conversations. How does this affect the work of software developers?

To do this, we should first understand what ChatGPT actually is. The name ChatGPT refers to an advanced AI model that works in the area of ​​natural language understanding and generation. It is based on the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT)Technology and is designed to have natural conversations in text, provide information, and respond to queries in natural language. ChatGPT uses extensive data and machine learning to create human-like dialogues and has diverse applications in customer service Education, entertainment and other areas.

Important AI-related industries for developers

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But before we report on the effects of artificial Intelligence in general and ChatGPT in particular on software development, we would like to provide as briefly as possible an overview of the most important industries for software development in which AI is used - including some information on the specific field of application.

online gaming

We would like to start with one of the industries with the highest sales, online gaming: In online gaming, Chat GPT supports the creation of dynamic gaming environments that adapt to the needs of the players. There are even casino games that were developed entirely by AI software - these can be found, for example, at goodman in the casino overview. As a result, software developers are much more sought after, especially in popular industries such as online gaming. But even well-known industry giants, i.e. those with high payout ratios or so-called Online slots with the highest chances of winning advertise as a casino, have difficulty filling developer positions and hiring candidates with the required skills.

In any case, this industry has developed significantly in recent years: With the new State Treaty on Gambling, stricter regulations were introduced to ensure the protection of players and curb illegal gambling. This leads to an increasing demand for qualified professionals who are able to ensure compliance and ensure the smooth operation of gaming companies. This offers new, exciting fields of activity for developers and is now joined by ChatGPT with the ability to quickly and easily create interactive and immersive gaming experiences. For example, game developers integrate AI-based characters and NPCs that can naturally interact with players and meet their needs. In this way, these AI-controlled characters improve the storytelling elements in games and offer players personalized experiences by adapting to their behavior. AI is also used in the advertising of gambling offers, although it has to be said in fairness that not all offers that are advertised are reputable and legal.

Media and communication

But Chat GPT is primarily known for Communication, indeed having revolutionized the entire media and communications industry by changing the way content is created and presented. Journalistic platforms use this technology to generate automated news reports or to improve user interactions via chatbots. The ability to deliver personalized content and engage with readers has proven to be beneficial. Additionally, ChatGPT enables the development of innovative content strategies and personalized media consumption recommendation systems.

AI-based systems use preferences and and the Behavior from consumers to generate personalized recommendations. This leads to a more adaptable and targeted marketing approach. By analyzing user data, media companies can make tailored content suggestions, increasing the likelihood of a purchase and increasing customer satisfaction.


In eCommerce, ChatGPT has also helped developers create more user-friendly and intelligently responsive systems. From helpdesk chats to customer query automation to internal support systems, ChatGPT has increased the efficiency and effectiveness of processes in Company improved. The integration of chatbots in ITsystems has increased customer satisfaction and improved support by providing quick and accurate answers to frequently asked questions Ask offers.

AI also supports the optimization of logistics and warehouse processes in eCommerce. By analyzing data such as order history, weather forecasts and seasonal trends, companies can better manage inventory, optimize delivery times and reduce shortages.


And finally the topic Money: In finance, automation through AI has also significantly optimized manual processes. It enables rapid transaction processing, automated document classification, credit scoring and report generation. This leads to one increase efficiency while reducing human errors. AI algorithms can analyze complex financial patterns and make predictions for markets, investments and trends. They enable better risk assessment, portfolio management and identification of investment opportunities by processing large amounts of data in real time.

AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants are used in customer service to answer queries, provide financial advice and assist customers with transactions. Additionally, AI can help detect and prevent fraudulent activities. By analyzing transaction patterns and behavior, suspicious activities can be identified early and appropriate measures can be taken to ensure the security of transactions.

What impact does Chat GPT have on software development?

This brief industry overview shows: ChatGPT has a significant impact on the work of developers because the AI ​​software was trained on a huge amount of online data and is able to reproduce not only texts, but a wide repertoire of programming languages. That means it can create computer code, write programs for websites, apps and games. In this way, Chat GPT can help developers develop applications that enable more natural and human-like interaction between users and machines.

In plain language, this means: ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that is able to replicate texts that are almost indistinguishable from those of a human. And what's more: ChatGPT can even independently create software programs for different applications. The euphoria among companies and developers is therefore great. But what can ChatGPT really do for software developers? Can it perhaps even replace experienced developers, as we read again and again? And is it really as useful as we might think?

So how does ChatGPT work exactly?

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It uses a neural network trained on large amounts of text data to understand and respond to natural language. This model can generate contextual answers by reacting to the entered text and attempting to generate meaningful answers that match the context and type of questions asked.

In many cases, it is enough for the code to be bug-free and work as intended for it to be released to the end user. So does this mean that AI could completely replace the role of the software developer?

How can ChatGPT make developers' work more efficient?

By using pre-trained models like Chat GPT, developers can save time and resources. Instead of building a model from scratch, they can draw on existing AI models and adapt them to the specific needs of their project. This speeds up the development process significantly.

Using Chat GPT can improve and accelerate the way developers design applications, but it also requires a deep understanding of how AI works and its implementation to achieve the best possible results. However, although Chat GPT offers many advantages, there are also challenges. Integration requires expertise to effectively integrate AI into the application. Privacy and ethical issues must be considered as the use of Chat GPT may touch users' sensitive information.

AI as a developer tool in practical application – advantages and disadvantages

There are numerous benefits of AI for programming and software development, and it can prove useful across the entire software development lifecycle. But while AI tools have many benefits for software development, they are not without drawbacks. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of AI in software development.

5 advantages of AI in software development

  1. Efficiency: AI chatbots can be a powerful tool for project managers, helping them improve their planning and reporting processes. They can be used to optimize resource allocation, make accurate budget calculations, create risk models.
  2. Improving troubleshooting processes: AI can also prove extremely useful for developers when it comes to improving debugging processes. There are a number of ways AI can be used to identify defects and improve the overall quality of products. First, AI can be programmed to follow rule-based systems, making it capable of checking for common programming errors. Likewise, AI can detect patterns in the code that have led to errors in the past or that could indicate the existence of errors. However, it is important to note that AI can still produce false positives and detecting errors may require additional human supervision.
  3. Improving Software Testing: Software testing can be a time-consuming process that is highly susceptible to human error. Therefore, AI tools can be the tester's best friend by eliminating time-consuming tasks and ensuring a higher quality product with fewer errors. AI is great at detecting anomalies in data so it can monitor test runs and identify problems as they arise. During testing, the software must be tried out under different conditions and scenarios. AI is useful for generating test data to evaluate software under as many realistic conditions that a human tester might miss. It can also be used to set testing priorities by indicating which programs are more likely to contain errors and should be run first.
  4. Improved security: Software security is critical for organizations to protect them from malware attacks that could compromise the availability and integrity of the software. AI can help improve software security in several ways. AI algorithms can detect patterns of malicious behavior in large data sets and respond to these threats in real time or report suspicious activity to security teams. AI is also beneficial in preventing software security breaches as it examines code for potential vulnerabilities and makes appropriate recommendations to address those vulnerabilities. This allows developers to identify and fix security vulnerabilities before they become a threat.
  5. Accessibility for normal users: Overall, AI can help make computer programming more accessible to non-technical people, allowing even those with limited programming knowledge to create computer programs and applications.

5 Disadvantages of AI in Software Development

  1. Lack of transparency and distortions: Algorithmic biases can significantly impact the results of AI chatbots, resulting in inaccurate or biased responses. For example, AI chatbots rely on existing data to learn and understand natural language, but the performance of AI systems depends heavily on the quality and diversity of this training data. Inaccurate or incomplete data can lead to poor results. It can also be difficult to understand why an AI system made a particular decision, making troubleshooting and troubleshooting difficult.
  2. Bias and discrimination: So if this initial data is biased, the chatbot learns to maintain that bias. Likewise, AI chatbots rely on human interaction, instructions and feedback, and if these are also distorted, their responses will also be distorted. The data training process is crucial to the effectiveness of AI chatbots. Similar to how biased training data can lead to distorted answers, inaccurate data learning can lead to incorrect answers. Likewise, a lack of regular training for the AI ​​tool can result in outdated outputs, which are therefore also inaccurate.
  3. Lack of creativity: So there is a lack of creativity when you rely solely on AI. AI is best suited for repetitive tasks, not innovation. So when it comes to coming up with a unique gaming app idea or an innovative banking solution that no one has done before, AI might not be the best option.
  4. Privacy and Security: AI systems often process large amounts of data, which poses data protection risks. There is a possibility that sensitive information could be inadvertently disclosed or hacked.
  5. High entry costs: Implementing and using AI chatbots and other AI programs can be costly. This includes costs for development, training and data, integration, hosting and maintenance. Overall, the cost of implementing and maintaining an AI infrastructure varies greatly depending on its complexity and the specific needs of the person or organization using it.

Conclusion: AI is a good support but not a full replacement for developers

Despite AI's advanced capabilities, it is unlikely to take over the role of software developer in the future, even if demand continues to increase. Instead, AI is likely to transform the role of the software developer by assisting professionals in their daily tasks and empowering less tech-savvy individuals to get involved rather than replacing humans.

In many industries, integrating Chat GPT into software development enables higher user retention, improved customer experiences and more efficient processes. Adapting and leveraging this technology is crucial to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of users.

Overall, while using Chat GPT can improve and accelerate the way developers design applications, it also requires a deep understanding of how AI works and how it is implemented to achieve the best possible results.

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