What causes us stress isn't too much work, it's directed work. And often we are controlled by social conventions and the Opinions others more than we realize ourselves. What can we do against it?

Self-determined organization in the home office & on the go: 7 tips for the right mindset

Is Time Management Dead? No, but external control!

Some time ago, of all people, the pope of time management, Lothar Seiwert, did that Time management declared dead. Because he has recognized: We do not live less stressful if we organize our time as efficiently as possible. But when we work self-determined instead of being determined by others. Or in short: who does what for him Fun does and what he can represent in front of himself and others, lives and works better.

Now, foreign determination is not just made by one Executive triggered, which tells us what we have to do and not to do. First, there is the infamous inner critic, which we must win. And that's hard work! But there are also plenty of external critics who stir up our fears with their opinions and implicit expectations – and who may make us do things that we don't want to do at all. How strong are these expectations? resistors are often, you get to feel at the latest when you rebel against it.

An example from the social media sector

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The topic of working independently in the home office is on everyone's lips. And this discussion shows a lot clear: Self-determined work still does not want to work perfectly. Be it because that trust the superiors lack their own self-discipline - or because everyone involved, despite various technical innovations that could actually make work better, still cling to social conventions from the last millennium.

Some time ago, for example, a social media manager and Best of wrote HR - Berufebilder.de® author on why she differs from Facebook had said goodbye. She was heavily criticized for this – especially by her own colleagues from the Industry. They doubted that a social media manager could afford to be on Facebook to renounce. The social conventions say hello. The Boy Ms. but continues to go her own way. And defends it with clever arguments. For example, that in an increasingly complex World specialization in certain areas is essential. And that only through such Measures social innovations are possible at all.

7 tips for self-determined work organization

I have summarized the arguments for an independent, self-determined way of working and also explained what exactly makes this more efficient. Below you will find 7 tips on how to defy Criticism and outside determination gets its own way:

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