customers want Solutions, no Problems! Rightly so. Unfortunately, not all companies have realized this yet. These 10 typical mistakes show how it doesn't work.

Distribute customers

Customers want to solve problems

Seller must be active, not passive. No Customer calls because he has nothing to do. Customers come forward because they have a problem that needs to be solved. Often even if possible fast.

And not just because it adds value to your relationship Company means to the customer. But also because problems are inevitable.

Act as a seller in a request-oriented manner

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Not always plays Money the decisive role, but the quick elimination of problems. In a World, where almost every interaction is automated, customers expect answers from their service providers. But this world is getting more complicated every year. Customers want to solve problems, always!

And this is exactly where you can and should start as a company or sales representative. Request-oriented is the magic word.

Think of yourself as the solution to your customers' problems

Companies help customers solve their problems by finding the right product for them at the right price and at the right time. In this age, finding the right solution is a complex task that requires a complex understanding of the customer, their problems and the market. Around successfully to be, you have to be more than just a problem solver; You must be a solution initiator.

Developing the perfect solution to a problem is therefore a never-ending quest. And the secret of your success as a business is finding the right solution to a problem

10 Typical mistakes from bad seller

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Sales managers should be interested in doing business with their counterparts, whether they are new or regular customers. However, with typical behavior, salespeople regularly drive prospective customers or customers to the competitor. So please do not:

  1. Do not offer a call back: If a customer signs up, then you should not make it unnecessarily difficult to reach your preferred contact person. If this is not there right now, it demands the politeness that the offerer offers the customer a recall - on its own.
  2. Call back - but do not comply: Many a customer has already been frustrated with another supplier, because he has come to the realization that commitments from his desired supplier are not respected. Why should a customer call afterwards to get rid of his money?
  3. Shift the blame to others: Nobody in the company is responsible for everything. Nevertheless, sales managers are the number one contact because they are the face to the market. Even if they sometimes “sit between the chairs” as a result, they have to take care of themselves or at least to inform customers about what will happen now and how.
  4. Only for orders: Good customer loyalty and development not only include being there for them when it comes to specific business deals, but also “in between”. Customers migrate when they realize that they are just a means to an end, their money is the focus and not them as a person.
  5. Do not think along: Just because the customer asks about A, A does not always have to be the optimal solution. Sometimes smaller or larger solutions are required or at least additional accessories. The customer is to help in finding the right decision - otherwise he does not need a salesman, but can order directly on the Internet.
  6. Think about the customer's money: Many providers are ashamed of their own prices and are afraid of price dis- cussions. As a result, they offer far too often cheap instead of optimal solutions. But customers have a basic right to get the best solution for their situation at least. If they want it cheaper and worse, they'll say it.
  7. Ignore Customer: Eye contact is noticed when it is missing. Many a customer goes into stores or at trade fairs and is frustrated to find that no one takes any notice of them. Why should a customer let this be done to them?
  8. Do not inform customers: With customers, you can do a lot - provided they are informed in time and they feel that the provider has the whole process still under control. But if you leave customers in the lurch or problems, should not be surprised, if customers do not do something like that anymore.
  9. Do not help or support: So many a customer buys something and then has problems, for example, during commissioning or application. Why should not you offer a customer the goods to deliver or build (also gladly against money!) - or at least after two days briefly call, if everything has worked?
  10. Have no fun at doing: Spending money can be fun. Especially when customers AND sellers have fun. Nevertheless, many customers are impressed by the fact that the sellers have no fun with their activities. If customers protect themselves from energy suction by ordering on the Internet - who can blame them?

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