It is a curse: we constantly strive to find the much-cited "Work-life-Balance”To establish harmony between all areas of life. But it often doesn't work out that well.

work-life balance

Balance the weighing panes

For instead of achieving harmony, we are getting more and more into imbalance. The weighing panes always seem to weigh more weight on one or the other area. And so we are constantly suggesting a deficit.

The bad conscience is our constant companion. The areas of professional and private life have long been inseparable. The boundaries flowing.

The misconception of two competing living areas

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Who doesn't often bring work home and answer emails after work? And who doesn't sit in front of their screen from time to time Workplaceto engage with YouTube videos or Facebook-Chat to pass the working hours?

That is why the misconception of two competing areas of life often leads us astray. Although my motto "work differently - live more" includes exactly these two areas, working with my clients is important to the uniform development of all areas of life.

The six areas of life

The actual challenge is a lot more complex, because our life consists of much more than just work and life. In fact, there are a total of six areas of life, all of which are ours awareness require:

Life cycle instead of work-life balance

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It is important to create a harmonious balance between these areas. “Life bike instead of work-life balance” is the formula for success, with which the challenge of working on a harmonious connection of all areas of life can be met.

Since 2003 I have been training life coaches to support their clients in holistic development over the phone. In the meantime, more than one hundred licensed graduates of my compactVocational Training with well over a thousand coachees on a balanced wheel of life.

Deficits disrupt happiness

An important undertaking: Because a harmonious wheel of life increases the individual feeling of happiness considerably.

Conversely, the lack of balance in the areas of life inhibits personal development accordingly. If a client has a deficit in one area, this has an effect negative on the happiness he feels throughout his life.

Like a plant to full bloom

Who does not know examples from his environment, in which financial independence through health Problems is overshadowed? Or cases where a failed relationship takes the joy out of professional ones Success detracts?

This is comparable to the different conditions a plant needs to grow. Only under optimal conditions can it unfold fully.

Overcompensation does not help

And a deficiency in one area can not be offset by overcompensation in another.

Therefore it is for the People of existential SignificanceTo become aware of your deficits in the individual areas in order to be able to lead a balanced and happy life in harmony.

Understand the effects of the imbalance

As a productivity coaching, the effects of this imbalance are always reflected in my daily professional practice: I work with entrepreneurs, whose balance has been imbalanced to the detriment of private life.

This goes far beyond the areas of professional and privacy out. It is therefore imperative to know or determine the current status of the respective areas in order to be able to Set and to align actions accordingly.

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