Not only Executives need assertiveness. Whoever succeeds in getting others for his Set inspiring can achieve it faster and easier. Important success factors for this are trust and klare game rules.

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Each person has their own needs, desires and goals. Some of them enforce theirs better than others. It's more normal for leaders Everyday lifethat not all Employees pull together and do it exactly the way they want it to be done - at least not over a long period of time. The reasons for this are diverse.

All too often, employees are hired and thrown in at the deep end. Instead of really incorporating them properly, they should just do it - true to the motto: The person was as Seller hired - then she will also know what is expected of her.

Requirements and expectations

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Small and medium-sized companies in particular Companys shy away from clear job descriptions that state which specific ones Tasks are expected of employees. But how are employees supposed to know what exactly is part of their job – and what isn't? How are they supposed to know who has something to say to them – and who doesn't? All too often there are conflicts because colleagues delegate tasks that they are not allowed to delegate to others.

But also why and how are decisive for all participants. If someone does not know why he has to do something for them exactly in this way, there is a high risk that a task will be given the wrong priority. And if someday everybody does what he thinks is right, the desired result will not necessarily come about.

Staff selection as a success factor

That is why the achievement of goals stands or falls with the selection of personnel. Once a “bad apple” is employed, it is stuck fast the other colleagues.

Because colleagues drive her Commitment increasingly down if they have the feeling that colleagues who they consider weak can get through their day-to-day work comfortably without getting into trouble with their manager. The dismissal of underperformers can even be a relief for the entire workforce because they no longer have to be angry about them.

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Statistics document time and again that numerous employees have internally resigned. Now instead of being consistent and actually doing a better job, they still cling to this one. Whining and complaining is one thing, concrete and binding action is another. But it goes without saying that people with this mindset will not perform at their best in the company.
Ideally, they light up Eyes with joy when an employee in his free time from his employer and “his Company" speaks.

This probability increases the more the employee has the feeling of being part of the whole. Esteem, recognition, professionalism and Fun are decisive factors that make people grow beyond themselves in a company. But in fact there are many executives who have no interest in their "subordinates" growing - after all, they could then saw their wallow. And at this point, at the latest, it becomes clear that not everyone is suitable to be a manager - and people are not allowed to rise because of relationships, but because of Expertise.

Clear game rules must be defined

Regular appraisals and clear Regulate help enormously to ensure that everyone knows where they stand. Such discussions must also be used to find out where the employee still needs support in order to achieve the agreed goals. After all, grass doesn't grow faster just because you pull on it.

Thus, executives have to pass the employees through Feedback help to develop. Supervisors must also be open to that Opinions be of the employee. Because appraisal interviews are not monologues, but dialogues, with the aim of achieving corporate goals more reliably and with higher quality.

How long can the leash be?

Trust is difficult for many people. Managers often demand this from their employees. But it only turns into a shoe the other way around: when an employee feels that their manager trusts them – and gives them the freedom to act – theirs grows Personality and his commitment.

Of course, regular checks and reports can also be carried out. But at the latest when the employee asks himself why he is filling out a table on a daily basis Executive If you don't just pull the numbers from the EDP, something is wrong. On the other hand, it is of little use if, as a manager, you regularly ask for the figures, but do not consistently intervene to help immediately in the event of a wrong development. Because reports are quickly harassment for employees, and no help for the Success.

Way out competitions?

Employee competitions can help achieve a certain goal in the short term. But a bidding alone is not enough, it must also be discussed and trained, how everyone achieves this goal - otherwise such games are fast demotivating. This is why, in a competition, there must not only be one winner, but as many as possible, so that all stakeholders feel that their commitment is worthwhile - and there are real opportunities.

Thus, goals cannot simply be in that Style Command and obedience are dictated but must be agreed with the employee. Because only when everyone involved really wants to achieve the goal does the goal have a good chance of becoming reality.

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