We all wish for more self-efficacy and yet we often stand in our own way. What to do against the often run-in self sabotage-Techniques?

Bye self-sabotage: 2 X 7 tips for more self-efficacy & against ingrained thought patterns

Self-Sabotage: When we fail to achieve our goals, desires, and dreams

People have Set, dreams, desires. But often enough it is not the external ones that prevent us circumstances an der Implementation, but our own patterns of thought and behavior. Our life, it seems, is our own personal trap, and we often fall into this trap without realizing it. This Behavior is quite common. Marketers call it "self-sabotage." And that's when you sabotage your own efforts or happiness. It is a destructive pattern of behavior that you use to create your own Success undermines, either intentionally or unintentionally. Self-sabotage is therefore one of the most harmful and difficult behaviors to overcome.

Self-sabotage can have a variety of causes, including negative Self-talk, fear of failure and perfectionism. It can express itself in a variety of ways, e.g. B. by procrastination, avoidance more difficult Tasks and even through destructive behaviors that are detrimental to productivity. Scientifically, self-sabotage is self-enforcement of the anti-social elements of self-loathing that is not under Control of Self love are to be brought. This sounds harmless at first, but in its worst form it can lead to personality destruction and even physical illnesses such as pain, shortness of breath or depression.

Even sabotage can have a concrete effect

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Self-sabotage is actually a protective mechanism in our brain, but in reality it can lead to some misconceptions, because we not only overestimate but also underestimate dangers. For example female Hurricane Names: Are Really More Dangerous? According to statistics: yes! And that's for a simple reason. They are underestimated “by name”, with fatal consequences. The threatened people feel safe and protect themselves less. And people who buy ecological products act in the Everyday life also more moral. one would think so. But not true. Because the organic buyers acquire a kind of "moral credit" with the product and are often even more ruthless. So it not only helps ourselves, but also others when we speak out about our self-sabotage clear become and work on it.

And also for Company is the subject Problem: Employees, who sabotage themselves, can of their own Jobs and harm the company's results. Self-sabotage can be a serious problem, leading to a drop in morale, reduced productivity, and even lost revenue. In case of doubt, self-sabotage can even lead to higher sickness rates: For example, if you are convinced that this Age especially illness and lonliness means is more susceptible to stress, which actually leads to more illnesses with advancing age. Hence it is for employers. Entrepreneurs and also the affected employees themselves important to recognize the signs of self-sabotage and the underlying problems so fast to tackle as possible. Psychological training, for example, can help here.

The 7 most common self-sabotage techniques

How does self-sabotage manifest itself in everyday life, what feelings, patterns and behavior are we dealing with here? An overview.

  1. Catalyze: This means imagining what could go wrong when walking upright. The future is painted in the darkest colors (if I change something, I lose my pension, have no roof over my head and nothing to eat).
  2. self denial: Those who allow others to take precedence to their detriment may be acting nobly, but are ultimately denying their own interests. Self-denial places service to others (spouse, family, children, co-workers) over authorization for self-actualization.
  3. Reviews by others: This includes measuring oneself against standards that can hardly be achieved. The evaluation impression ensures that oneself and others are either hopelessly over- or undervalued.
  4. printmaker: That means expecting more from yourself than is affordable – and considering that to be normal. The Pressure Maker brings so much power into things that it's better left as they are.
  5. Obligation to Rules: Never leave the small grid square and constrict yourself with self-imposed rules. Obeying rules is also known in everyday life as we have always done it this way.
  6. Mistrust: Cultivate self-doubt according to the motto “I can’t do that anyway!” Distrust prevents us from having good and happy experiences with others because we are constantly afraid of being ripped off by them.
  7. overmotivation: Always start at full throttle and give up halfway out of breath. Over-motivation masks serious problems by making us obsessively rush into projects, tasks, or sports as a distraction.

Why it's important to address self-sabotage

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Of course, everyone experiences some level of self-sabotage, but when it begins to affect our lives and relationships, it can be an indication of an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. To illustrate how self-sabotage works, here is a quote from a self-saboteur who would like to remain anonymous:

Self-sabotage is a special way to ruin your life in two minutes. It is a form of self-destruction. self-destruction self-sabotage. After I defined my goals, why not stop could sabotage my goals, I decided to do something concrete to fix the problem. I analyzed my self-sabotagePatternto find out where the real reason for my self-sabotage lies. I inspected the expectations I had of myself.

When you understand self-sabotage behaviors and the underlying causes, you can begin to take control of your life and break free from self-destructive patterns. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the Psychology behind the self-sabotage, the consequences and the proposed Strategies and address interventions to help you regain control.

7 tips for more self-efficacy instead of self-sabotage

If you desire more self-efficacy, the following 7 tips to use in acute attacks of self-sabotage are highly recommended. However, one should also pay attention to the contraindications or side effects:

  1. Feelings are not facts: Just because you think the world is bad doesn't make it bad, but it certainly doesn't make it better.
  2. Just take a break: If you can not make a clear decision about any problems, take a break. Just imagine six months into the future. Which of the current worries will you probably still have to deal with? Which have then at least very clearly lost in horror?
  3. Allow negative feelings: It's okay to have shit days and allow yourself that.
  4. Accept errors: It's okay to make mistakes as long as you don't repeat the same mistakes too many times and think about improving things for the future.
  5. accept things: Those who only see the good in life are happier than others. Unfortunately not. It is correct: Those who accept that positive and negative feelings are part of life are paradoxically happier than someone who avoids negative emotions.
  6. Positive self-talk: This is about a loving, appreciative and realistic way of dealing with oneself. As in many coaching guides, however, it is Quark, because if you put too much wishful thinking into it, you increase the pressure with such monologues to correspond to the ideal image and can even do that do the opposite. The right tightrope walk is therefore required.
  7. Changing thought patterns in a relaxed way: It's not always the goal to gain self-confidence. It's just the by-product of your actions.

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