A small church in the Austrian Alps, a man stands in front and talks about construction sites in life that make us creative - and pain that we should see positively.

See problems as creative construction sites - 6 tips: You decide the way!

Picking up the balls of life

The man is Father Martin Werlen, provost at St. Gerold, a provost belonging to the well-known Swiss Benedictine monastery of Einsiedeln in Vorarlberg, Austria. From 2001-2013 he was Abbot of Einsiedeln himself and became quite well known as a result, he is even sometimes called a celebrity. And he knows what he's talking about:

Werlen is considered sharper critic of the encrusted structures in the Catholic Church, got involved in Swiss politics, uses Twitter as an active communication channel and is the author of several books. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of this, some already saw him as a cardinal in Rome. But Werlen resigned as abbot of Einsiedeln Abbey in 2013. In the press he is quoted as saying “God passes you a lot of balls every day.” And it is obviously important to pick them up, play with them and keep them in the air.

See problems as creative construction sites - 6 tips: You decide the way!

Personal growth is important

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Balls also play a role in Werlen's personal story: in 2012 he played badminton with the Head crashed into a wall and suffered a cerebral hemorrhage that affected his speech center. As a result, he first had to learn to read and write again. It's experiences like that People shape and cause, too negative Seeing things positively: "We should be happy when our back hurts, because that way we at least notice that we have it," says Werlen, who studied psychology, at a midday prayer service in the Propsteikirche.

personal growth and Things to Learn is the motto of the Propstei St. Gerold: embedded in picturesque, alpine nature, it offers 85 beds in 40 rooms, its own state-of-the-art educational and seminar center as well as a social center with 8 therapy horses. The provost thus attracts around 12.000 overnight stays every year, as well as around 140 guest seminars in addition to 50 of its own offers.

See problems as creative construction sites - 6 tips: You decide the way!

Learning from the bees to solve problems

One of them was the reform cells that the new provost Martin 2020 launched soon after taking office, courses on relevant social issues in which you can learn from bees, for example, how to Problems of climate protection. It is not for nothing that the statue of St. Gerold von Großwalsertal is outside the door on the meadow - taken down from the pedestal on which it originally stood and wrapped in a rainbow flag to signal that homosexuality is ok and that everyone is really welcome.

St. Gerold is also the cultural center of the Großes Walsertal biosphere reserve. Where the settlement history of the valley began around 1000 years ago with the hermit Gerold, the provost today offers a high-quality and extraordinary range of cultural activities that are known far beyond the borders of the Great Walser Valley and also include around 20 concert events per year and various art exhibitions.

See problems as creative construction sites - 6 tips: You decide the way!

How does our society deal with challenges?

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The Concept, which altogether made a deep impression on me and made me think about how we in our Society deal with what I prefer to call challenges. Because people like to suggest to us today that everything would be simple and fast achievable and for every problem there is a hassle free one Solution. This attitude can be motivating because it helps us get started with something in the first place. However, this can quickly turn into the opposite if the problems suddenly pile up in front of us like an Alpine glacier and then threaten to bury us under an avalanche.

This is no small dilemma that many people are confronted with over and over again: people are common intrinsic motivated to do and achieve something, they then have a kind of positive eustress. For example, if they work on one for months Projects worked only to find out that it wasn't what you had in mind, it can be very demotivating and the negative distress sets in.

See problems as creative construction sites - 6 tips: You decide the way!

You decide the way!

When you talk about the topic Motivation pursued through self-determined and meaningful work, the question of how important it is keeps coming up Discipline, willingness to perform and social recognition are for motivated work. You should just do what you do Lust to work motivated and productively? Or is a little Stress not so bad? It is often said that what costs nothing is not valued, that applies to Money as well as the effort I have to put in to achieve something.

It's like taking the cable car, for example to Stein Sunday – to stay with the example of the Großes Walsertal. The ride is incredibly comfortable, the view is fantastic, you have time to take photos and enjoy the great landscape, you may even be spontaneously enthusiastic. But the moment is fleeting, and the enthusiasm is quickly forgotten. But how much more lasting would the impression be if you had hiked the Sonntag Stein yourself at an altitude of 1300 meters, laboriously, on your own two feet, but still with a certain pride of having scaled the mountain. And it shows: You determine the path yourself!

See problems as creative construction sites - 6 tips: You decide the way!

Working well: between feel-good culture and stress

This also applies to them, figuratively speaking Working world: In order to be able to work well, you don't need a purely feel-good culture, but also a certain amount of positive stress. Because simply working less or just doing what you feel like doing rarely works really well. After all, it's no secret that we all face problems on a daily basis. Every problem is indeed a challenge - and without the everyday challenges it's easy to feel unmotivated, uninspired or just plain bored. The trick is to solve problems in the most creative way possible. After all, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to every problem.

Sometimes people need the creative ones ways to find the problem-solving first. This is because many people work in the same job for a long time and are stuck in old habits. Often at some point they feel like they're not making enough progress, or they don't like what they're working on. This "crust of frustration" often has to be broken open in order to tackle the challenges in the first place and to be fulfilled in the end feel. Then even the dullest job can suddenly be fun.

See problems as creative construction sites - 6 tips: You decide the way!

6 steps to creative problem solving

The best way to solve problems is to think outside the box and be open to new and innovative solutions. In a rapidly changing World it's almost essential. But tackling challenges also has a lot to do with implementation and that includes making unpleasant decisions – just think of the many situations in which we avoid making the right decisions, for example. Therefore in the following 5 steps, which help to creatively solve problems.

See problems as creative construction sites - 6 tips: You decide the way!
  1. First, it's important to step back and look at the problem from different angles. Try to come up with as many different solutions as possible, even if they seem far-fetched at first.
  2. It's also important to consult with others, as they may have a different perspective that can help you see the problem in a new light.
  3. Before you tackle the problem specifically: Really imagine the very worst. The most terrible consequence of a possible decision. And then you put up with it. Integrate this terrible result mentally into your life.
  4. Tossing a coin often helps with difficult decisions. And then notice how you're feeling at the moment the coin hits and stops. Do you feel disappointment? Joy? Panic? This provides important conclusions about your gut feeling!
  5. Are there multiple alternatives on the way to solving the problem? Just turn around all the pros and cons arguments. If you have money worries, ask yourself, for example, the easiest way to reduce your income. This will help you find the worst imaginable errors. It is precisely those that should be avoided.
  6. Finally, it is important that you persevere and don't give up. Sometimes the best solutions come from looking at a problem in a different way, or by pausing and then returning to solving the problem.

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