Storytelling and candidate experience are buzzwords in current HR marketing. But what does it look like in practice from the employee's point of view, if Candidate embark on their own personal heroic journey at a Companys do? A report from the traineeApplication to the management.

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Personnel marketing vs. reality

My name is Sylvana Pollehn. I'm a manager at a large fast food chain and run a restaurant today with 40 employees. And today I am very happy to have taken this step.

During the Advertising many companies say that every employee is given a chance. "What nonsense, what they say in the advertisement isn't true anyway," many think.

The decision: Each end is followed by a new beginning

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My experience is that this is actually true: everyone gets a chance. You just have to use your chance!

But stop, I want to tell you in order, because about this one decision there is of course a history.

Cross-entry: From self-employment as a trainee to gastronomy

I was self-employed for 13 years. But the constant struggle for survival for a secured Future were getting on my nerves.

With a heavy heart, I decided to start over after my 13-year self-employment from scratch.

Trainees wanted for management

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Now it was said: apply, apply, apply. I needed a new job. That is why I applied in various places. It did not take much time to get a drugstore chain work.

In a job advertisement, they were looking for management trainees. I had been skeptical. Sylvana, are you qualified enough? Do you really dare to do this?

Invitation to job interview by phone

Four months later I received a call from my current employer that now, albeit light late, reacted to my application: “You applied to us? We want you to one job interview invite."

Of course I had Anxiety. It would be something completely new to embark on. But fortunately curiosity about the new was stronger than fear.

Nobody should slow me down

My interview ended with an acceptance. As a basis I still had mine Vocational Training served in the catering industry.

I was very proud of myself and determined not to let anyone slow me down.

In demand: motivation and stamina

My training as a trainee began. In addition to the work in the restaurant, I learned everything I need to know about the system gastronomy. Nothing was given to me.

With me the folders are piling up. I took various courses, completed tests and examinations. Without an enormous willingness to perform and a strong perseverance, nothing went wrong.

Good colleagues, bad colleagues

This time was exciting and challenging. Some People, colleagues and bosses sometimes make things unnecessarily difficult.

Fortunately, there are also others who are understanding with their Background and Trust were by my side. I am sincerely grateful to them for what they have learned and for their experiences.

I get my “own” restaurant

As a trainee, committed and with passion, I climbed the stairs ever higher - you are the deputy restaurant manager.

Two of my supervisors one day stood in the door of the restaurant, where I was now the deputy manager.

Success at any price?

Not quite unexpectedly, but very suddenly, they told me: We will take you to the manager. You can take over this restaurant on the first of the next month. Because: Your colleague is going back to her home town. ”

Everything rejoiced in me. I acted cool, but inside I was celebrating. Stay human... that's all that matters Success at all costs? Of course not.

Even as a boss people do not forget

Things to Learn – learn again and again – stone ways walk, fight with determination and above all work with love, that's what matters.

But you can only remain successful in the long term if you never forget the most important thing - people. Anyway, I always want to go to Spiegel can look and never forget me. That's why I treat others as I expect them to.

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