Increasing flexibilisation of the world of work, softening protection against dismissal, weakening of works councils and trade unions: The signs on the job market are on a storm. But what can you do to prevent it from being blown away?

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Job security is lost piece by piece

Trade unions are often unpopular with strikes in Germany, such as paralyzing train traffic or ensuring that kindergartens remain closed. But despite all the trouble: the right to strike, unions and works councils are weapons that workers in tough clashes with Company have fought for. And guarantee a certain security.

And that is precisely what is being lost piecemeal - globalization, increasing flexibility in the world of work, softening of rights such as protection against dismissal and disempowerment of trade unions and works councils.

Termination can be any meeting

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As a result, a termination can affect anyone today. But this simple statement gives those affected little comfort: the loss of a job is not just a financial one Problem, which is often cushioned by state aid.

It is also often associated with social stigmatization, sometimes even with the loss of the colleagues 'and friends' circle. No wonder the loss of the job for many is still a big shock.

Shock and stigma

This is especially true for those who would never have expected it in their life and are then dismissed overnight despite seeming security: You were just going about your day-to-day business and now you are Executive opposite, who makes it clear in sober words that he is in Future wants to forego the labor force of the person concerned. But how should one deal with this situation properly?

From one minute to the next everything is suddenly different. Even if that fast cannot understand the full extent - it is definitely a shock.

First reactions

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Best of HR -® author and Training Isabel Nitzsche, first of all to wait until the first anger has subsided. Because anger and anger should better be kept to yourself in such moments:

“Admit that you are in shock and do nothing for now. You are too light-headed to be able to make sensible decisions. If you go on a confrontation course, your boss will fight against it and that will only reduce the basis for future negotiations about the framework conditions of your departure. ”

Don't sign anything!

For the crisis expert, one thing is particularly important: “In such a situation, do not sign anything, and certainly not a termination agreement. Because their agreements are binding and cannot be undone by you later! ”

Anyone who wants to sue his dismissal has three weeks to do so. No reason, therefore, to let the employer be put under pressure, when, for example, the signing of a cancellation agreement goes. Nitzsche explains:

“Wait in peace until the first shock subsides and you somewhat again clear can think. Then you can get in touch with people you trust Choice, your partner, friends, a coach and a lawyer. Aside from factual ones Askthat need to be clarified, talking helps to process the shock better.”

Prepare for dismissal

But you can also prepare yourself in advance for a possible termination: Since today everyone has to reckon with his Workplace also closed again verlieren, one should ensure that the Curriculum vitae is a product that can be sold at any time - preferably by constantly finding out which ones qualifications are in demand on the labor market. Coach Isabel Nitzsche advises:

“Anyone who reads the job market in the newspaper and job exchanges in the four-week Internet checks, gets a good overview. If you are no longer looking for your own qualifications, you need to make corrections as soon as possible and continue your professional training.”

11 tips for job loss and re-entry

The fact is: a notice can hit anyone today - fast, hard and painful. Because who loses his job, must first cope with the shock. 10 tips on how to react in case of a case and how to get out of unemployment again in a job.

  1. Digest the shock: Give yourself a few weeks to digest the first shock. Only then can you think about what you should do now?
  2. Do not feel ashamed: Unemployment is still seen as a shortcoming in Germany due to social reasons. She is completely normal. And you are not to blame. So no reason to be ashamed.
  3. Search information: Look for information about job vacancies, potential employers and current application procedures.
  4. Stay realistic: The situation on the labor market has deteriorated rapidly in recent years. Adjust your demands to the current situation.
  5. Make contacts: Whether on the Internet or in the professional and private environment: the exchange with others helps to better deal with the situation. And maybe a new job will come out of it.
  6. Be patient: Even if you sometimes have the impression that nothing is going on, patience is important when looking for a job. After all, all measures do not always lead to success.
  7. Be self-confident: Be aware of your abilities and goals and carry this self-confidently outward.
  8. Just do not lose heart and despair: If you whine about discouraging, it will discourage contacts and potential employers. Better: show commitment. Especially on the job search optimism is important.
  9. Stay on the ball: Even if it is difficult and expensive: Do not give up is the most important thing when it comes to unemployment.
  10. Be offensive: Tell other people about your job search. They show that you can handle the topic well.
  11. Take unusual paths: For example, by starting your own blog, setting up your own initiative or else becoming active. Often one comes over detours to the new job!

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