Bosses should always set an example when dealing with their employees. And this function as a role model includes consistency and Discipline. 4 important ones Regulate.

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1. Do not mess with me in the presence of others if it can be avoided

Irritations should be addressed immediately. However, if you always address everything in the same way, then immediately there is another one Problem da:You may be running through the woods like a woodcutter and can't see the wood for the trees, in this case: that there Employees stand. While it's important to address issues:

Address problems in private

Rather say: "Come on, let's go around the corner and talk about it." This is difficult, especially in gastronomy, but it is extremely important. From employee to employee, it is not good to speak to other colleagues in public. Nobody wants to be criticized in front of others. That destroys trust.

Respect is an important topic that is often quoted, but trust is almost as important. Both is possible Hand hand. And that includes knowing how to deal with irritation.

2. Do not make hasty promises

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Sometimes one makes certain promises out of an euphoria. You say something and later you can not keep your promise. However, you should first think carefully what you promise.

What one promises, one must hold

Because what you promise must be kept, that is an old saying and an important wisdom. Because afterwards someone could say: "If you don't keep your promises, I feel terribly let down."

In the parent-child relationship it is known: Papa is constantly on the road and promises his son to go with him on Saturday to football match.

Like the father to the child

And then he can not. Everyone is sorry and the child is most disappointed.

However, this also applies to work. No employee wants to be promised wage increases if the Executive can not yet estimate whether he can keep this promise.

What do employees demand from your bosses?

Many years ago in my son's daycare center I saw a poster that made a deep impression on me. I read it and thought, "Wait a minute!" The poster gave me one Spiegel held up. I saw myself in this Spiegel as the father of a son who could say exactly the sentences that were on the poster:

“A child's demands on its parents, educators and teachers” - by Lucia Feider. I read the sentences and swallowed. I took my cell phone out of my pocket, took a picture of the poster and took it home. I read the sentences over and over again, thinking about my little son and also my big son.

Instructions for use

And then I thought about my employees and mine Company. I rewrote the sentences. I adapted them to our work process. Now it's the twelve requirements for a happy coexistence that are on a poster and hanging on the wall in our company.

It's an instruction manual. I keep standing in front of this poster and reading the demands. I'm thinking of myself and my employees. The fish stinks at first Head, and that's why every boss has to take a good look at his own nose. But so are the employees. That's why my employees stand in front of the poster from time to time. The twelve demands point in both directions – towards the boss and towards the employee.

3. Do not be inconsistent

The next question is the demand for pledged promises:

When trust is lost

Ten times I said, I throw someone out, because he makes only mistakes - and then I am not consistent. Trust is lost.

If an employee wants to do something and then does not, then I lose confidence in the employee. How consistently can he solve his problems at all? The other way around is the same.

4. Do not interrupt me and listen to me when I ask questions. Otherwise, I turn to others to solve my problems

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Every second employee wishes for a current survey in Companysthat his supervisor takes more time to talk to him in peace. We know this. That's why we hold employee orientation talks twice a year.

That's a huge amount of time. If we take an hour or two, of course, everything else will be left. That was the first realization.

Employee talks cost time

Many bosses don't even think about the amount of time they spend, turn a 14-hour day into an 18-hour day and then at some point say completely finished: “That pisses me off. Fuck employee. Do I have to listen to their stuff here? ”

But we have to force ourselves to have regular, detailed discussions between employees and employees as well as between employees and the boss.

The discipline of listening to employees

We have to discipline ourselves to do that Ask and to hear employees' problems without being distracted and respond to them seriously.

My personal tip: It's better to delegate something else, because that Contact with the employees is the very first task. Plan for this enormous investment of time.

A question of half-life

And we have to keep in mind: These discussions only last a maximum of six months. Some employees feel often left alone again after only two months.

Right after Conversation there is usually enormous euphoria: "It's sensational what we've discussed," we say to each other. But the initial enthusiasm often wanes fast .

A question of formulation

Let me tell you an example: I have one of the best theory driving instructors, Marco. He has the task to bring the learner drivers to successful theory examinations in seven days.

He has 95 percent success rate. Marco is great. But then he sends a call for help to the other driving instructors: He would not be able to keep this high success rate this time and would like to get tips from them.

Please instead of cry for help

Some other driving instructors then replied: "Yes, Marco, if the learner drivers don't learn, you can't do anything about it, don't worry."

But I hear something completely different: Marco wants his colleagues to sit in with him and him Feedback give what he can do even better.

What do employees really want?

He could ask more directly: He has a request, which he sends indirectly with the help call. Sometimes you have to come up with what it means.

So: it's about them klare Formulating the question and it's about listening to the questions and desires that others have.

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