Not every one Companys, which was founded by an innovative StartUp idea, can persist with its structures also permanently on the market. What helps are crucial changes - like a dilapidated house that needs to be modernized.

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A crazy business idea

In 1983, the legendary entrepreneur and intuitiveFounders Scott Cook (jointly with co-founder Tom Proulx) the incisive notion that the private Accounting could be done by computer.

Your Success was anything but pre-programmed; they faced numerous competitors, one uncertain Future and an initially tiny market.

From startup to market leader

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A decade later, the company went public and then fended off attacks by larger interested parties, for example from the software giant Microsoft, takeover battles that made the headlines.

Not least with the support of the renowned risk capitalist John Doerr, Intuit has developed into a fully diversified Fortune 1000 company, which now offers dozens of market-leading products in its most important divisions.

From rags to riches

This is an entrepreneurial success of the kind we know: a mixed bag Team, whose members belong to a “subculture” and end up in fame and fortune wealth bring.

Let's spool it: we are now writing the year 2002. Cook was frustrated. He had just tabulated the data of all the new Intuit products over the past ten years and found that the return on their considerable investments was quite meager.

Like a marvelous house

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In other words, there were too many bats with new products. According to traditional standards, Intuit was an exceptionally well-run company, but when Scott scaled deeper to investigate the causes of the problem, he came to a delicate conclusion:

The prevailing management paradigms in his company were the challenges of a modern Economy, the ongoing Innovation required, not fair. Like a dilapidated house that urgently needs to be renovated. But what to do?

As of the fall of 2009, Scott Cook had been trying to change Intuit's management culture for years. For example, by using regular test series to promote rapid product improvements and thus entrepreneurial thinking among his employees. When he responded to my first work on leanStartups-Method came across, he asked me to have one at his company Lecture to hold about.

The mindset of a modern general manager

In Silicon Valley you do not reject an invitation from Intuit. I confess that I was curious. I was still at the beginning of my lean startup journey and did not know much about the challenges facing a Fortune 1000 company.

The talks with Cook and Brad Smith, the CEO of Intuit, were an inauguration into the minds of modern general managers who are as concerned with the phenomenon of entrepreneurship as venture capitalists and garage companies.

Entrepreneurial spirit and risk-taking in the company

To meet these challenges, Scott and Brad Smith went back to Intuit's roots. You have decided to anchor entrepreneurship and risk-taking in all business areas. This will be illustrated using a flagship product from Intuit clear.

Because TurboTax is the highest in the US Turnover achieved during tax season, it initially had an extremely conservative culture. Over the years, the Marketing– and product teams a single comprehensive program rolled out just in time for the tax deadline.

Product innovation thanks to rapid tests

Today, more than 500 is testing different product components in a tax season that lasts two and a half months. Each week, various tests are performed up to 70.

The team may post a configuration change on its website on Thursdays, run the version over the weekend, evaluate the results on Monday, and draw conclusions as of Tuesday; On Thursday, new tests will be designed and the next product package will be released Thursday night.

Entrepreneurship and action are encouraged

The team is constantly learning. It also encourages entrepreneurial thinking and action, because if you're just doing a test, you're not bringing in entrepreneurs, you're bringing in policy experts, and the others theirs ideas 'merchandise' have to.

And these ideas have to go through a hundred other good ones. When 500 runs tests, everyone can contribute their ideas. Only then can one create a culture in which entrepreneurs thrive, who experiment and learn and test again and again.

Entrepreneurship approach firmly anchored throughout the company

On the other hand, there is a culture in which the experts for corporate policymaking dominate. Scott Cook explained:

We try to use the entrepreneurship approach throughout our Organization to anchor using non-high tech examples like the website example. Today every company has a website. You don't have to be in high-techIndustry to perform tests with a short cycle time.

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